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Enjoying Easter: Tips for the College Kids Stuck on Campus

By Kendall Robertson
Enjoying Easter: Tips for the College Kids Stuck on Campus
For a twist on the Easter egg tradition, try decorating three foam eggs to look like animals.
(Credit: Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal/MCT)

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There are some holidays that just don’t feel right without the family: Thanksgiving, Christmas and, yes, Easter.

As a college student, you may have not yet decided how to tackle egg decorating and Easter brunch all on your own. Do you just forgo the beloved holiday and hope that your mother sends you a care package filled with chocolate bunnies in the mail?

Or do you take matters into your own hands?

Use this year as an opportunity to have the best Easter Sunday yet with your makeshift family: your friends. 

Go to Brunch (Or Make Your Own)
You live in a college town or city -- chances are there will be a brunch nearby that can cater to your Easter needs. Do a little research and choose a fun, affordable spot where you and your friends can shovel down eggs Benedict in the name of Christianity.

If you are saving up this semester, take this as a good opportunity for roomie bonding, and make your own Easter brunch. A few easy essentials:

- Eggs
- Toast
- Oatmeal
- Fruit
- Pancakes
- Waffles
- Bacon
- Sausage

Can’t cook? Order in.

Decorating Eggs
If you have a kitchen, you’ve probably already got cooking hard-boiled eggs down to a science. Take that culinary know-how, and use it to your Easter-egg advantage and decorate them! 

If you’re really lazy, use sharpies. But if you're looking for a fun arts and crafts activity (and a great way to procrastinate), check out these clever decoration tips. (Side note: You can always eat those hard-boiled babies later *wink face*.)

Also, consider displaying your eggs in a cute arrangement so all of your visitors know how artsy your apartment or dorm is.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt
Plastic Easter eggs aren't hard to come by. Check out Amazon or your nearest grocery store to buy them in bulk. Put fun prizes inside the eggs: mini candies, silly notes or quarters for the laundry machine.

Gather your friends, roommates and neighbors, and have a makeshift Easter Egg hunt in your residence hall or on your school's quad.

Article posted on 4/15/2014
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