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sandrasidney wrote about the Film Screening:
when will they open?
Posted: 6:46pm | 5/7/2009

justiceleague wrote about the Star Trek Sweeps:
This was a really good film. Glad to see they pulled oyt off.
Posted: 6:36pm | 5/7/2009

sicotte@usc.edu wrote about the Star Trek Sweeps:
it was awesome
Posted: 4:45pm | 5/7/2009

ilovecampuscircle wrote about Film Screenings:
I dont Know If Yall know this or not but from my years of experience. You have to keeping checking the site to see when it open. Its like a contest. You Snooze You Loose. You just got to keep checking and it will be avail. You Guys shouldn't have to question Sean about the screenings. Just maybe give him suggestions about the site. Its all a rat race. in my opinion and this is just my opinion i dont think it would be right for him to tell You guys when the movie is avail the date time and so forth. You have to do Your Homework. Well Good Luck love yall all. The Screenigs all say will open soon. like me i got a pretty good idea when its going to open but Im not saying. just keep checking yall seriously. The idea is for you guys to visit the site get it. Common Sense. and enjoy the paper and site as well instead of just focusing on a movie. God Bless You all and much love keep up the good work once again Sean B. This Joel.
Posted: 4:18pm | 5/7/2009

Nancy888 wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
RSVPs will open soon! silly
Posted: 3:39pm | 5/7/2009

ilovecampuscircle wrote about Film Screenings:
First Off I would like to acknowledge. A Great Person Who has been taking time, effort and Dedication For Many years. To make screenings possible for the Public, and also to create a great Paper. Sean B. His screenings are ran smoothly. No Problems. No complaints at the screening and would love to take time out of my now busy schedule to acknowledge that. Sean You guys are doing great Love The New Look Site Once Again and Continue The Great Work. Come on yall lets not forget about the great paper. Campus Circle thats why i dediced to use Ilovecampuscircle it speaks for itself. well God bless You All and Sean B. See You soon and we got to get you into a best paper of the year award or something anyway later buddy. And 1 last suggestion have You thought making a survey of the Movies that has been seen on this site. i think a lot of feedback would be great. Well this Joel signing out You Guys have fun once again. see Ya Soon ;-)
Posted: 1:12pm | 5/7/2009

Patricia Beran wrote about the Film Screening:
So what time will this happen... RSVPs will open soon!
Posted: 1:02pm | 5/7/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about the Land of the Lost OC Film Screening:
f5, f5, f5, f5, f5, f5
Posted: 12:34pm | 5/7/2009