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Movie Screenings Sweepstakes Special Offers

ATOMIC BOMB! Who is William Onyeabor?

Enter to win 2 tickets to ATOMIC BOMB! Who is William Onyeabor? on Thursday, May 8.
For No Good Reason

Enter to win a gift certificate to Artist & Craftsman in L.A.
L.A. Bureau of Sanitation 2014

Enter to win an L.A. Bureau of Sanitation prize pack.
The Moment: Mayweather vs. Maidana

Enter to win 2 tickets to The Moment: Mayweather vs. Maidana on May 3 in L.A.
Only Lovers Left Alive

Enter to win a poster for Only Lovers Left Alive.
A Haunted House 2

Enter to win A Haunted House 2 prize pack and a Roscoe's gift certificate.
Ilo Ilo

Enter to win an Ilo Ilo autographed poster and DVD.
Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2014

Enter to win 2 tickets to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Enter to win a prize pack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
The Raid 2

Enter to win a poster for The Raid 2.

Enter to win Numero Uno and Barry's Bootcamp gift certificates and a Sabotage prize pack.
Finding Vivian Maier

Enter to win a gift certificate to Samy's Camera.
  Member Comments (71)   Post a Comment Comment

jas wrote:
Winning isn't everything
Posted: 10:28am | 2/12/2014

bonnimart1 wrote:
want the raze poster! :)
Posted: 6:21pm | 1/7/2014

writer wrote:
Good luck everyone.
Posted: 11:06am | 10/12/2013

mreventos wrote:
Can't wait for MACHETE KILLS...
Posted: 9:15am | 9/30/2013

shay11226 wrote:
Thanks for the all of the contest. Just entered. Good luck all!! :)
Posted: 11:56am | 8/14/2013

erikbrownLA wrote:
Wonderful opportunity in these contests! I won the recent contest for 2 tickets to see the Grabbers / Tremors double feature at The Downtown Independent, and I had an amazing night with friend! In addition to being entertained with a classic, and a new vision from an incredible Irish director, I also got to experience a wonderful venue for the first time and can't wait for the next contest win!
Posted: 1:54pm | 7/29/2013

Granmama15 wrote:
It would be nice to win something for my July birthday!! THANKS for the opportunity!
Posted: 10:20am | 7/17/2013

Caesar13 wrote:
Hope this is my year to win something.
Posted: 7:02pm | 7/6/2013

Elena Bonilla wrote:
Thanks for having contests for us =)
Posted: 8:56am | 6/27/2013

smuv123 wrote:
Thanks for the content opportunity.
Posted: 9:39am | 6/18/2013

fashion3 wrote:
Campus Circle, Thanks to you, for the many enjoyable, advance screenings, I have attended. HOPE, I win, LA Street Food Fest...Want to cross the Orange Curtain...LOL
Posted: 9:04pm | 6/17/2013

don0223 wrote:
i never win :-(
Posted: 8:54am | 5/20/2013

gottaluvlisa wrote:
You guys wouldn't believe how many years I've been trying to win! I think this is gonna be MY YEAR!
Posted: 6:21pm | 5/15/2013

Caesar13 wrote:
Would be great to win any prize.
Posted: 8:35pm | 4/28/2013

wackyjacky wrote:
Will you have any movie screenings in Buffalo, NY?
Posted: 12:28pm | 3/4/2013 wrote:
go ahead and send my prize I dare ya
Posted: 8:37am | 2/24/2013

herbn22 wrote:
Please let me win tickets to Bellator in Irvine!! This would be amazing!!
Posted: 11:37am | 1/5/2013

msplaced wrote:
Would love to win Guardians of Middle Earth for my daughter and me. Thanks for the opportunity <3
Posted: 12:10pm | 12/30/2012

fluffy dust bunny
fluffy dust bunny wrote:
Thanks for reminding me to enter your sweepstakes!
Posted: 3:57pm | 11/29/2012

BOB D. wrote:
Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted: 6:29am | 11/29/2012 wrote:
I love to enter your contest. I won a prize pack once. Hope to win another soon. Good luck everybody!
Posted: 12:37pm | 10/26/2012

allisun wrote:
Will you be offering screenings for Cloud Atlas any time??? Hope..hope
Posted: 11:46pm | 10/15/2012

driftwoodly wrote:
I absolutely love this site! Highly Recommend to all!
Posted: 5:11pm | 10/12/2012

storm0415 wrote:
Great sweeps, great site for keeping up on what's going on
Posted: 8:51am | 10/4/2012

Caesar13 wrote:
First time on site this is so easy to enter,hope to win some great gifts for xmas.
Posted: 11:34am | 9/5/2012 wrote:
"non campus age folk"? bit discriminatory there, young whippersnapper...
Posted: 3:45pm | 6/15/2012

NL wrote:
In six years, I've never won a sweepstakes. Admittedly, some years never even bothered, but it's pretty obvious some "non" campus age folk are entering, surprised they don't make a big deal about announcing the winners or using it more for publicity.
Posted: 11:50am | 6/11/2012

michealgrim wrote:
these are some awesome sweepstakes
Posted: 8:23am | 6/3/2012

papkin45 wrote:
I would love to be entered in these contests.
Posted: 3:34pm | 5/28/2012

cal_bear wrote:
AWESOME. PSY sounds amazing
Posted: 10:22pm | 4/29/2012

cecilia74 wrote:
Please enter me in these fantastic contests and God bless everyone too. Thanks, Cecilia CECE
Posted: 8:02am | 3/29/2012

miminb wrote:
awesome sweepstakes! :)
Posted: 6:43pm | 2/26/2012

lindy wrote:
To Campus Circle:Can you please send me a ticket to the movie Shame?I am taking a cinema class in college and this movie is very similar to a script a fellow student wrote! Also,i share the last name as the movie director! Thankyou very much!
Posted: 4:44pm | 12/8/2011

lindy wrote:
Would love to win the Super 8 or Cowboys and Aliens on DVD to give to someone as a Christmas gift!
Posted: 4:40pm | 12/8/2011

Donna Kumpula wrote:
Love these drama movies - action and pathos all the way
Posted: 12:40am | 11/22/2011

ritcheycakes wrote:
Steven R. Loves to win Thanks to all of you.
Posted: 6:58pm | 10/26/2011

Libertyin2011 wrote:
8/31/2011- The Debt movie review The Debt is an international spy thriller about three retired Mossad secret agents who were recognized as heros by their fellow countrymen for hunting down and capturing a German Nazi OB-GYN war criminal back in the 1960s. The story begins in 1997 and the audience is kept in suspense by an artful flashback versions played by the actors. This is an action packed thriller movie which keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end. All characters play their part masterfully. I do not want to spoil the movie for those who have not had a chance to see this movie by getting too deep into the story. This is a "Must see" and so far the best action packed spy thriller I have seen in 2011. Highly recommended. CC staff and Sean - Thank you so much for the tix and your continued focus on doing a great job.
Posted: 9:32am | 8/31/2011

ranchoknight wrote:
Posted: 12:32pm | 8/29/2011

selihcIII wrote:
Thanks For The Opportunity To Win Some Great Prizes. A Surprising Happenstance. GLTA
Posted: 8:48pm | 8/4/2011

cattwo59 wrote:
Thanks for a chance to win .
Posted: 3:23pm | 8/4/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
Hi all, we currently have seven different sweepstakes contests taking place! Be sure to enter for your opportunity to win and collect prizes. -Campus Circle-
Posted: 5:32pm | 6/16/2011

lindy wrote:
Would love to win something different,like gift certificates! Just joined a few months ago!Love this sight! Why don't you have a contest to meet our favorite celebrities?Every time i go to movie premeires,it is difficult to get autographs and photos because it's so crowded with people. There's got to be some other way.
Posted: 3:25pm | 6/16/2011

Chesty wrote:
I've been coming to for many years... & I'm ready fo finally win something!
Posted: 7:56am | 6/10/2011

krispy9 wrote:
Is there a way to enter the contests after logging in so you don't have to enter password each time. Also would be good to see which one's you already entered.
Posted: 8:57pm | 5/22/2011

ljie wrote:
I just joined last week and I got free tickets to Priest and won a contest!!! Woohoo, thanks Campus Circle, you rock!!!
Posted: 4:50pm | 5/16/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
Once per contest overall!
Posted: 4:07pm | 5/16/2011

4dRiAn0 wrote:
Can you enter once per day or once overall?
Posted: 11:43am | 5/2/2011

debby1 wrote:
I jusy made it to this site and I love it!Thanks
Posted: 4:01pm | 4/3/2011

George wrote:
winner, winner turkey dinner....????? pleeeeeez????
Posted: 9:40pm | 3/31/2011

Tanyabtarantino wrote:
I hope I win!!!!!!!
Posted: 9:58am | 3/23/2011 wrote:
i hope i winn sumthing ok cc rule bigg time thankz
Posted: 12:49pm | 3/22/2011

lgndslove wrote:
I would love to win the Dolce Group gift card :)
Posted: 10:21am | 3/11/2011

Sabrina wrote:
I think I will faint if I win tickets to see the premiere of Take Me Home Tonight!
Posted: 11:51pm | 2/24/2011

jiji45 wrote:
I love to be entered.
Posted: 10:53am | 2/24/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
We have many sweepstakes currently taking place. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win!
Posted: 2:03pm | 2/1/2011

alicialpz wrote:
OMG, it would be such a wonderful wish if I could win the Burlesque Prize Pack. I so love Smashbox Makeup. And I just love Campus Circle for all the movie passes I have received throughout the years. Thanks Campus Circle !!!
Posted: 2:06pm | 12/1/2010

starshadow wrote:
I would like to get my hands on "Inception," a great, unique & conceptual film.
Posted: 7:52am | 11/29/2010

chevy wrote:
My son would love it for x-mas the I-phone It would make a great gift....
Posted: 11:22am | 11/11/2010 wrote:
Thank you, Campus Circle for the VIP meal from 'Street' and the live performance by Catch Me Bird at the Ford Theatre over the weekend! My boyfriend and I had a fun time.
Posted: 9:40pm | 8/15/2010

thewronggirl wrote:
I love Jane Lynch. She's my favorite thing about Glee, and I love her work in the LGBT community. Hope I win the tickets to see her at the wax museum.
Posted: 10:42pm | 8/2/2010

Nettie2085 wrote:
Thanks Campus Circle for the Tickets to Inception the Movie was Assume!!! -Natalie O.C
Posted: 10:33pm | 7/15/2010 wrote:
I walked the Iron Man 2 Red carpet the other day!
Posted: 3:22pm | 4/28/2010

Posted: 10:24am | 3/10/2010

terry weatherspoon
terry weatherspoon wrote:
why is campus cirle not in chicago
Posted: 2:23pm | 12/16/2009

AJG_is_me wrote:
Great Site!
Posted: 4:00pm | 11/11/2009

Limobetty wrote:
What a cool website, Thanks , you cover everything from movies to music :)
Posted: 2:29pm | 10/6/2009

Sylvia Carlisle wrote:
This is a great site. First time I've been here. Thanks.
Posted: 10:29am | 10/5/2009

tootall4ulol wrote:
they are open. u have to check back about two times a day. i have passes to paperheart and the goods, u just have to get it when they are open. btw, thnks sean for all the screening passes!!! funny people was a great movie!!!! hook it up with spread passes, or a job, lol!!! thanks bro
Posted: 12:09pm | 8/5/2009

Big C
Big C wrote:
how can i get tickets to movie screening, everytime i try to register it says its closed. are they ever opened.
Posted: 7:54pm | 7/27/2009

brooki wrote:
Sean,thank you for the tickets for public enemy in OC we really enjoyed this movie the way they did the setiing and clothes they wore also the character faces they picked .Michael Mann the Director is very good.Brooke
Posted: 12:58pm | 7/1/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote:
The film was awesome! Thanks Sean:)
Posted: 9:00am | 5/8/2009

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