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Case Studies

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Beerfest DVD Campaign
Knocked Up DVD Screening/Promotion at Hooters


E For All Backlits @ The Grove
E For All Postering Campaign 2007
E For All Promotion @ Lakeview Terrace Screening
E For All Promotion/Sunset Junction
E For All Promotion/USC Football 2008
E For All/Street Marketing Campaign/USC Football 2007

300/Pizza Rustica Campaign
7 Dias - Postering Campaign
A Scanner Darkly/Bionic Records/Freakbeat Records
Adventureland/Numero Uno Promo
Adventureland/Numero Uno Promo #2
American Teen Screening
Balls of Fury/Numero Uno Pizza
Big Momma's House 2/Roscoe's
Coraline/Pearl Arts Promotion
Crank Promo @ Romantix
Curse of the Golden Flower/Chinatown Campaign
Dane Cook Promo
Date Movie Campaign
Dave Chappelle's Block Party Campaign
Drag Me To Hell Promo @ Lucifer's Pizza
Duplicity Promo @ Positive Eye Ons
Elektra Campaign
Every Little Step Promo in West Hollywood
Fantastic Four Campaign
Fast & Furious Promotion @ Roscoe's
Fast Food Nation/Virgin Megastore
Fool's Gold/STA Travel
Funny Games/Virgin Megastore Campaign
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties/Centinela Feed
Get Smart/Vespa Dealership Promotion
How She Move/Warehouse Shoe Sale
I Am Legend/Numero Uno Pizza
In The Name of the King/Pizza Rustica Campaign
Into The Wild/Virgin Megastore
Kickin' It Old School/Crossroads Trading Company Promotion
Lucifer's Promo @ The Unborn Screening
Meet The Spartans/Numero Uno Pizza
Milk Bar Promotion (West Hollywood)
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day/Leonida's
Moliere Restaurant/Cafe Promotion
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Campaign
Namesake - Postering Campaign
Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist/Sephora Screening Event
Once - Postering Campaign
Paris 36 L.A. Street Campaign
Paris 36 NYC Street Campaign
Quantum of Solace Screening
Quinceanera - Postering Campaign
Rebound/Warehouse Shoe Sale
Refusenik Postering Campaign
Rudo y Corsi Promotion
Semi-Pro Hooters Pre-Screening Party
Shutter/Samy's Camera Campaign
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (4100)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Brig 2)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Brig 3)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Brig)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Golden Gopher)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Hot Import Nights)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Little Tokyo)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (SMC)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (UCLA 2)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (UCLA)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (USC)
Sin Nombre/Kogi BBQ (Yuri)
Slumdog Millionaire/Virgin Megastore
Son of Rambow Screening
Star Trek/Samy's Camera
Talk To Me/ Eso Won Books Promotion
Thank You For Smoking/Book Soup/Little Bar Promotion
The Devil Wears Prada/Windsor Fashions Campaign
The Duchess Screening/Raffles L'Ermitage Promotion
The Express Promotion
The Express Screening/Big 5 Promotion
The Express/Big 5 Retail Promotion (25 Store locations)
The Foot Fist Way - Post-Screening Party
The Foot Fist Way/Hooters
The Haunting of Molly Hartley/Numero Uno Pizza
The Kite Runner/Azeen's Restaurant/Vroman's Bookstore
The Runaways Promo @ Amoeba
The Unborn/Lucifer's Pizza
The Uninvited Promo
The Wackness Promotions @ Summer Music Festivals Nationwide
Towelhead/Barnes & Noble
Underworld 3 Screening
Unleashed Cover Project
Waltz with Bashir
Watchmen/Numero Uno Promotion
Watchmen/Numero Uno Promotion
Watchmen/Numero Uno Promotion
We Live in Public (Boston)
We Live in Public (L.A.)
We Live in Public (NYC)
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins/Roscoe's
Young People F*&@ing Promo
Young People F***ing - Cahuenga Corridor Bar Pics
Youth in Revolt/Numero Uno Promo

Food Service
McDonald's - Online Campaign
McDonald's - Print Campaign LA/OC College Newspaper Placement
McDonald's - Street Campaign

Gaming Industry
Hustler Casino Promo @ Galen Center (USC)
Hustler Casino Promo @ Pauley Pavilion (UCLA)
Hustler Casino Promo @ UCLA
Hustler Casino Promo @ USC

Becca Promo @ The Runaways Premiere
John Mayer Promo @ Ninja Assassin Screening

Hollywoodland/Hollywood Walking Tour
Hot Fuzz/British Pub Crawl
Talk To Me - Print/Online Campaign

Promotional Newspapers
Emily Rose Promotional Newspaper
Formula 51 Promotional Newspaper
Monster House
Monster House - LA Times
Resident Evil Promotional Newspaper
Silent Hill Promotional Newspaper
The Underworld Chronicles Promotional Newspaper

Sushi Hiroba

Big 5 Promotion @ 127 Hours
Crossroads Trading Company Promo
IKEA Burbank College Night
IKEA Campus Postering
IKEA College Night Event Online Marketing
IKEA Flyering @ USC Welcome Week Rally
Romantix Postcard Layering
Unique LA Promo @ Transylmania Screening

Gnomon School Of Visual Effects
Gnomon School Of Visual Effects
Gnomon School Of Visual Effects
Gnomon School Of Visual Effects
UC Riverside Promo @ The Runaways Premiere

Palm Treo Online Campaign

Fat Pig - Print/Online Campaign
LA Opera Promo @ The Blind Side Screening
Lydia Promo
Palestine, NM Promo at the Sherlock Holmes Screening
The Fly Promotion