Beethoven. Mozart. Vivaldi. College students looking to get off campus and indulge in classical music should invest in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's (LACO) "Campus to Concert Hall All Access Pass," which allows students to attend 11 concerts during LACO's 2014-15 season for just $30.

Now, you're probably thinking: Do college students even listen to classical musical? Well, if you believe this Spotify study that examined UCLA and USC students' music listening habits, the answer is: not really.

However, instead of simply saying college students don't listen to classical musical, it's perhaps more accurate to say, "Students are just not educated enough on classical musical." And that's what makes LACO's "All Access Pass" so beneficial to students; it can inspire a love for this genre and give this young audience a dose of culture that's otherwise hard to experience outside of Los Angeles.

"There is nothing like hearing classical music performed live in a world-class venue," said LACO Executive Director Rachel Fine in a press release.

And not to mention, for students on a budget, the "All Access Pass" makes going to a classical performance extremely affordable. Students can go to multiples shows for about $2.80 per concert--compare that price to a movie, dinner or even a cup of coffee!

"It’s a great bargain, and we encourage students to take advantage of it, whether it’s their first introduction to classical music or they are seasoned concertgoers," said Fine.

"All Access Pass" holders will get the opportunity to attend all seven Orchestral Series concerts at either Glendale's Alex Theatre or UCLA's Royce Hall; all three Westside Connections programs, which this year highlight the connections between music and architecture, at Santa Monica's Moss Theater; and the Discover Mozart's Requiem program at Pasadena's Ambassador Auditorium.

Besides just hearing and experiencing the beauty of live orchestra music, the "All Access Pass" grants students access to after-parties, where they can mingle with musicians! Plus, they'll receive an invite to a LACO rehearsal as well as enjoy advance registration privileges and have the option to reserve up to three additional tickets at just $12 each for college friends (valid college ID required).

So, c'mon students -- take advantage of LACO's incredible offer and immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of classical music.

Enter to win a FREE pair of tickets to Mozart Serenade on Saturday, Oct. 18 in Glendale or Sunday, Oct. 19 at UCLA.

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