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solar sailor
solar sailor
Member Since: 2/7/2013
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solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I thought that the first 2 Iron Man prequels were much better than this latest installment. I wish Jon Favreau direct this film again, but he turned down the offer. Man, the Mandarin sounded as the fictional Osama bin Laden with some mad political ideology. What left me confused was the villain himself. The rings that he wore were supposed to emit special powers aside from the fact that he's a superb martial arts expert. But in the movie, the accessories were treated as mere ornaments to enhance his influence a la Khadafy. What's with the leadership hazily transferred from the Mandarin to that AIM lackey Killian? The humor's still there all right, but the story had some drag to carry on. The ending left me dry & unstirred.
Posted: 12:59pm | 5/4/2013

solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I was curious about "To the Wonder" in the weekend as a regular customer. Why on earth did director Malick employ this European documentary-like method in which you could barely hear the conversation which sounded like behind the scenes? I don't mind of the coffee-table booklike atmosphere symphonically, but the scenes were too distracting, particularly the tall grass in the wind. Plus, I'm tired of the characters free-flowing like birds & model-posing during violent scenes with Steadycams swirling around them. What's with that unclear line, "I am my own experiment?" as spoken by Italian actress Romina Mondello, who played Anna. I moved one seat towards the corner for two in order to stretch my legs as to relieve myself from the ennui enveloping me.
Posted: 8:09am | 4/18/2013

solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I anticipated for "Oblivion" in Burbank to be a good sci-fi film for Tom Cruise after seeing the trailer as a makeup for the action flop, "Jack Reacher." However, it was slow, hollow & routine. Morgan Freeman, a great veteran, appeared to be given a few lines in the movie as an attempt to bridge the story. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (of the popular HBO hit, "Game of Thrones"), who played his assistant, didn't say very much. I heard a comment from one of the guys behind me calling the interview after the movie "the worst." I had to agree that it was the cheesiet to listen to. I wish Jeff Boucher were there, but he now works for Entertainment Weekly. The female reporter wasn't sophisticated enough to ask smart questions, relying on the viewers' tweets; however, Cruise answered the details in full despite her lack of professionalism.
Posted: 7:42am | 4/18/2013


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