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Betty Gonzales wrote about Film Screenings:
awesome movie(: loved it. great actors.
Posted: 5:42pm | 4/8/2011

Mr.Ease wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks 4 the passes CC. Hanna was the rarest of Action/Adventure movies, one with intelligence. It wasn't just about stuff blowin' up real good, there was a heart beating underneath it all. Saoirse Ronan's performance was amazing and heartbreaking. Eric Bana was very real & moving & Cate Blanchett is incapable of giving a bad performance. She was absolutely vile as the antagonist-almost cartoonish-but not quite, just the right tone. Watch out for Jessica Barden as Hanna's one friend, she may be arrested after this movie for scene stealing. The direction was taught and well-paced. The fight scenes were better than most veteran's of action movies accomplish. Not exactly Joe Wright's specialty. The script was well thought out and highly original for this kind of genre. Well done everyone. I think it's a hit!
Posted: 2:12pm | 4/8/2011