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solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I was curious about "To the Wonder" in the weekend as a regular customer. Why on earth did director Malick employ this European documentary-like method in which you could barely hear the conversation which sounded like behind the scenes? I don't mind of the coffee-table booklike atmosphere symphonically, but the scenes were too distracting, particularly the tall grass in the wind. Plus, I'm tired of the characters free-flowing like birds & model-posing during violent scenes with Steadycams swirling around them. What's with that unclear line, "I am my own experiment?" as spoken by Italian actress Romina Mondello, who played Anna. I moved one seat towards the corner for two in order to stretch my legs as to relieve myself from the ennui enveloping me.
Posted: 8:09am | 4/18/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I anticipated for "Oblivion" in Burbank to be a good sci-fi film for Tom Cruise after seeing the trailer as a makeup for the action flop, "Jack Reacher." However, it was slow, hollow & routine. Morgan Freeman, a great veteran, appeared to be given a few lines in the movie as an attempt to bridge the story. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (of the popular HBO hit, "Game of Thrones"), who played his assistant, didn't say very much. I heard a comment from one of the guys behind me calling the interview after the movie "the worst." I had to agree that it was the cheesiet to listen to. I wish Jeff Boucher were there, but he now works for Entertainment Weekly. The female reporter wasn't sophisticated enough to ask smart questions, relying on the viewers' tweets; however, Cruise answered the details in full despite her lack of professionalism.
Posted: 7:42am | 4/18/2013

PATRICIA BOURGET wrote about Film Screenings:
when will i be notified if i win
Posted: 3:01pm | 3/23/2013

wackyjacky wrote about Sweepstakes:
Will you have any movie screenings in Buffalo, NY?
Posted: 12:28pm | 3/4/2013

dcpublicity wrote:
go see this show!!
Posted: 12:48am | 2/25/2013

tedzidek@gmail.com wrote about Sweepstakes:
go ahead and send my prize I dare ya
Posted: 8:37am | 2/24/2013

salmon_lov wrote about Film Screenings:
Did Anyone ever win the special deals here?
Posted: 11:24pm | 2/15/2013