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New iPhone App Measures Shots in Your Coca-Cola Bottle

By Campus Circle Staff
New iPhone App Measures Shots in Your Coca-Cola Bottle
(Credit: Aung/Xinhua/Zuma Press/MCT)


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If you’re in college and have drank anywhere other than a party serving alcohol, then you know all about mixing alcohol and a mixer in a makeshift to-go bottle such as a Coke bottle. Hey, it is college after all – a little drink at a park or at the beach can’t hurt anyone. 

But just how many shots did you just pour into your bottle? There’s a new app that can tell you exactly how many shots you poured and help you measure how much to pour for a future bottle. The new app, called Shots iGot, has a virtual picture of almost every type of plastic bottle and tells you how much liquor to pour for your desired mixed drink. 

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Article posted on 3/4/2013
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