All work and no play make Title Fight a great band. It’s a simple enough formula. The four-piece band from Kingston, Pa. has fought and clawed its way into the ears of punk fans nationwide. Their first full-length, Shed, was released this week on SideOneDummy Records, and they kick off their first ever headlining tour starting May 19.

With a median age around 20 years old, the band’s youth is almost shocking in person. The band’s small stature is in sharp contrast to its quick, seasoned hardcore sound that is refreshingly simple in rhythm and structure.

The band brought Walter Schreifels on board to produce Shed. Schreifels has been a true veteran of the scene, writing and performing for numerous bands over the years including Rival Schools and Quicksand, as well as legendary hardcore act Gorilla Biscuits.

“Growing up 15 or 16 years old and really getting into hardcore and punk music, Gorilla Biscuits were at the forefront of that,” notes guitarist Shane Moran.

It became immediately clear that it was an extreme honor to have Schreifels involved. Ned Russin, who handles bass and vocal duties for Title Fight, comments that “when we hit him up, the first thing he said is that he doesn’t work with a lot of bands because he’s a full-time touring musician himself. He said, ‘I only work with bands I really like.’ So, hearing that was just really flattering, to say the least.”

Though Title Fight has been around in some shape for form for around eight years, Shed is their first full-length. After countless demos, the band took a different approach towards the album.

Russin says, “We wrote the album as a fluid full-length. I feel like so many records that I listen to have real solid first four or five songs and then I’ll fall asleep listening to the second half. We tried to keep the energy and excitement throughout and have the whole thing finish as a fluid piece, a fluid thought.”

Though only at the forefront of their recording career, Title Fight have already paved their way touring with some of the biggest names in the scene. They wrapped up their first international tour with genre vets H20.

Russin comments on the tour: “Going over with H20 was a good look for us. All those Japanese kids are into the New York scene. It let us mesh with H20, so it was a good spot for us to have for our first time over there.”

Though the band has opened for many larger acts including New Found Glory and aforementioned giants H20, the band stresses the importance of playing smaller venues.

“Going and playing the House of Blues is just weird to us. It’s cool playing big shows so I can send a picture message to my mom and dad, but I’d rather just be in a basement playing,” notes Russin.

While other kids their age are busy ripping beer bongs and dating sorority pledges, Title Fight has a no bullshit attitude to their work ethic.

Russin has some interesting things to say about the financial burden of college saying, “I wish people would just dump that money into something they loved. If I had a hundred thousand dollars to put into Title Fight we’d be able to tour anywhere and have amazing opportunities. I’ve seen the most success of my life just dropping out of school and touring in a van with my friends.”

Though young in stature, Title Fight are refreshingly wise for their ages, no doubt a result of relentless touring and hard work.

“We don’t have a gimmick. We just go out and bust our ass and tour as much as we can and write music.”

The band knows their audience and their audience knows them. The band’s No. 1 priority is passion; connecting with their crowds and putting on the best punk show possible. When the lights come up and the dust settles, it’s all that matters.

Shed is currently available. Title Fight performs June 9 & 10 at Chain Reaction. For more information, visit