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Mr. V.
Mr. V. wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey all, I have some free tickets for Funny People this Tuesday (July 14th) at 4pm. I'm willing to trade for tickets to another good screening... (or cool event) let me know if you're interested.
Posted: 5:32pm | 7/12/2009

Lisa wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
I like this movie. It was funny,and not sappy.Thanks.
Posted: 5:31pm | 7/12/2009

lalalandyea wrote about Film Screenings:
According to Snoopdog "Bruno is the white Obama".
Posted: 11:12pm | 7/11/2009

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Bruno had some funny parts but overall was a stupid movie last time i waste time watching one of his movies.
Posted: 11:09am | 7/11/2009

Cathi Decker wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
Cute movie... interesting editing. Not too much of a chick flick, so that was good.
Posted: 12:05am | 7/11/2009

jmistamistaaaa wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to go watch 500 days of summer last night. It was too good. It captured the joys, pleasure, pains, and anguish of relationships perfectly. I can't wait for July 17th so that I can watch it again. Thank you Sean and the gang from Campus Circle for the opportunity.
Posted: 10:08pm | 7/10/2009

majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Caught the screening of Bruno. I had seen the various trailers online. Thought they were funny. I knew basically what the movie was about, but was not expecting what I saw. I thought alot of the scenes were vulgar, disgusting and disturbing. Bruno's accent also got to be annoying after awhile. I am sure that this movie will find it's niche audience and probably will do well, but it is not for everyone. It certainly was not mine (or my guest's) and I certainly can not recommend it to anyone I know. I am definitely glad that I did not have to shell out any money to see it. Once again, thanks Sean & Campus Circle. You are terrific. You definitely know how to organize a screening!!!
Posted: 4:20pm | 7/10/2009

Kelly Fechter wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
Way too funny...A twist that most movies don't explore...And the ending was the greatest!
Posted: 4:03pm | 7/10/2009

Alexandra wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello Everyone, First of all you should be more specific with the rating to BRUNO, That movie was not rater "R" it was a mini PORNO flick in which neither of us appreciated. There was also a lot of children in the audience and the movie went beyond all boundaries by showing male privates, and I mean the whole thing. It was really really SICK, and I do not recommend it to anyone. I am warning everyone to no see it.
Posted: 1:23pm | 7/10/2009

djcal wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
very good movie
Posted: 12:32pm | 7/10/2009

Nancy888 wrote about Film Screenings:
Bruno is the funniest movie ever, love it....
Posted: 10:51am | 7/10/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean and the campuscircle family...its been a while...I have been out of town due to job obligations....but miss attending the movie screenings. hey Sean....I am the lady who was in line for Transformers at the Arclight who was stuck in traffic coming from the VA hospital....and didn't get*little reminder*...Nevertheless, whether I get in or not, it is always a pleasure to meet the other campuscircle members in line and always a wonderful experience....Have a great weekend everyone :)
Posted: 9:20am | 7/10/2009

Tia wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
the movie is not a love story! is very funny! and I like the end!
Posted: 8:58am | 7/10/2009

theburiedlife wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
I really enjoyed this movie. It was sharp and funny, sad but with optimism. I really loved the music and it gave me an appreciation for LA. It was a more realistic look at love than all the rom coms out there. I would recommend this.
Posted: 8:55am | 7/10/2009

studley steve
studley steve wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
Movie was kinda slow, sic tunes though. Wouldn't reccommend it :-(
Posted: 8:43am | 7/10/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
helloooo everybody...well i understand now that movie tickets are distributed differently, now, so i just want to say : i do miss all the regulars.... i have a question: GOFOBO is having screenings for GFORCE, DOES ANYBODY KNOW THE CODE FOR THIS MOVIE?? Miss all the Campus Cirlce regulars....
Posted: 6:52am | 7/10/2009

tinymatt wrote about the (500) Days of Summer OC Film Screening:
Definitely not a love story but a light hearted and fun movie to watch. -tinymatt-
Posted: 11:20pm | 7/9/2009

salsakid wrote:
Hi there well im juts keep on singing his songs may he rest n peace Micheal Jackson
Posted: 4:58pm | 7/9/2009

queen08 wrote about News: Share your thoughts about Michael Jackson with us.:
it was amazing i can not believe still that i was one with the golden wristband i will never forget that day ... it is like ah pinch me im dream kinda moment. mj will live in our hearts forever !!!1 miss u !!
Posted: 9:29am | 7/8/2009

Calista M wrote about News: Share your thoughts about Michael Jackson with us.:
Even though many don’t admit but we are all saddened by his death. And now, his glittering final curtain of stardom will be drawn sooner. Many believed that he will be buried at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Granted, a cemetery isn't a location that seems like it should be famous, but all the same, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills is the graveyard for Hollywood and other entertainment heavyweights, and a great number of actors are interred there. Some of the hallowed dead that were put there to rest include Ed McMahon, Ozzie, Harriet, and Ricky Nelson, Bette Davis, Liberace, Lee Van Cleef, Marvin Gaye, and it has been confirmed as the last resting place of Michael Jackson. It takes more than installment loans to get into Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills – it's the resting place of legends.
Posted: 2:01am | 7/8/2009

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