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"Breaking Pointe" to Premiere on The CW Network

By Marvin Vasquez
(L-R) Ballet West dancers Ronnie Underwood and Beckanne Sisk.
(Credit: Courtesy of The CW Network)


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In what is sure to be a compelling reality drama, the CW's upcoming show "Breaking Pointe" features Salt Lake City's Ballet West, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the dancers' daily lives and ballet careers.

Located in Utah, Ballet West is one of the most prominent and prestigious dance entities in the U.S., and now the public will have the unique opportunity to take an inside look at its members, including Artistic Director Adam Sklute and dancers Christiana Bennett, Ronnie Underwood, Allison DeBona, Rex Tilton, Beckanne Sisk, Kathleen "Katie" Martin and Ronald Tilton.

Sisk is a stunningly beautiful 19-year-old from Texas. She is considered the future of Ballet West given her talent, passion and resplendent physique. She was born for this...and fans all over can now take a glimpse of the challenges she faces both professionally and personally.

"I feel like people don't understand who we are - we are real people, too," Sisk says. "We have other lives; we are not strictly just ballet." 

Underwood, 30, is a native of Oklahoma. He is a leading dancer who joined Ballet West in 2011, with hopes to become a principal dancer. His skills and abilities to produce solid ballet dance is noticeable from the get-go. He, as well, lives an intriguing life outside of the ballet studio, riding motorbikes, building old hot rods and, of course, partying.

"It is one of the top companies in the U.S.; that's why I came," Underwood says of Ballet West. "It is competitive because there are a lot of dancers...We rehearse for six weeks, and have two to three weeks of performances, and we live for that. Being on stage is what it is about."

Both Sisk and Underwood, along with the other dancers, could be interesting people to pay close attention to in the show, but what about Sklute's role? He is, after all, an acclaimed dancer who brings a lot of experience, expertise and direction to Ballet West.

Working as the artistic director, Sklute has brought 15 premiere ballets to Utah with well-known choreographers. His work ethic for producing above par results is present, but it's his leadership skills that really stand out. In "Breaking Pointe," jealousy, competitiveness and intensity put Sklute's traits as a leader to the test.

The show, which was shot in a rich, cinematic style, attempts to address any questions the viewers may have about the lives of professional ballet dancers, including their discipline, what sacrifices are made, how difficult the rehearsals are, the pressure involved in being near perfect (if not perfect), and all the drama involved in balancing it all.

"I am not sure people understand the emotional commitment," Sklute says. "You have to be a physical athlete and an actor, too, and actors have to become so connected to what they're doing emotionally. So, put those both together, and that is what is like for a ballet dancer."

Now everyone can see this, and much more.

Airing Thursdays, "Breaking Pointe" debuts May 31 at 8 p.m. on The CW Network.

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Article posted on 5/24/2012
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