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TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Have a great weekend everyone!
Posted: 6:17pm | 1/14/2011

xicanita6228 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you campus circle for all the great movies!!
Posted: 9:29am | 1/14/2011

Christian munoz wrote about the The Green Hornet Film Screening:
great movie...thanks CampusCircle...
Posted: 10:05pm | 1/13/2011

savethestrand wrote about the The Green Hornet Film Screening:
where is my pass for the green hornet
Posted: 12:19pm | 1/12/2011

jay232 wrote about the The Rite LA Film Screening:
This movie seems that it is going to be interesting.
Posted: 8:48pm | 1/11/2011

Jennifer Guerrero wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for all the great free screenings Campus Circle
Posted: 1:42pm | 1/11/2011

rawvibes wrote about Film: True Grit:
EYE FOR AN EYE Tom Chaney was a hired hand by Frank Ross. Frank Ross and Tom Chaney went to Fort Smith to buy some horses. Chaney had been drinking and lost all his money at the town bar playing cards. Chaney thought he got cheated, so he went back to the boarding house to get his rifle. Frank Ross trying to stop Tom Chaney was shot and killed. Chaney took his horse and 2 California gold pieces. To avenge her father’s death, Mattie Ross (a 14 year old daughter) went to Fort Smith Arkansas. While there she hires the meanest Marshall, a Rooster" Cogburn. Word has it that Chaney was hanging with “Lucky” Ned Pepper. Met by LaBoeuf (Texas Ranger), Mattie and Cogburn set out to Indian country to hunt Chaney down. John Wayne won a Best Actor Oscar for True Grit in 1969 why would you mess with it. Jeff Bridges babbling in the film was a little hard to understand at times. The dialog, was more like the book but I’m a true believer of if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it. 4 out of 5 star
Posted: 5:19am | 1/11/2011

charlie wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for yogi !
Posted: 11:31am | 1/10/2011