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V_Inc. wrote about Film Screenings:
Greetings! I haven't been to a screening since Feb.
Posted: 11:23am | 8/4/2011

mkdan wrote about Film Screenings:
Enjoyed Attack the Block! Thanks
Posted: 10:57am | 7/29/2011

Libertyin2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
Terri Review by Libertyin2011: Terri is an overweight kind hearted teenager who cares and lives with his ill uncle. He is constantly ridiculed by his classmates thus hesitant to show up to classes and when he does, he wears his PJs because he feels more comfortable in them. This movie is light but somewhat deep. In addition to Terri's, it carefully develops the main characters and their shortcomings as well as their friedships( Terri's vice principal, Mr. Fitzgerald, Chad, a strange lonely boy masking his insecurities under his rebellious weird behavior, and Heather, a beautiful and innocent looking girl making sexual advances to Terri. Terri is actually the level-headed grounded boy who ends up saving all of them. I enjoyed the movie and the character developments. The movie was well done. I would recommend seeing this movie. There are a couple of sexual and drug/alcohol abuse scenes which might not be suitable for children.
Posted: 11:22am | 7/1/2011

amanda kc
amanda kc wrote about Film Screenings:
i went to see terri last night THANKS CAMPUS!!! what a great film I cared about the characters! touching and warm on a differnet note yeah whats with the line cutting?? this huge , 300 pound, LOUD, YELLING TO EVERYONE woman walks up and just cuts the line. the coordinator asked her to go back to her spot in the line, but she insited on talking to her fiend what could he do? after all, its not suppose to be a place where you have to force people to do the right thing ,he repeated his cute little speech, and , she repeated hes, when they began to let us all in of course ,she marched right in with a look of difinace about her , as if she "dared" anyone to say anything ,and this woman was B -I -G, nasty, & arrogant . oh well such is the way of all demons ... they vex your peaceful life, hope someone tells her about this email. she pushed right in the midst of this always -at-the-front-of-the-line-group tell her .... just sharing
Posted: 12:12pm | 6/30/2011