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Campus Circle
Campus Circle wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the comments on the screenings of Contraband. Keep letting us know how the movie was.
Posted: 11:08am | 1/13/2012

greenmnm wrote about Film Screenings:
Just got back from watching Contraband great movie loved it. Thank you for the tickets...
Posted: 11:58pm | 1/12/2012

baron wrote about Film Screenings:
I and my wife just love the movie contraband its was the best and thank you for the show
Posted: 3:18pm | 1/12/2012

greenmnm wrote about Film Screenings:
@ Racer1309 I got ther at 5:15. And that sucks that you didn't get in.
Posted: 2:36am | 1/7/2012

Ingrid_Jeanette wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Devil Inside in Burbank it was okay jumped a few times but I think the ending needed a little more. But Overall I had a Good Experience :)
Posted: 3:41pm | 1/6/2012

brooki wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Devil inside at Burbank and it was really scary.I enjoyed it thanks Sean
Posted: 2:08pm | 1/6/2012 wrote about Film Screenings:
The Devil Inside is one of the worst movies to be made since P2 and Phone booth. what a way to start the new year with a big let down and a dog of a movie. the whole movie is shown on it's trailer. your left with the feeling of what just happen. this thing was made to make a quick buck. this is a suckers movie. it's stealing your 12 Hard earned bucks take it from me save your money. not worth your time to look at it, not even to rent once it goes to dvd. I feel someone owe's me an Apology for sitting thou this piece of Crap. need I say more Big Let Down I was Pissed and still am,,anyone who saids or states diffrent is lying to you mark my words after this weekend this thing is gonna die a quick death by word of mouth alone..
Posted: 12:43pm | 1/6/2012

Racer1309 wrote about Film Screenings:
@greenmnm How did you manage to get in? I was there since a little before 6:00 pm and got in line where they told me too. I was there till almost 7:40 when they mentioned that it was full and we would not be getting in. I was told by the tall black security guard that Campus Circle were just fill-ins and that Power106 and some other company were preferred.
Posted: 11:59am | 1/6/2012

greenmnm wrote about Film Screenings:
Just came back from LA Live saw The Devil Inside good movie. Thank you so much CC for the tix...
Posted: 11:37pm | 1/5/2012

royce wrote about Film Screenings:
Came back from Burbank saw The Devil Inside thought it was a great movie as we study this in our class and this was a conformation Thank you Sean
Posted: 11:12pm | 1/5/2012

Campus Circle
Campus Circle wrote about Film Screenings:
Napoleon Dynamite Day & Sound-A-Like Contest at Hollywood and Highland is TODAY! Free quesadillas and tater tots, swag, arts and crafts, etc..... T-shirt giveaways, too. Check it out! Starts at 1PM. RSVP now at and see link for additional details:
Posted: 11:42am | 1/5/2012

greenmnm wrote about Film Screenings:
Please I really want tix to go see this movie
Posted: 4:35pm | 12/29/2011

Alexandra wrote about Film Screenings:
I want tx and get scared out of my mind!
Posted: 10:21pm | 12/23/2011

alicorne wrote about Film Screenings:
Re line cutting, one way CC could deal with it is do the same thing that the Envelope (LA Times) does. You rsvp in advance, just like CC. Now, say the screening is at 7:30. Starting at 6, you can get numbered tickets (they'll give you a couple if you've rsvp'd for that, so you can still get one for a friend who's running late. Not sure if they'll give you more). Then, come back at 7, when they'll line you up according to ticket number. Too late? you don't get in. A lot less drama, no line cutting, and you can still save a spot for ONE (or maybe a couple) of friends!
Posted: 10:38am | 12/16/2011

claudia wrote about Film Screenings:
i really want the screening for mission immplossible ghost.. have any of u guys gotten the rsvp
Posted: 4:12pm | 12/13/2011

dj wrote about Film Screenings:
It's been awhile since I've requested a screening from CC, but I did go see TinTin this past Saturday. It reminded me of when I was younger reading the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown mysteries. I enjoyed the it and it is a good movie to take the family to see.
Posted: 7:08pm | 12/12/2011

lindy wrote about Sweepstakes:
To Campus Circle:Can you please send me a ticket to the movie Shame?I am taking a cinema class in college and this movie is very similar to a script a fellow student wrote! Also,i share the last name as the movie director! Thankyou very much!
Posted: 4:44pm | 12/8/2011

lindy wrote about Sweepstakes:
Would love to win the Super 8 or Cowboys and Aliens on DVD to give to someone as a Christmas gift!
Posted: 4:40pm | 12/8/2011

George wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for all your hard work Sean and the CC Staff members! Hopefully the screening attendees can find a mature and adult way to handle their differences on their own, rather than posting them on your forum board and expecting you to police everyone. Sounds like a nice 2012 resolution???
Posted: 8:08am | 12/8/2011

MF90405 wrote about Film Screenings:
RickyO, Downtown, Barry, Jimfoley (quoting RJF!) My name is Michael, I started this thread about people cutting in line. Please spread the word as I have. The only way to help is- BE BOLD and SAY SOMETHING. I have tried. It’s hard to reason with rude people. Just be polite. “Excuse me, did you just arrive, because I’ve been waiting here and the end of the line is that way...” Maybe someone else in line will join you?? I went to a screening at Laemmle’s, people were putting jackets & bags on empty seats to “save” them. Next time I swear, I will just sit in one of the seats. ‘Downtown’ & ‘Barry’ mentioned giving a number or a card to each person in line (like boarding a plane- group A, group B) It doesn’t stop people cutting in before they give the cards, but it helps. The theater can’t control the problem. They don’t have enough staff & are not responsible.
Posted: 1:35am | 12/8/2011

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