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Title Headline Issue Year
'Birnkrant 616': A Webisode Sitcom Grows at USC 2007
The Wrestler: An Honest Performance and a Lens 2008
The Class: The Complexities of Teaching, Learning, Surviving 2008
Felicia Day of 'The Guild': 2009
Chandi Chowk to China: First Ever Kung-Fu/Bollywood Flick 2009
Maggie Grace: Audiences are Taken with this enchanting new talent. 2009
He's Just Not That Into You: Nine Stories About the Jacked-Up World of Dating 2009
Amelia: Soaring Bravery and Flying Ambition 2009
Russell Brand: Art imitates life in Get Him to the Greek. 2010
Predators: Adrien Brody gets ferocious. 2010
Percy Jackson: You Have to Work Hard for Your Fantasy 2010
Devil: Bokeem Woodbine is stuck in scary. 2010
The Virginity Hit: Matt Bennett might lose it. 2010
My Soul To Take: Wes Craven is back in a new dimension. 2010
The Tempest: Shakespeare never looked so cool. 2010
Beastly: Three Beauties, No Beast 2011
Insidious: More Chills and Thrills from Saw Team 2011
It Follows, the stuff nightmares are made of: 2015
Director Kyle Alvarez and the psychology of power in The Stanford Prison Experiment: 2015
Q&A: Why Spike Lee used satire in ‘Chi-Raq’ to take a shot at gun violence: 2015
Alicia Vikander digs deep for sympathy in transgender film ‘Danish Girl’: 2015
Redmayne immersed himself in the issues: 2015
Q&A: Lawrence Kasdan on returning to a galaxy far, far away: 2015
The gamble on Adam McKay and ‘The Big Short’ looks like it might pay off: 2015
J.J. Abrams finds himself at center of Hollywood’s universe: 2015
Harrison Ford lets go and enjoys the ‘Star Wars’ hoopla: 2015
‘Point Break’ star Luke Bracey loves lights, cameras and especially action: 2015
Q&A: Doctor behind ‘Concussion’ tackled racism and NFL: 2015
‘Anomalisa’ is pure Charlie Kaufman: 2016
Q&A with Bruce Dern: Not even Quentin Tarantino can resist Dern’s way around a scene: 2016
Richard Linklater puts his spin on a sports film with ‘Everybody Wants Some’: 2016
Sacha Baron Cohen goes on another Hollywood ‘wild ride’: 2016
A ‘super-scary’ Jesse Eisenberg? Meet the new Lex Luthor (with hair) in ‘Batman v Superman’: 2016
Jon Favreau brings 21st century technology to Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 ‘The Jungle Book’: 2016
‘Fifty Shades of Black’ follows the footsteps of fine spoofing: 2016
Actor Michael Shannon gets real: 2016
Chris Pine takes command of his career: 2016
He’s Amazon’s man in Hollywood — and at Cannes: 2016
‘Game of Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke stars in new love story: 2016
Director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Endless Poetry’ follows his quirky, lively path: 2016
Q&A with director Todd Solondz: 2016
How one filmmaker is battling censorship in Lebanon and encouraging others to do the same: 2016
Should a chimp have legal rights? Legal battle to grant animals ‘personhood’ transforms creators of: 2016
‘Zero Days,’ about Stuxnet and cyber sabotage, marks a new approach for director Alex Gibney: 2016
Who is Harley Quinn? Pigtailed antihero goes mainstream thanks to ‘Suicide Squad’ & Margot Robbie: 2016
A ‘Spa’ talk on being Korean and gay: Director Andrew Ahn pushes back on Asian American stereotypes: 2016
Ryan Gosling sings and dances in La La Land: 2016
Unlikely pair, Jon Hamm and Zach Galifianakis: 2016
Emma Stone sings, dances, dazzles in ‘La La Land’: 2016
Joel Edgerton brings a quiet calm and an actor’s anger to interracial marriage drama ‘Loving’: 2016
How Amy Adams got her start: 2016
Felicity Jones, the heroine of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story': 2016
Denzel Washington on ‘Fences: 2017
Upstart ‘Toni Erdmann’ defies convention every step of the way: 2017
‘Trainspotting’ reunion: Two decades later, Renton, Sick Boy and the rest of Scottish gang are back: 2017
Gov't corruption and big-wave fever: Two docs look at California’s fraught relationship with water: 2017
TV veteran Marti Noxon, a writer on ‘Buffy’ & other shows, makes her directing debut: 2017
Unfiltered James Baldwin spells out what ails us, director of ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ says: 2017
Q&A with the big three: The favored directing nominees discuss their films & the crazy awards season: 2017
‘Speed Sisters’ of the West Bank: Doc on all-female race car team in the Mideast: 2017
The always-potent Denzel Washington embraces his role as the flawed Troy Maxson in ‘Fences’: 2017
Solo pursuit: Kristen Stewart seeks privacy amid her public career: 2017
Q&A: Swedish filmmaker brings jazz great Lee Morgan’s tragic love story to screen: 2017
Octavia Spencer ‘was not going to be deterred’: 2017
At 97, Norma Miller is still "Alive and Kicking": 2017
Cultural conflict hits a comedic sweet spot for Kumail Nanjiani: 2017
Director Amariah Olson on "The Shadow Effect": 2017
Jeff Garlin criticizes Second City for being too PC: 2017
Heavyweight fighter Chuck Wepner talks about his new movie, Sylvester Stallone, and Muhammad Ali: 2017
Dir. Paul Weitz, Lily Tomlin and Sam Elliot discuss the hilarious anger of Grandma: 2015
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: The Power of Depp 2011
'Black Mass' brings crime boss Whitey Bulger's 1975 world to life: 2015
Matt Damon says new film ‘The Martian’ is ‘a very positive thing to put out in the world’: 2015
Cameras roll on rapper, estranged father: 2015
Kristen Wiig says the ‘Ghostbusters’ blow back ‘really bummed me out’: 2015
Sylvester Stallone is back as Rocky Balboa, who’s in a fight with mortality: 2015
Jason Sudeikis is an everyman for the early 21st century: 2016
‘Eagle Huntress’ an amazing tale of girl power: 2016
Climate-change documentary seeks to make a difference: 2016
‘The Witch’ writer-director sets the scene for horror: 2016
‘Spotlight’s’ Tom McCarthy took the unusual actor-writer-director path on his way to an Oscars win: 2016
‘Batman v Superman’: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder talk superhero smack down: 2016
Robert Greenwald is friending social media to spread his anti-NRA film: 2016
Richard Linklater documentary chronicles director’s extraordinary career: 2016
Filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier takes a punk-rock approach to thriller ‘Green Room’: 2016
Don’t even try to pigeonhole Rachel Weisz : 2017
Blackfish’ director Gabriela Cowperthwaite dives into the world of feature films with ‘Megan Leavey’: 2017
‘Baby Driver’ started for director Edgar Wright with a few notes: 2017
A ‘Lady’ reveals her formidable strengths: Florence Pugh’s breakthrough role: 2017
Noxon, Collins face eating demons for film: 2017
Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza & Molly Shannon have a blast in a medieval romp: 2017
Diverse cast of the just-released ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,' only way the film would work: 2017
‘Dunkirk’ director Christopher Nolan on why, in this era of peak TV, he’s still all in on movies: 2017
Social-media obsession fuels Aubrey Plaza in ‘Ingrid Goes West’: 2017
Jay Baruchel moves behind the camera with blood-on-the-ice hockey comedy ‘Goon: Last of the Enforcer: 2017
Q&A with Lake Bell: ‘You can’t change if you’re never looking at yourself’: 2017
‘American Assassin’ star draws on his own struggle: 2017
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick spent a decade trying to untangle the Vietnam War: 2017
Jackie Chan is defying age with some new moves: 2017
Ryan Gosling & Denis Villeneuve -‘no idea how the world will react’ to the risky ‘Blade Runner 2049': 2017
Willem Dafoe finds the warmth of ‘The Florida Project’: 2017
Guillermo del Toro talks about the trials and tricks of telling scary stories across genres: 2017
Ruben Östlund looks at selfless, and selfish, behavior in Cannes prizewinner ‘The Square': 2017
Timothée Chalamet is Hollywood’s next big thing with ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and ‘Lady Bird’: 2017
‘I fought for him’: Jason Mitchell on lessons to be learned from ‘Mudbound’: 2017
Luke Evans takes on another interesting role in ‘The Alienist’: 2018
At the ‘Black Panther’ premiere, representation is everything: 2018
How Chadwick Boseman brought power and purpose to Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’: 2018
Actor Jason Priestley still a risk-taker: 2018
FANBOYS: Road Trip Mission: Break into Skywalker Ranch 19.5 2009
Friday The 13th: Jason at His Terrifying Best 19.6 2009
The International: Invoking the Paranoid Political Spirit of the ’70s 19.6 2009
ALL GROWN UP?: Keshia Knight Pulliam Plays Prostitute in Madea Goes to Jail 19.7 2009
ELEVEN MINUTES: Starring the Colorful Jay McCarroll of “Project Runway” 19.7 2009
NICHOLAS D’AGOSTO: Gets Fired Up About His Latest Role 19.7 2009
STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI: Kristen Kreuk & Co. aim to kick Bison butt. 19.8 2009
WATCHMEN: The Unfilmable Graphic Novel Comes to Life 19.8 2009
Jonathan Stokes: The Last Hurrah Director Takes Five 19.8 2010
Bilal's Stand: Sultan Sharrief puts a face on social prosperity. 19.8 2010
The Crazies: It’s not just Friday the 13th that scares Danielle Panabaker. 19.8 2010
Alice in Wonderland: Tim Burton reimagines a masterpiece. 19.9 2010
PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND: Huffman and Fanning Retreat Down, Down, Down the Rabbit Hole 19.9 2009
MISS MARCH: Playboys Have More Fun 19.9 2009
SHERMAN'S WAY: Brooke Nevin delights and enlightens. 19.10 2009
THE EDGE OF LOVE: Sienna Miller opens up about romance. 19.10 2009
THE CAKE EATERS: Life comes with dessert. 19.10 2009
SIN NOMBRE: Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna’s First Offering 19.11 2009
Explicit Ills: Rosario Dawson makes the world a better place. 19.11 2009
The Runaways: Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart rock the wild side. 19.11 2010
Tales from The Script : Author/filmmaker Peter Hanson unearths screenwriters' gems. 19.12 2010
THE EDUCATION OF FRED DURST: Rock Star in Director’s Chair for Charlie Banks 19.12 2009
ADVENTURELAND: Summertime’s Ode to Rides, Games and First Love 19.12 2009
WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?: Art imitates more than just life. 19.13 2009
SUGAR: Re-Imagining the American Dream 19.13 2009
SKILLS LIKE THIS: Spencer Berger has the skills to pay the bills 19.13 2009
GAL GADOT: Exotic Beauty Races into Fast & Furious 19.13 2009
PARIS 36: A musical hall offers good times and hope. 19.13 2009
Dragonball: Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum go manga. 19.14 2009
Veering Off Path: Spotlight on Brian Singleton of Web Sensation 19.14 2009
Observe and Report: Jody Hill’s World of Relatable Losers 19.14 2009
17 Again: Matthew Perry gets a do-over – as Zac Efron! 19.15 2009
Every Little Step: The Heart and Soul of “A Chorus Line” 19.15 2009
Enlighten Up: For Yoga Lovers and Skeptics 19.15 2009
Beer Wars: What’s American business brewing and for whom? 19.15 2009
Crank: High Voltage: Amy Smart, Public Sex, Gangsters, Strippers and Corey Haim 19.15 2009
The Soloist: Humanizing Homelessness, Destigmatizing Mental Illness 19.16 2009
Rad Girls Go Live: The Female Rock Equivalent of “Jackass” 19.16 2009
Ali Larter: A Hero becomes Obssessed 19.16 2009
Tyson: Director James Toback captures the madness. 19.16 2009
Billy Samoa Saleebey: A Director Great at Rolling with the Punches 19.16 2009
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past : Matthew McConaughey’s Haunted by Love 19.17 2009
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox: The Smosh boys are bringing funny back. 19.17 2009
Sonita Henry: Star Trek’s hot doc plans her takeover 19.18 2009
Rudo y Cursi: A Bond Between Brothers and Friends 19.18 2009
Adoration: A teenage boy dangerously weaves fact and fiction. 19.18 2009
Dance Flick: Humor to Help You Get Your Groove Back 19.20 2009
Easy Virtue: Priscilla’s Stephan Elliott brings Coward and Hitchcock up to date 19.20 2009
The Girlfriend Experience: Porn star Sasha Grey tries her hand at mainstream film. 19.20 2009
Drag Me to Hell: The Feel-Good Movie of 2009 19.21 2009
Away We Go: Even pregnancy can be funny with the right perspective. 19.22 2009
Throw Down Your Heart: A Heartwarming Musical History 19.22 2009
Dim Sum Funeral: 19.23 2009
The Taking of Pelham 123: Washington and Travolta face off under Manhattan. 19.23 2009
Irene in Time's Tanna Frederick: Henry Jaglom’s protégé tackles the complex father/daughter relationship 19.24 2009
Whatever Works: Woody Allen casts Larry David as an eccentric New Yorker … perfect 19.24 2009
$9.99: The meaning of life won’t break the bank 19.24 2009
Francis Ford Coppola: UCLA alum relearns how to make movies with Tetro. 19.24 2009
Still Green: The Resurrection of the Indie Drama 19.25 2009
The Stoning of Soraya M.: Inequality of Women in Islamic World 19.25 2009
Surveillance: David Lynch’s daughter is truly “sick.” 19.25 2009
Under Our Skin: Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease 19.25 2009
The Ross Report: Actor Evan Ross goes gangster in Life Is Hot in Cracktown. 19.25 2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Will round two take box office gold? 19.25 2009
(500) Days of Summer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt hearts Zooey Deschanel. 19.27 2009
Humpday: Bromosexuals Making Bro-Porn 19.27 2009
In The Loop: Provocative Political Satire From Across the Pond 19.27 2009
Valerie Cruz: Uncovers the Story Between the Lines 19.27 2009
The Ugly Truth: Opposites Attract: Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler 19.27 2009
Adam: An Asperger’s Love Story 19.28 2009
Aliens in the Attic: Ashley Tisdale & Co. Combat Creatures 19.28 2009
Thirst: Park Chan-wook’s Spin on Vampirism 19.28 2009
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra's Ray Park: Rolls “Lucky” Snake Eyes! 19.29 2009
Tapped: Drinkable Water in Jeopardy! 19.29 2009
Bandslam's Alyson Michalka: Will Rock You With Her New Movie and Music 19.30 2009
District 9: Where did these aliens come from? 19.30 2009
It Might Get Loud: Jimmy Page, the Edge, Jack White: What Makes Them Riff? 19.30 2009
Inglourious Basterds: B.J. Novak: From Office Temp to War Hero 19.31 2009
On the Set of Monster Mutt: A CSU Northridge Senior Talks with the Major Players 19.31 2009
Post Grad: When Reality Hits You in the Face 19.31 2009
World's Greatest Dad: Robin Williams + Bobcat Goldthwait + Profanity 19.31 2009
Taking Woodstock: Jonathan Groff awakens to Hollywood’s A-list. 19.32 2009
H2: Rob Zombie re-imagines a classic horror. 19.32 2009
Extract: And You Thought Your Job at Subway Was Bananas 19.33 2009
Jonathan Chase: This Gamer Shall Inherit the Earth 19.33 2009
Birthday Free For All: Jason Paris Gets Hooked Up 19.33 2009
Jennifer's Body: Megan Fox feeds on high school fellas. 19.34 2009
Sorority Row: Hot, Thin, Unclothed College Girls, Beware! 19.34 2009
9: It's True: A Film School Short Can Lead to a Feature 19.34 2009
Hope Olaide Wilson: Meet Tyler Perry’s New Breakout Star 19.34 2009
The Other Man: Adultery from Every Angle 19.34 2009
Brett Ratner: Still Hungry 19.35 2009
The Age Of Stupid: Global Warming Never Looked So Good 19.35 2009
Tucker Max: Patron Saint of Vulgarity and Controversy 19.36 2009
The Boys Are Back: Clive Owen faces parenthood — alone. 19.36 2009
Capitalism: A Love Story: Michael Moore’s Latest Grievance 19.37 2009
A Serious Man: Coen Brothers Get the Laughs 19.37 2009
Zombieland: What’s a little flesh-eating among friends? 19.37 2009
Good Hair: Chris Rock questions African-American beauty ideals. 19.38 2009
Mike Birbiglia: Comedy for College Kids 19.38 2009
The Damned United: Michael Sheen Scores as Legendary Soccer Manager 19.38 2009
Black Dynamite: An Explosively Funny Love Letter to Blaxploitation 19.39 2009
Bronson: The Biopic Re-imagined As Violent Performance Art 19.39 2009
Law Abiding Citizen: F. Gary Gray cold cocks us with a knockout. 19.39 2009
Nick Swardson: Go Ahead. Laugh. You Know You Want To. 19.39 2009
Opa!: Matthew Modine Rallies For Indies 19.39 2009
The Horse Boy: Parents Let Their Son Shine 19.39 2009
Astro Boy: An Old Favorite Seeks a New Audience 19.40 2009
Tony Kaye: Is American History X’s director “Exentric?” 19.41 2009
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day: Troy Duffy: Bigger, Badder, Better 19.41 2009
Gentlemen Broncos: Husband and wife dynamos salute oddball adolescence – again. 19.41 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox: Wes Anderson Gets Animated 19.43 2009
Pirate Radio: Not Another Rom-Com for Richard Curtis 19.43 2009
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans: Don’t Call It a Remake 19.44 2009
Transylmania: Razvan U: Now Accepting Applications 19.44 2009
The Twilight Saga, New Moon: Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward? 19.44 2009
The End of Poverty?: Philippe Diaz wants you! 19.45 2009
Me and Orson Welles: Zac Efron Lucks into the Role of a Lifetime 19.45 2009
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee: Wild Blake Lively, Wise Robin Wright 19.45 2009
The Road: A Father and Son Love Story 19.45 2009
The Strip: Dave Foley and Jameel Khan spark up laughs. 19.46 2009
The Garza Twins: Double Your Pleasure in Transylmania 19.46 2009
Up in the Air: In Flight with Jason Reitman 19.46 2009
Armored: Columbus Short packs heat. 19.46 2009
The Misfortunates: That Family Who Everyone Knows 19.47 2009
A Single Man: Tom Ford’s Aesthetic Symphony 19.47 2009
Broken Embraces: Pedro Almodóvar Cruz-es for love. 19.47 2009
The Lovely Bones: Peter Jackson unearths a best-selling read. 19.47 2009
Avatar: The Most Challenging Film James Cameron Ever Made 19.48 2009
Crazy Heart: Channeling the Soul of a Country Star 19.48 2009
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: A.K.A. Heath Ledger’s Last Film 19.48 2009
The Young Victoria : A Queen for the Ages 19.48 2009
Bitch Slap: Julia Voth has Trix up her sleeve. 20.1 2010
Youth in Revolt: Michael Cera is so bad … he’s good. 20.1 2010
Saint John of Las Vegas: Another Quirky Character for Steve Buscemi 20.2 2010
Dahmer Vs. Gacy: Actor-director Ford Austin opens up about his film. 20.2 2010
Fish Tank: The Irish Charm of Michael Fassbender 20.2 2010
The Spy Next Door: Jackie Chan and Amber Valletta – The New Odd Couple 20.2 2010
Abbie Cornish: A Bright Star at Stella McCartney 20.3 2010
Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening 20.3 2010
Extraordinary Measures : Brendan Fraser Battles Against All Odds 20.3 2010
When in Rome: Money buys Kristen Bell a little too much love. 20.4 2010
Theories of Creation: A Conversation With Director Jon Amiel 20.4 2010
Channing Tatum: Dear John’s soldier falls for spring break love. 20.5 2010
Valentine’s Day: Hollywood all-stars celebrate, L.A.-style. 20.6 2010
North Face: A Boy and His Eiger 20.6 2010
Blood Done Sign My Name: Activist Nate Parker keeps the movement alive. 20.7 2010
Hatchet 2: A Double Dose of Horror, Now in Production 20.7 2010
The Good Guy: Will Alexis Bledel follow her head or heart? 20.7 2010
Formosa Betrayed: James Van Der Beek gets to play the grown-up. 20.8 2010
Greenberg: Ben Stiller falls into the generation gap. 20.12 2010
Hot Tub Time Machine: Hollywood funny men go back to the past. 20.12 2010
The Harimaya Bridge: A Japanese Pastoral by an African-American Filmmaker 20.12 2010
Clash of the Titans: Sam Worthington saves the day … again. 20.13 2010
The Exploding Girl: Zoe Kazan segues from Broadway to Silver Screen muse. 20.13 2010
The Last Song: Focusing on the Miley Cyrus Factor 20.13 2010
The Greatest: Oscar nom Carey Mulligan continues her education. 20.13 2010
Date Night: Tina Fey and Steve Carell kick ass and take names. 20.14 2010
When You're Strange: The Doors open up on the big screen. 20.14 2010
The Square: An Aussie auteur ushers in a new era in film. 20.14 2010
La Mission: Jeremy Ray Valdez gets lost in the world of whatever. 20.14 2010
The Perfect Game: Little giants claim their piece of history. 20.15 2010
Death At A Funeral: Chris Rock’s latest comedy blends humor with gloom. 20.15 2010
The Losers: Zoë Saldana and co. win with action and wit. 20.16 2010
Paper Man: Emma Stone and Her Unusual Friends 20.16 2010
The Back-up Plan: Jennifer Lopez backs that thing up – big time! 20.16 2010
Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe 20.17 2010
Harry Brown: Emily Mortimer steps out of her comfort zone. 20.17 2010
The Good Heart: Brian Cox takes a hint from “Cheers.” 20.17 2010
A Nightmare on Elm Street: One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You 20.17 2010
Iron Man 2: More Fun Than the Last Party 20.18 2010
“If I Can Dream”: This could be your big break! 20.19 2010
Just Wright: Common and Queen Latifah go one-on-one. 20.19 2010
Robin Hood: Men in tights are a thing of the past. 20.19 2010
Shrek Forever After: Is the ogre oeuvre over? 20.20 2010
Holy Rollers: Jesse Eisenberg experiences ecstasy. 20.20 2010
"I Once was Lost - The Series": Faith-Based Dating 20.21 2010
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: Jake Gyllenhaal wants to rock your world. 20.21 2010
Sex and The City 2: The Celebration Continues 20.21 2010
Survival of the Dead: George A. Romero takes his dead to the big country. 20.21 2010
Kevin M. Slee: Chapman student already sees success. 20.22 2010
Splice: You can’t keep a good hybrid down. 20.22 2010
Adopted: Brüno beat Pauly Shore to the punch. 20.23 2010
The A-Team: It’s the best action movie since Speed. 20.23 2010
Whiz Kids: Director Tom Shepard drops science. 20.23 2010
Jonah Hex: Fugly? Yes. Easily defeated? Hell no! 20.24 2010
John Morris: At It Again as Andy in Toy Story 3 20.24 2010
Adam Cagley: From Disney and Nickelodeon to MTV and LAFF 20.25 2010
Grown Ups: Go for the men. Stay for the ladies. 20.25 2010
Jonathan Keltz: Meet the New Lloyd 20.25 2010
Seychelle Gabriel: The Last Airbender’s Princess Yue comes into her own. 20.26 2010
Love Ranch: Madam Helen Mirren (temporarily) tosses her Dame title. 20.26 2010
The Kids Are All Right: Julianne Moore dishes on locking lips with Annette Bening. 20.26 2010
Inception: Christopher Nolan explores the potential of the human mind. 20.27 2010
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead: Shakespeare, Vampires and Eurotrash 20.27 2010
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Jay Baruchel gets a shot at making magic. 20.27 2010
Charlie St. Cloud: Zac Efron, Leading Man 20.28 2010
Dinner for Schmucks: A Table Full of Frighteningly Funny Minds 20.28 2010
The Extra Man: Paul Dano and Kevin Kline Together Again 20.28 2010
Twelve: Emily Meade gushes about 50 Cent. 20.29 2010
The Other Guys: Mark Wahlberg is seriously funny. Seriously. 20.29 2010
Middle Men: Internet porn blows up. 20.29 2010
Step Up 3D: Get Down in NYC’s Underground Dance Scene 20.29 2010
Animal Kingdom: David Michôd’s Post-Grad Pet Project 20.30 2010
Eat Pray Love: Julia Roberts finds more than puppy love. 20.30 2010
A Film Unfinished: Living in Das Ghetto 20.31 2010
The Switch: Jennifer Aniston stirs up controversy. 20.31 2010
Lottery Ticket: Three Hundred Million Reasons to See This Comedy 20.31 2010
Mesrine: Killer Instinct: France’s leading man is Public Enemy No. 1. 20.32 2010
Takers: Idris Elba is one smooth criminal. 20.32 2010
Going the Distance: Drew Barrymore and Justin Long put their love on the line. 20.33 2010
Machete: Danny Trejo slices and dices the bad guys. 20.33 2010
Highwater: Dana Brown and son make grandpa proud. 20.33 2010
Heartbreaker: How Romain Duris Captures the Heart of Johnny Depp’s Lady 20.34 2010
Catfish: Not a Mock-Doc 20.35 2010
Easy A: Emma Stone’s Little White Lies 20.35 2010
Never Let Me Go: Mulligan, Garfield and Knightley accept their fate. 20.35 2010
The Town: Ben Affleck hits paydirt. 20.35 2010
You Again: Kristen Bell is in co-star heaven. 20.36 2010
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Lucy Punch is a knockout. 20.36 2010
Let Me In: Matt Reeves makes a mighty remake. 20.37 2010
The Social Network: Ninety-Nine Takes to Get to the Top 20.37 2010
I Spit on Your Grave: Sarah Butler stars in a remake of unrated madness. 20.38 2010
It’s Kind of a Funny Story: Zach Galifianakis is a serious man. 20.38 2010
Life as We Know It: Josh Duhamel is a chick magnet. 20.38 2010
Nowhere Boy: An Audacious Biopic About John Lennon and His Mother 20.38 2010
Secretariat: (Belmont) Stakes are high. 20.38 2010
Tamara Drewe: A Funny Little Tale of Groupies, Sex and Deception 20.38 2010
Amit Tishler: A Little Guy at the Big Bear Horror Film Fest 20.39 2010
Conviction: Hilary Swank won’t back down. 20.39 2010
Emily Ziff: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Shipmate 20.39 2010
Jackass 3D: Bring your barf bags; this one’s a wild ride. 20.39 2010
Bo Burnham: Songs Words Words 20.40 2010
GhettoPhysics: Metaphysics and Street Science Merge 20.40 2010
Monsters: If Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy can make it here… 20.41 2010
Saw 3D: Gina Holden jumps to new heights. 20.41 2010
127 Hours: James Franco takes adventure to a new level. 20.42 2010
Due Date: Phillips, Galifianakis and Downey Jr. tackle fatherhood. 20.42 2010
For Colored Girls: Loretta Devine is the lady in green. 20.42 2010
Four Lions: Director Chris Morris talks Muslims, bombs and jihad. 20.42 2010
Megamind: Will Ferrell gets the blues. 20.42 2010
Red Hill: “True Blood”’s Ryan Kwanten heads in a new direction: west. 20.42 2010
Marwencol: The Little Belgian Town That Mark Built 20.43 2010
Queen of the Lot: Tanna Frederick continues to chase dreams. 20.43 2010
Skyline: Donald Faison faces off with extraterrestrials. 20.43 2010
Unstoppable: Denzel Washington and Chris Pine’s Amazing Race 20.43 2010
Black Swan: Natalie Portman (finally) gets to use her Harvard degree. 20.46 2010
The Assistants: Everyone started somewhere. 20.46 2010
The Warrior’s Way: Kate Bosworth takes a stab at westerns. 20.46 2010
Burlesque: Cher and Christina: Show-Stopping Showgirls 20.44 2010
Faster: The Rebirth of Dwayne Johnson, Action Star 20.45 2010
Lavanderia: Independent Film with 100 Percent Positive Purpose 20.45 2010
Tangled: Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi let their hair down. 20.45 2010
All Good Things: Kirsten Dunst stars in the year’s worst marriage. 20.47 2010
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: A Swashbuckling Trip Aboard a Royal Ship 20.47 2010
The Fighter: Three Kings of the Ring 20.47 2010
The Tourist: Together at Last: Angelina and Johnny 20.47 2010
Tron: Legacy: Onslaught of 3-D Awesomeness 20.48 2010
Casino Jack: Kevin Spacey turns a political tragedy into a buzzworthy performance. 20.48 2010
Yogi Bear: Justin Timberlake’s Boo Boo 20.48 2010
Touching Home: Twins’ Take on Their Pops 20.48 2010
Another Year: One couple spends 365 days with the friend from hell. 20.49 2010
Somewhere: A Small Child and Big Change at Chateau Marmont 20.49 2010
True Grit: What One Girl Will Do to Snag a Cowboy 20.49 2010
Country Strong: Gwyneth Paltrow brushes her guitar off. 21.1 2011
Season of the Witch: The Timeless Tale of the Scapegoat 21.1 2011
The Dilemma: Ron Howard returns to comedy. 21.2 2011
The Green Hornet: Seth Rogen gets the greenlight. 21.2 2011
No Strings Attached: Natalie Portman takes the reins. 21.3 2011
The Way Back: Jim Sturgess forges ahead. 21.3 2011
The Mechanic: Jason Statham takes Ben Foster under his wing. 21.4 2011
The Rite: Prepare to sleep with the lights on. 21.4 2011
The Roommate: Leighton Meester is one creepy coed. 21.5 2011
Cold Weather: Aaron Katz keeps making movies. 21.6 2011
The Eagle: Channing Tatum soldiers on. 21.6 2011
I Am Number Four: Dianna Agron “Glee”-fully accepts the challenge. 21.7 2011
Unknown: January Jones wears the ice queen crown. 21.7 2011
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son: Brandon T. Jackson dresses up for his role. 21.7 2011
Brotherhood: Director Will Canon exposes the dark side of pledging. 21.7 2011
Hall Pass: A Farrelly Brothers Chick Flick 21.8 2011
HappyThankYouMorePlease: Josh Radnor makes an abundant little film. 21.9 2011
Rango: Johnny Depp is a chameleon. 21.9 2011
Take Me Home Tonight: Topher Grace’s Excellent Adventure 21.9 2011
Battle: Los Angeles: Earth is in trouble. 21.10 2011
Elektra Luxx: Carla Gugino to the Sex-cue 21.10 2011
Jane Eyre: What Mia Wasikowska wants, she gets. 21.10 2011
Red Riding Hood: Amanda Seyfried kisses and tells all. 21.10 2011
T.V. Carpio: Her possibilities are Limitless. 21.11 2011
Monogamy: “Weeds” co-star Meital Dohan wants you to watch. 21.11 2011
The Lincoln Lawyer: USC alum Erin Carufel argues with the charming Matthew McConaughey. 21.11 2011
Sucker Punch: Emily Browning gets Babydolled up. 21.12 2011
Super: Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page aim to fight crime. 21.13 2011
Arthur: Russell Brand gives the bubbly billionaire a reboot. 21.14 2011
Ceremony: A Wink(ler) and a Nod to Classic Literature 21.14 2011
Hanna: Saoirse Ronan kicks some serious ass. 21.14 2011
Soul Surfer: Ross Thomas goes back to the beach. 21.14 2011
Rio: Anne Hathaway sings like a bird. 21.15 2011
Scre4m: Ghostface is baaaack. 21.15 2011
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: How Product Placement Made Morgan Spurlock Speechless 21.16 2011
Water for Elephants: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and an Elephant in the Room 21.16 2011
Madea's Big Happy Family: The pistol-packin' grandma is back by popular demand. 21.16 2011
13 Assasins: Takashi Miike’s Samurai Tribute 21.17 2011
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night: Brandon Routh & Sam Huntington: BFFs On Screen and Off 21.17 2011
Stake Land: Danielle Harris slays ’em. 21.17 2011
Jumping the Broom: Paula Patton discovers the old tradition. 21.18 2011
Something Borrowed: Kate Hudson plays to the Darcy in all of us. 21.18 2011
Thor: Chris Hemsworth wields a mighty hammer. 21.18 2011
Hesher: Joseph Gordon-Levitt taps into his inner badass. 21.19 2011
Priest in 3D: Director Scott Stewart’s Primal Take on Vampires 21.19 2011
Brother's Justice: Dax Shepard breaks into martial arts. 21.19 2011
Cost of a Soul: Will Blagrove is on the fast track to fame. 21.20 2011
Midnight in Paris: When Rachel McAdams Met Woody Allen 21.20 2011
Beginners: A Duet of Love Stories 21.22 2011
Ron Howard: Looks to Digital Generation for Inspiration 21.22 2011
Super 8: J.J. Abrams teams with his childhood hero, Steven Spielberg. 21.23 2011
Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds, the Superhero 21.24 2011
The Last Mountain: Courage to Fight 21.24 2011
Bad Teacher: School’s in for summer. 21.25 2011
Cars 2: Owen Wilson, Michael Caine and John Lasseter start their engines. 21.25 2011
Page One: Inside the New York Times: Journalist David Carr tells it like it is. 21.25 2011
Rejoice and Shout: Gospel Music to be Enjoyed By All 21.25 2011
Terri: John C. Reilly gives Jacob Wysocki honest advice. 21.26 2011
Lucky: Colin Hanks shows his dark side. 21.27 2011
Another Earth: The Little Movie That Could 21.27 2011
Friends with Benefits: Mila Kunis gets naked with Justin Timberlake. 21.27 2011
Captain America: The First Avenger: Chris Evans: Reluctant Movie Star 21.27 2011
Life in A Day: Director Kevin Macdonald peeks into YouTube users’ lives. 21.28 2011
Bellflower: Evan Glodell presents love's cryptic side. 21.29 2011
The Help: Bringing the Best-Selling Novel to the Screen 21.30 2011
Fright Night: Anton Yelchin battles the beastly Colin Farrell. 21.31 2011
Higher Ground: Vera Farmiga shines in directorial debut 21.32 2011
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark: Katie Holmes in one of Guillermo del Toro’s scariest 21.32 2011
Brighton Rock: Sam Riley takes a risk. 21.32 2011
A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy: Going out with a bang! 21.33 2011
Shark Night 3D: A Lesson in the Three Bs: Bikinis, Babes and Bloodshed 21.33 2011
Contagion: Matt Damon’s on Red Alert. 21.34 2011
Beware the Gonzo: Ezra Miller and Zoë Kravitz revisit high school. 21.34 2011
Drive: Ryan Gosling is ready for action. 21.35 2011
I Don’t Know How She Does It: Olivia Munn’s still your girl next door. 21.35 2011
Restless: Silence is invaluable for Gus Van Sant. 21.35 2011
We Were Here: Documents the Onset of AIDS in 1980’s San Francisco 21.35 2011
Weekend: Andrew Haigh’s Honest Love Story 21.37 2011
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence): Ashlynn Yennie is back for seconds. 21.38 2011
The Ides of March: Evan Rachel Wood is ready to “kick butt.” 21.38 2011
A Bird of the Air: Jackson Hurst takes the lead. 21.38 2011
Footloose: Heartily Fills Phenomenal Dancing Shoes 21.39 2011
Kim Bubbs: Getting to Know The Thing’s Rising Star 21.39 2011
Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone: Lifestyles of the Famous, but not Rich 21.40 2011
Klitschko: Brothers and World Champion Boxers 21.40 2011
Martha Marcy May Marlene: Elizabeth Olsen breaks free. 21.40 2011
Oranges and Sunshine: Emily Watson’s Brilliant Portrayal of Margaret Humphreys 21.40 2011
The Rum Diary: Johnny Depp pays tribute to Hunter S. Thompson. 21.41 2011
Puss in Boots: Antonio Banderas teams with Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis. 21.41 2011
A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas: Neil Patrick Harris: What new tricks does he have up his sleeve? 21.42 2011
Immortals: Led into Action By Henry Cavill 21.43 2011
J. Edgar: Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood put their stamp on history. 21.43 2011
A Dangerous Method: Viggo Mortensen is up for all challenges. 21.45 2011
Shame: Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender are a duo to be reckoned with. 21.45 2011
Arthur Christmas: Ultra-High-Tech Santa 21.45 2011
The Lady: Michelle Yeoh in a Touching Role 21.46 2011
3ality Technica: Former Bruin Nick Brown specializes in 3D. 21.47 2011
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: To director Guy Ritchie, it’s elementary. 21.48 2011
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol: Brad Bird enters the live-action fray. 21.48 2011
Rooney Mara: Little-Known Actress Rooney Mara Is About To Get Famous 21.48 2011
In The Land of Blood and Honey: Angelina Jolie directs a masterpiece. 21.49 2011
Pariah: Director Dee Rees’ Journey to Self-Expression 21.49 2011
The Artist: Artist Creator Michel Hazanavicius Loves Sound of Silents 21.49 2011
The Divide: Director Xavier Gens Talks Post-Apocalyptic Film 22.1 2012
We Need to Talk About Kevin: Lynne Ramsay’s Captivating New Movie: 22.1 2012
In Darkness: Agnieszka Holland Uses Sewers as Emotion 22.1 2012
One for the Money: Katherine Heigl is excited about her “Plum” role 22.1 2012
'Harry' leaves Hogwarts behind for a career in adult projects: Daniel Radcliffe talks about life after 'Potter' 22.1 2012
The Innkeepers are Supernaturally Scary: 22.2 2012
The Vow: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum Unite for a Romantic Tale of Rediscovery 22.2 2012
Will Ferrell Crosses Over to Foreign-Language Films in Casa De Mi Padre: 22.4 2012
Jason Segel Gets Serious in Jeff, Who Lives at Home: Win Tickets for a Sneak Preview of Film. See Below for Details. 22.4 2012
Shanley Caswell Has the Right Stuff: 22.5 2012
Goon: A Q&A with Seann William Scott and Jay Baruchel 22.6 2012
Milla Jovovich Opens Up: 22.7 2012
Willa Ford Returns to the Spotlight in Starz's "Magic City": 22.10 2012
Abigail Klein: From the Football Stadium to the Silver Screen 22.11 2012
Enrico Cassarosa Takes Us to the Moon: The director discusses his Pixar short, La Luna 22.12 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Resident Evil: Retribution 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Iron Man 3 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Dredd 3D 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Oz: The Great and Powerful 22.13 2012
Comic-Con Exclusive Interview: Frankenweenie 22.13 2012
The Unpredictable Kelsey Chow: 22.13 2012
A Happy Accident: India de Beaufort thrives in an unexpected career 22.14 2012
Resident Evil: Retribution's Boris Kodjoe Opens Up: 22.16 2012
Least Among Saints Shows the Aftermath of War on Veterans: 22.18 2012
Britt Robertson Spills About Her First Time: 22.19 2012
Adelaide Clemens Talks About Her Role in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: 22.20 2012
Meet 2 Actresses that Scored Killer Roles in New Twilight Movie: 22.21 2012
Keira Knightley Opens Up About Her Role as Anna Karenina: 22.22 2012
Saving Lincoln Uses Only Photos To Create Film Magic: 23.2 2013
Gael García Bernal Faced Challenges in No: 23.3 2013
Justin Chon Goes Above and Beyond in 21 & Over: 23.3 2013
Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut Discuss The Call: 23.4 2013
Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson Break Boundaries in Spring Breakers: 23.5 2013
Admission: A Film Every College Student Can Relate To: 23.5 2013
Producer Leonard Hill Talks About Dorfman in Love: 23.5 2013
The Place Beyond The Pines' Director Praises Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes: 23.5 2013
Danny Boyle’s Hypnotizing Trance is Perfect Blend of Action, Suspense & Mystery: 23.6 2013
Evil Dead Continues Gory Tradition with Jane Levy: 23.6 2013
Redford and LaBeouf Tackle Fame, Filmmaking, Generational Shifts: 23.6 2013
To Don 42, Actor Had to Please Jackie Robinson's No. 1 Fan: 23.6 2013
Scary Movie Franchise Returns with Simon Rex, Ashley Tisdale: 23.6 2013
Salman Rushdie Conjures Movie Magic with Midnight’s Children: 23.7 2013
Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 3 Cast Dish on New Film: 23.8 2013
Susanne Bier Discusses Love Is All You Need, Pierce Brosnan: 23.8 2013
Winona Ryder Weathers the Storm in The Iceman: 23.8 2013
Teamwork Brings The East to the Silver Screen: 23.9 2013
Zach Galifianakis Brings the Outbursts to The Hangover Part III: 23.10 2013
Shadow Dancer's Andrea Riseborough: An Actress on the Rise: 23.10 2013
This Is the End: Seth Rogen brings about star-studded apocalypse: 23.11 2013
The Cool Burglar Bunch: The Bling Ring Cast Shines with Personality: 23.11 2013
I'm So Excited Takes Off with Comedy, Sexuality: 23.12 2013
Elijah Wood Becomes Psycho Killer in Maniac: 23.12 2013
Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann Fly High in Crystal Fairy: 23.12 2013
Nicolas Winding Refn, Cliff Martinez Reunite for Only God Forgives, Starring Ryan Gosling: 23.13 2013
Blue Jasmine Actors Give Bright Performances: Cast opens up about working with Woody Allen and more! 23.13 2013
Ain't Them Bodies Saints: When Catchy Titles Make for Great Movies: 23.14 2013
Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch Face Off in Prince Avalanche: Director, cast discuss the character-driven film. 23.14 2013
Hemsworth, Ford, Oldman Play Cat-and-Mouse Game in Paranoia: The cast talks about technology, privacy in new film. 23.14 2013
Drinking Buddies Combines Man's 2 Favorite Things: Beer & a Hot Girl: 23.15 2013
Good Ol' Freda Dir. Ryan White: 'I'm the Luckiest Filmmaker and Beatles Fan in the World': 23.15 2013
+1 Film Asks the Question, What Would You Do if You Met Your Double?: Dennis Iliadis and star Rhys Wakefield explain the film’s concept. 23.17 2013
What's in Store at German Currents 2013: Q&A session with the Goethe-Institut LA director. (Plus, Special Student Discount Below!) 23.17 2013
Food Gets an Attitude in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Bill Hader, Anna Faris share the juicy details. 23.17 2013
Daniel Radcliffe, Cast Discuss Beat Generation & Poetry in Kill Your Darlings: 23.19 2013
Chloë Grace Moretz on Carrie: “We Went Back to the Book”: 23.19 2013
Matthew McConaughey Leads With His Head, Not His Crotch: The actor talks about upcoming film, Dallas Buyers Club. 23.19 2013
Saorise Ronan, Dir. Kevin Macdonald Talk Hauntingly Beautiful Film, How I Live Now: 23.20 2013
Hungry for Seconds? Hunger Games: Catching Fire Cast, Director Talk New Sequel: 23.20 2013
Andrzej Chyra Reflects on Daring Love Story, In the Name Of: 23.20 2013
Gritty Out of the Furnace Examines War's Aftermath: Casey Affleck, Christian Bale star in this dark, violent film. 23.21 2013
David O. Russell Invites Filmgoers to His Latest Enchanted World: 23.22 2013
Ralph Fiennes' The Invisible Woman: The Price You Pay for Being the Other Woman: 23.22 2013
Zoë Bell Takes on Role of Producer, Actress in Raze: 23.23 2014
Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl Get Nutty in The Nut Job: 23.23 2014
Q&A with Tim's Vermeer Doc. Subject, Tim Jenison: The inventor makes art history. 24.2 2014
About Last Night: Michael Ealy on One-Night Stands, Relationships: 24.2 2014
Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity Launches Collegiate Program: The comedian talks Alzheimer's disease, getting young people involved. 24.3 2014
Dir. Joe Begos Talks New Slasher Film, Almost Human: Meet Begos in person Feb. 21-23 at Arena Cinema! 24.3 2014
Jason Bateman Behaves Badly in Bad Words: Actor talks being director & working with kids in the hilarious comedy. 24.3 2014
Check Into Wes Anderson's Colorful Grand Budapest Hotel: 24.4 2014
The Single Moms Club Cast Discusses Working with Tyler Perry: Nia Long, Terry Crews and Amy Smart open up. 24.4 2014
Miles Teller Has Fun Being Bad in Divergent: The actor talks the film, Shailene Woodley & reveals his fears. 24.5 2014
Dir. Gareth Evans Brings Bone-Breaking Emotion in The Raid 2: Berandal: 24.5 2014
How the Sabotage Cast 'Pumped Up' for Their Roles: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Josh Holloway & others get down to business. 24.5 2014
Ilo Ilo's Anthony Chen Used Real, Fictional Events for this Beautiful Drama: 24.6 2014
A Haunted House 2's Marlon Wayans Compares Comedy to Sex: 'You have to flirt with the audience before you f*ck ‘em…' 24.6 2014
For No Good Reason Doc. Illustrates Artist's Desire to Change the World: 24.7 2014
Henry Jaglom's The M Word Shines Humorous Light on Hot Topic: 24.7 2014
The Case Against 8 Revisits Calif.'s Historic LGBT Civil Rights Case: 24.11 2014
22 Jump Street: Directors, Cast Work Hard to Create Sequel That Doesn't Suck: 24.11 2014
Think Like a Man Too Cast Talks Sequel, Their Own Relationships: Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union and others are back at it! 24.11 2014
Director Jane Weinstock Talks Getting Lost in The Moment: 24.11 2014
In Third Person, Some Things are Better Left Unanswered: Paul Haggis, Mila Kunis discuss this head-scratching film. 24.11 2014
Zach Braff Clears Some Things Up About His Latest Movie, Wish I Was Here: 24.13 2014
Chadwick Boseman Brings on the Funk as James Brown in Get on Up: 24.13 2014
Love is Strange's John Lithgow Says Ira Sachs' Film 'Weaves a Spell': 24.13 2014
Boxer Victor Ortiz Talks Transitioning into Acting for The Expendables 3: 24.13 2014
Dir. Blake West Talks Growing Up on the 'Rez,' New Film Alone Together: 24.13 2014
Sharknado 2 Star Tara Reid Talks Shark Attacks, #Trending & College: 24.13 2014
Pierce Brosnan is Still a Badass in The November Man: 24.14 2014
No Good Deed's Taraji P. Henson on Women in Film, Working with Idris Elba: 24.14 2014
Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons Stay on Beat in Whiplash: 24.16 2014
Robert Downey Jr. Seeks Redemption in The Judge: 24.16 2014
Christopher Meloni Talks the 'The American Dream' in White Bird in a Blizzard: 24.17 2014
Interstellar: Inception in Space? Christopher Nolan Explores Relativity Once Again: 24.18 2014
Director Paolo Virzi discusses his new film, Human Capital: 24.21 2015
Project Almanac (Paramount Pictures): 24.21 2015
Allen Evangelista talks Project Almanac: 24.21 2015
Will Smith taking new direction with career: 25.1 2015
Merchants of Doubt: An interview with director Robert Kenner: 25.1 2015
Director Pierre Morel discusses his influences, his dream job and his latest film, The Gunman: 25.2 2015
Exclusive interview with the cast and crew of Insurgent: 25.3 2015
Rock n' roll rebellion with Lambert and Stamp: 25.3 2015
Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara and director Anne Fletcher in Hot Pursuit of laughs, respect: 25.3 2015
Charlize Theron is fast and 'Furiosa' in Mad Max: Fury Road: 25.4 2015
Aloft - A conversation with Claudia Llosa on our lost mythical nature: 25.4 2015
San Andreas, starring Dwayne Johnson, shakes up the disaster genre: 25.4 2015
In director Rick Famuyiwa's Dope, style is a matter of fact: 25.4 2015
How love trumps loss in Testament of Youth: 25.4 2015
The Entourage entourage reunites on the big screen: 25.4 2015
Kevin Corrigan gets Results with a winning lead rom-com role: 25.5 2015
The Wolfpack: escaping captivity and exploring the wilderness: 25.5 2015
Batkid: For those involved in making boy’s dream come true, the end result is pure joy: 25.5 2015
Director Chris Columbus rediscovers the video game genre with Pixels: 25.6 2015
Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey talk Woody Allen film Irrational Man: 25.6 2015
Rachel McAdams does fame her way: 25.6 2015
Christina Applegate, Ed Helms usher in a new generation of Vacation: 25.6 2015
Director Christopher McQuarrie reveals what makes Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation unique: 25.6 2015
Guy Ritchie aims for TV show's 1960s style in Man From U.N.C.L.E.: 25.6 2015
Actress Connie Britton finally gets some action in American Ultra: 25.6 2015
We Are Your Friends director Max Joseph on Zac Efron, EDM and that thing called stress: 25.6 2015
Heady days for Jessica Chastain: 25.7 2015
Director Giulio Ricciarelli gives power to truth in Labyrinth of Lies: 25.8 2015
The cast of How to be Single talks dirt on modern dating: 25.8 2016
Dir. Lisa Immordino Vreeland on courage in Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict: 25.8 2015
Director Deniz Gamze Erguven and her five actresses on sisterhood and hope in Mustang: 25.8 2015
The cast of The Bronze talks the fickle nature of fame and free Wetzel's Pretzels: 25.8 2016
Dir. Grímur Hákonarson talks Rams and the particularity of Icelandic humor: 25.8 2016
Greta Gerwig and dir. Rebecca Miller talk the future of modern romance in Maggie's Plan: 26.3 2016
Dir. Aisling Walsh & the colors of Maudie: 26.5 2017
Liam Neeson and dir. Peter Landesman talk Mark Felt and the power of whistleblowers: 26.5 2017
Dave McCary and Kyle Mooney on the weird and wonderful world of Brigsby Bear: 26.5 2017
Jennifer Garner, Maika Monroe, and Karen Croner on The Tribes of Palos Verdes: 26.5 2017
With writer and historian Alex von Tunzelmann, we turn to Churchill: 26.5 2017
Yes Man: Jim Carrey's in it for the laughs. 2008
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Bright Star: First Love Does Indeed Shine Brightest 2009
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: A Short Story That Took a Long Time to Make 2008
39 Pounds of Love 39 Pounds of Love: Director inspired by Subject 2005
7 Días Booking U2 in 7 Días: Bono Saves the Day for Indie Mexican Flick 2007
American Hardcore American Hardcore: Paul Rachman Documents the Music and Culture of '80s Movement 2006
American Teen: Hannah American Teen's Hannah: Leaving Home: It's All About Perspective 2008
American Teen: Megan American Teen's Megan: Pre-Med: A Mindset 2008
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Angel-A Rie Rasmussen: An Angel-A Sent From Heaven 2007
Art School Confidential Terry Zwigoff: For the Director of Art School Confidential, It's All About the Actors 2006
Azumi Violence, Popcorn and Assassins: Director Ryuhei Kitamura Talks Azumi 2006
Band's Visit The Band's Visit: Director Eran Kolirin Makes Very Small Events Big 2008
Berkeley Berkeley: Director Bobby Roth Relives His Activist Past 2007
Bloodline Bloodline: The Da Vinci Code Redux 2008
Boiler Room Ben Younger: Gets Prime Inspiration From His Own Life 2005
Bomb It Bomb It: Exploring the Grimy Canvas of the World 2008
Born Into Brothels Born Into Brothels: Documentary Filmmakers Change the Lives of Children in Calcutta 2005
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Brothers of the Head Brothers of the Head: An Exploration of Exploitation 2006
Cautiva Cautiva: Gaston Biraben Details Argentina's 2006
Cavite Cavite: A Filmmaker's Journey 2006
Chalk Mike Akel & Chris Mass: Chalk: Writing About Teaching 2007
Charlie Bartlett Charlie Bartlett: Anton Yelchin pumps up the student body. 2008
Chicago 10 Chicago 10: Documentary With a Twist: Archival Footage & Animation 2008
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Deal Deal, the Movie: How One Director Deals With His Addiction 2008
Deep Water Deep Water: The Ship Heard 'Round the World 2007
Fat Girls Fat Girls: Ash Christian’s rise from Texas teen to hyphenate. 2007
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Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay: Laughing All the Way to the Joint 2008
Hats Off Hats Off: To the Remarkable 93-Year-Old, Mimi Weddell 2008
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Kite Runner The Kite Runner: From Novel to Film, “There is a Way to be Good Again” 2007
La Vie En Rose La Vie En Rose: Exploring the Legend of Edith Piaf 2007
Living Wake Sol Tryon: Living Up to His Potential in The Living Wake 2007
Lords of Dogtown Skateboarding Gods: The Lives of the Infamous Z-Boys are Brought Back to the Big Screen in Lords of Dogtown 2005
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Nativity Story Anything but 'Passion': The Filmmakers behind The Nativity Story Talk About Getting the Movie Made 2006
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Step Up 2 the Streets Step Up 2 the Streets: Showcases the Underground Dance Scene 2008
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Amy Adams: Miss Pettigrew Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Right on the Ledge Between Pretty Clean and Kinda Dirty 2008
Amy Smart: Crank Amy Smart: Gets Crank in New Role 2006
Andrew Davies: Northanger Abbey Andrew Davies: In Jane Austen He Trusts 2008
Andy Garcia: Modigliani Back to the Biopic: Andy Garcia Brings Another Brilliant Artist to Life in Modigliani 2005
Angelina Jolie: A Mighty Heart Angelina Jolie: Portrays a Woman with A Mighty Heart 2007
Angelina Jolie: Alexander Angelina Jolie: Former Wild-Child Charms Snakes out of Trees in Alexander 2004
Angelina Jolie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie: The Mr. and Mrs. Smith Star is So Good, She’s Bad 2005
Anna Faris: Scary Movie 4 Anna Faris: Being Funny Comes Easy for Scary Movie 4 Star 2006
AnnaLynne McCord AnnaLynne McCord: An Actress So Haunting, It’s Scary 2008
Anne Hathaway: The Devil Wears Prada Anne Hathaway: Once Considered Disney Gold, the Actress Surprises Audiences in The Devil Wears Prada 2006
Annette Bening: Being Julia Annette Bening: Fights the Good Fight With Being Julia 2005
Anthony Hopkins: The World's Fastest Indian Speed Racer: Anthony Hopkins and Roger Donaldson Team-up for The World’s Fastest Indian 2006
Anthony Mackie: Crossover Anthony Mackie: Crossing Over to the Hollywood A-List 2006
Antonio Banderas: Take the Lead Antonio Banderas: Has all the Right Moves in Take the Lead 2006
Ashton Kutcher: Guess Who Ashton Kutcher: Entering P. Diddy’s World Opened His Eyes 2005
Ashton Kutcher: Just Married Ashton Kutcher: Dude Where’s My Gondola? 2004
Ballast Ballast: The Details of a Stranger's Life 2008
Banner Gwin: Apartment Story Banner Gwin: A Director on the Rise 2007
Battle in Seattle Battle in Seatle: Politics take over the other Washington 2008
Before the Rains Before the Rains' Rahul Bose: Human Rights Activist, Member of India's National Rugby Team and ... Actor 2008
Ben Affleck: Gone Baby Gone Ben Affleck: A Change of Direction with Gone Baby Gone 2007
Ben Lyons: Your Movie Show Ben Lyons: Host of MTV’s "Your Movie Show" 2004
Ben Stiller: Dodgeball Dodgeball: There’s Something About Ben Stiller in Dodgeball 2004
Ben Stiller: Night at the Museum Ben Stiller: And Some Old Pros Have a Make-believe Night 2006
Ben Stiller: The Heartbreak Kid The Heartbreak Kid: Honeymoon from Hell 2007
Billy Bob Thorton: The Astronaut Farmer The Edge of the Universe is About Right For: Billy Bob Thorton 2007
Björn Türoque: Air Guitar Nation Björn Türoque: Rules the Air Guitar Nation 2007
Blair Underwood: Madea's Family Reunion Blair Underwood: Good at Being Bad in Madea’s Family Reunion 2006
Blanchard Ryan: Open Water Blanchard Ryan: Talks about the Bone-Chilling Thriller Open Water 2004
Bobcat Goldthwait: Sleeping Dogs Lie Sleeping Dogs Lie: Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait Directs 2006
Body of Lies Body of Lies: DiCaprio and Crowe pair up in Ridley Scott’s political thriller 2008
Brad Pitt: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Brad Pitt: Sexy Male Star Slips into a Tailor-made Role for Mr. and Mrs. Smith 2005
Brett Ratner: X-Men The Last Stand X-Men: The Last Stand: Drawing the X in the Sand 2006
Brideshead Revisited Brideshead Revisited: Poignant Study of Love or Bizarre Love Triangle? 2008
Brittany Murphy: The Dead Girl Brittany Murphy: Returns in The Dead Girl 2007
Brittany Snow: Prom Night Prom Night: Hook Up or Get Hacked Up 2008
Bruce Willis: Live Free or Die Hard Live Free or Die Hard: Bruce Willis is John McClane: The Reluctant Action Hero 2007
Bryce Dallas Howard: Manderlay Bryce Dallas Howard: Sharpens her Skills in Lars Von Trier’s Manderlay 2006
Cadillac Records Cadillac Records: The Wright Stuff: Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters 2008
Cameron Crowe: Elizabethtown Cameron Crowe: Director Journeys Home With Elizabethtown 2005
Cameron Diaz: In Her Shoes Cameron Diaz: Gets Serious with In Her Shoes 2005
Camilla Belle: When A Stranger Calls Babysitting Blues: Camilla Belle Accepts Her Toughest Role Yet in When a Stranger Calls 2006
Carlos Gallardo: Bandido Going Solo: Bandido Star Carlos Gallardo Says You Don’t Need an Agent to Succeed 2004
Carmen Electra: Meet the Spartans Carmen Electra: Gives Meet the Spartans a Heaping Dose of Sexy 2008
Cary Elwes: Saw Saw: Nice-Guy Actor Cary Elwes Returns with a Juicy Part in Psychological Thriller 2005
Catherine Keener: Friends With Money Catherine Keener: After Capote and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the Actress Strikes Again 2006
Channing Tatum Channing Tatum: Steps it Up in Step Up 2006
Charlize Theron: Head in the Clouds Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend Find Their: Head in the Clouds 2004
Charlize Theron: In the Valley of Elah Charlize Theron: Choosing Serious Over Sexy 2007
Charlize Theron: North Country Charlize Theron: Tackles Another Weighty Role in North Country 2005
Charlize Theron: Sleepwalking Charlize Theron: Wears Two Hats In Sleepwalking 2008
Chauntal Lewis Chauntal Lewis: Here Comes “Lindsay Fully Loaded” 2007
Cheech Marin: Cars Animated Adventure: Cheech Marin and Larry the Cable Guy Take a Trip Down Route 66 in Cars 2006
Chris Brown: This Christmas This Christmas: An Eventful Holiday Family Reunion 2007
Chris Cooper: Married Life Married Life: Raising Interesting - and Humorous - Questions About the Institution 2008
Chris Evans PUSH: Chris Evans becomes one of the movers and shakers. 2009
Chris Gore: Ultimate Film Fanatic Chris Gore: When All is Said and Done, He’s the Biggest Fan 2004
Chris Kattan: Adam & Steve Chris Kattan: Comedy With Humanity in Adam & Steve 2006
Chris Tucker: Rush Hour 3 Rush Hour 3: Fast-Talking, Quick-Kicking Action Comedy 2007
Christian Bale: The Machinist Machinist Man: Christian Bale Gets Lost in the Machine 2004
Christian Slater: Bobby Bobby: Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson Turn Opinionated about the politically Charged Film 2006
Christina Ricci: Black Snake Moan Shock Cinema: Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson Go the Extra Mile in Black Snake Moan 2007
Christina Ricci: Cursed Christina Ricci: Stars with Jesse Eisenberg to Finally Bring Wes Craven's Cursed to Life 2005
Christina Ricci: Penelope Christina Ricci: Breaks the Mold – Again 2008
Christopher Nolan: Batman Begins Saving Gotham: Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale Revive a Fizzled-Out Franchise with Batman Begins 2005
Christopher Walken: Balls of Fury Balls of Fury: The More You Play With Them, the Better You Get 2007
Colin Farrell: A Home at the End of the World Colin Farrell: Trades Action for Honesty in A Home at the End of the World 2004
Colin Farrell: In Bruges Colin Farrell: Gets His Priorities Straight in In Bruges 2008
Colin Farrell: Phone Booth Colin Farrell: Swaggers into Phone Booth and Comes Out a Movie Star 2004
Cuba Gooding Jr.: What Love Is Cuba Gooding Jr.: Searches For What Love Is 2007
Damien O’Donnell: Rory O'Shea Was Here Rory O'Shea Was Here: No “Syrupy Manipulation” for Director Damien O’Donnell 2005
Dana Brown: Dust to Glory Beating the Elements: Director Dana Brown Gets Down and Dirty with Dust to Glory 2005
Dane Cook: Mr. Brooks Kevin Costner and Dane Cook: Explore Their Dark Sides in Mr. Brooks 2007
Daniel Craig: Layer Cake Layer Cake: Star Daniel Craig and Director Matthew Vaughn Talk about their New Film and Other Upcoming Projects 2005
Daniel Day-Lewis: The Ballad of Jack and Rose The Ballad of Jack and Rose: Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller Team for Complex Indie Film 2005
Daniel Kay: Way Off Broadway Way Off Broadway: Writer/Director Daniel Kay Explores the Life of Struggling Artists in Debut Film 2005
Daniel Radcliffe: December Boys Daniel Radcliffe: Goodbye to Potter and Hello to December Boys 2007
Danny Boyle: Millions Danny Boyle: Trainspotting Director's Latest Film Enters Children's World 2005
Dave Chappelle: Block Party Dave Chappelle: Block Party Gives Fans a Glimpse at the Real Chappelle 2006
Dave Foley: Postal Dave Foley: Leader of the Cult in Uwe Boll's Postal 2008
David Duchovny The X-Files: I Want to Believe: Do You Still Lack Trust, or Are You A Believer? 2008
David Gordon Green: Undertow South for the Winter: David Gordon Green Explains the Nitty Gritty behind Undertow 2005
David Koechner: The Comebacks The Comebacks: New Comedy Scores a Touchdown 2007
David Schwimmer: Run, Fat Boy, Run Run, Fat Boy, Run: Director David Schwimmer makes 2008
David Wain: The Ten The Ten: Sin Never Made You Laugh So Hard 2007
Denzel Washington: Inside Man Denzel Washington: At the Top of His Game 2006
Diane Lane: Untraceable Diane Lane: Plays the Hero in Untraceable 2008
Diego Luna: Nicotina Diego Luna: Y Tu Mamá También Star Brings His Acting Chops to Nicotina 2005
Don Cheadle: Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda: Don Cheadle and Director Terry George Strive to Bring Attention to a National Tragedy 2004
Don Cheadle: Talk to Me Talk to Me: Don Cheadle is Perfect as Petey Greene 2007
Doubt Doubt: Streep, Hoffman and Adams make you wonder. 2008
Drew Barrymore: Fever Pitch Fairytale Ending: Fever Pitch Stars Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon On How a Red Sox Victory Changed Their Film 2005
Edward Burns: The Groomsmen Back to the Big Screen: Multi-hyphenate Edward Burns Returns with The Groomsmen 2006
Edward Norton: The Painted Veil Edward Norton & Naomi Watts: Endure a Rocky Relationship in The Painted Veil 2007
Elisha Cuthbert: The Girl Next Door Elisha Cuthbert: Stripped Down and Personal for The Girl Next Door 2004
Emile Hirsch: Into the Wild Into the Wild: Hollywood Goes Back Country in Search of a Soul 2007
Emilie Deravin: The Hills Have Eyes Emilie Deravin: 'Lost' Actress Makes a Gory Jump to the Big Screen in The Hills Have Eyes 2006
Emmy Rossum: The Phantom of the Opera Angel of Music: Emmy Rossum Dazzles the Crowd The Phantom of the Opera 2005
Erin Fogel: 27 Dresses Erin Fogel: The Silver Screen’s Next Big Deal 2008
Ethan Hawke: Assault on Precinct 13 For Precinct 13 Star Ethan Hawke, a Pocketful of Projects: 2005
Ethan Hawke: Before Sunset Ethan Hawke: Reflects on Living Life and Making Art 2004
Ethan Hawke: The Hottest State The Hottest State: Ethan Hawke's Cherished Book Makes the Leap to the Big Screen 2007
Eugene Levy: The Man Eugene Levy: The Actor/Comedian Moves Beyond Baked Goods in The Man 2005
Eva Longoria: Over Her Dead Body Over Her Dead Body: Seeing Things From the Other Side 2008
Eva Longoria: The Sentinel Eva Longoria: Trades Wisteria Lane for the Secret Service in The Sentinel 2006
Evan Rachel Wood: Pretty Persuasion Evan Rachel Wood: Gets Darkly Comedic in Pretty Persuasion 2005
Evangeline Lilly: Lost Evangeline Lilly: 2007
Ewan McGregor: Stay The Force is Within Him: Ewan McGregor Remains in Critics’ Minds with Stay 2005
Famke Janssen: Eulogy Famke Janssen: Actress takes a Comedic Spin in Eulogy 2005
Famke Janssen: Turn the River Famke Janssen: Sinks A Winning Shot in Turn the River 2008
Forest Whitaker: The Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland: Forest Whitaker Takes on a Real-Life Role in the Magnetic, Murderous Drama 2006
Four Christmases Four Christmases: A Comedic Vaughn/ Witherspoon Collabo 2008
Four Minutes Four Minutes: A German director makes an international hit. 2008
Frank Miller: 300 Big Battle: With a Successful Trip to Sin City Behind Him Frank Miller Gears up for War With 300 2007
Freddie Highmore: The Spiderwick Chronicles The Spiderwick Chronicles: Transports You into the Extraordinary 2008
Gabriel Byrne: Jindabyne Jindabyne: (Sony Picture Classics) 2007
Gabriel Range: Death of a President Assassination Station: Gabriel Range Explores the Demise of the Bush Administration 2006
Gabrielle Union: Daddy's Little Girl Gabrielle Union & Tyler Perry: Reveal the Write Stuff for Daddy's Little Girl 2007
Gabrielle Union: The Honeymooners Gabrielle Union: The State of this Union is Good 2005
Gabrielle Union: The Perfect Holiday The Perfect Holiday: Gabrielle Union’s Latest Comedic Role 2007
Gael Garcia Bernal: The Motorcycle Diaries Road Trip of a Lifetime: Gael Garcia Bernal Gives Che Guevarra New Live in The Motorcycle Diaries 2005
Garcia Girls How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer: A Crash Course On Love 2008
George Clooney: Good Night, and Good Luck George Clooney: Commemorates a News Legend With Good Night, and Good Luck 2005
George Clooney: Solaris George Clooney: Sex, Soderbergh and Solaris 2004
Gina Gershon: Delirious Delirious: Yep, That Really is Elvis Costello 2007
Gong Li: Curse of the Golden Flower Gong Li: After a Turn in Miami Vice, the Actress Returns to Chinese Cinema 2006
Good Dick Good Dick: A Film About Love, Not Lust 2008
Greg Kinnear: Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine: All-Star Cast Heads for the Golden State 2006
Guillermo del Toro Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Visit the Depths of Guillermo del Toro’s Imagination 2008
Guy Pearce: The Proposition Character Study: Guy Pearce and Danny Huston Talk About the Complexity Within The Propostition 2006
Guy Ritchie: Revolver Revolver: The Colorful Characters of Guy Ritchie’s Mind 2007
Halle Berry: Die Another Day Die Another Day: Halle Berry tries to dodge the post-Bond Jinx after winning the gold 2004
Harrison Ford: Firewall Harrison Ford: The Veteran Actor Proves he’s Still in the Game with Firewall 2006
Heath Ledger: Candy Heath Ledger: Abandons a Surefire Career for one Fraught with Risk 2006
Heath Ledger: I'm Not There I'm Not There: Seven Actors Portray Interlocked Pieces of the Dylan Puzzle 2007
Heather Graham: Gray Matters Heather Graham: Takes the Wheels Off of Roller Girl in Gray Matters 2007
Helena Bonham Carter: Till Human Voices Wake Us Helena Bonham Carter: Will She Trade in Her Petticoats for Nunchucks? 2004
Hell Ride Hell Ride: Director Larry Bishop Gets Help From His Biggest Fan: Quentin Tarantino 2008
Henry Selick CORALINE: Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman’s Handmade Fairy Tale 2009
Hilary Duff: A Cinderella Story A Cinderella Story: Hilary Duff’s Fairy Tale Life 2004
Hilary Swank: The Reaping Hilary Swank: Reaping the Rewards of an Amazing Career 2007
Hudson & Hathaway BRIDE WARS: Save the date for Hudson/Hathaway’s marital showdown. 2009
Hugh Jackman: Australia Australia: Hugh Jackman brings sexy to the Outback 2008
Hugh Jackman: The Fountain Eternal Life Discovered: Hugh Jackman and Darren Aronofsky Recount Their Journey to The Fountain 2006
Hugh Jackman: The Prestige Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman: Play Competing Magicians in The Prestige 2006
Hugh Jackman: X2 Hugh Jackman: When Will We See Hugh Jackman, the all-Singing, all-Dancing Wolverine? 2004
Ian McKellen: The DaVinci Code Sir Ian McKellen: Has Designs on DaVinci Code 2006
Ice Cube: Are We There Yet? Super Cool: Ice Cube Taps into Family Life with Are We There Yet? 2005
Ioan Gruffudd: Amazing Grace Ioan Gruffudd: Relives the Past with Presence in Amazing Grace 2007
I've Loved You So Long I've Loved You So Long: Kristin Scott Thomas is reborn. 2008
Jack Black: Kung Fu Panda Jack Black: Discovering His Inner Kung Fu Panda 2008
Jack Black: Nacho Libre Spicy Dish: Jack Black Embraces the World of Mexican Wrestling in Nacho Libre 2006
Jack Black: The Pick of Destiny Jack Black and Kyle Gass: Bring Tenacious D to the Big Screen 2006
Jack Nicholson: The Bucket List The Bucket List: Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman on a Road Trip of a Lifetime 2007
Jackie Chan: The Forbidden Kingdom The Forbidden Kingdom: Kung Fu Film Geeks, Rejoice! 2008
Jacqueline Bisset: Fascination She's Fearless: Jacqueline Bisset Further Hones Her Craft in Fascination 2005
Jaime King: Bulletproof Monk Jaime King: Bionic and Bulletproof 2004
Jake Gyllenhaal: Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal: Charters New Territory in Brokeback Mountain 2005
Jake Gyllenhaal: Rendition Rendition: An Extraordinary Tale of Other People's Lives 2007
Jake Paltrow: The Good Night Jake Paltrow: A Lovely Dream Comes to the Big Screen In The Good Night. 2007
Jake Sasseville Jake Sasseville: Living on 2008
James Cameron: Ghosts of the Abyss James Cameron: Digs up more Intriguing Dirt on Titanic in Ghosts of the Abyss 2004
James D'Arcy: Dot the I Dot the I: Actor James D'Arcy and Director Matthew Parkhill Dish on the Making of their New Romantic Thriller 2005
James McAvoy: Starter For 10 Flashback: James McAvoy Parties Like it's 1985 in Starter For 10 2007
Jamie Bell DEFIANCE: How One Group Dared to Be Brave 2009
Jamie Foxx: Jarhead Jamie Foxx: Leads Desert Storm Troops in Jarhead 2005
Jamie Kennedy: Kickin' It Old Skool Jamie Kennedy: Busts a Move in Kickin' It Old Skool 2007
Jamie Kennedy: Son of the Mask Son of the Mask: Jamie Kennedy Takes on Another Experiment for the Sequel 2005
Jared Hess: Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite: Director Jared Hess Explains the Quirky Teen Comedy 2004
Jason Chambers: Human Weapon Jason Chambers: 2007
Jason Reitman: Thank You For Smoking Thank you For Smoking: Director Jason Reitman’s Film Will Surely Spark Discussion 2006
Jason Schwartzman: I Heart Huckabees Too Cool For School: From Rushmore to Huckabees Jason Schwartzman is Poised for White-Hot Hollywood Success 2004
Jason Schwartzman: Shopgirl Claire Danes & Jason Schwartzman: Shopgirl Co-stars also are Friends Off-screen 2005
Jason Statham: The Bank Job The Bank Job: Jason Statham Commits the Perfect Crime 2008
Jason Statham: The Transporter 2 The Transporter 2: Jason Statham Reclaims His Signature Role 2005
Jason Wahler: The Hills Jason Wahler: Finally Finds Peace, Love and Happiness 2008
Jeff Bridges: Stick It Mixing it up: Jeff Bridges Take on the World of Women's Gymnastics in Stick It 2006
Jena Malone: Saved! Jena Malone: 2004
Jennifer Aniston: Rumor Has It Jennifer Aniston: The Actress Ends a Tough Year With Rumor Has It 2006
Jennifer Coolidge: Robots From Sexpot to Robot: Jennifer Coolidge Ups Her Booty Factor in the Fun Animated Feature Robots 2005
Jennifer Garner: Elektra Jennifer Garner: Reprises Her ‘Elektra’ Comic-Book Character 2005
Jennifer Garner: The Kingdom Jennifer Garner: Slips out of Motherhood into the FBI 2007
Jennifer Tilly: Saint Ralph Jennifer Tilly: Ditches Franchise, Gets Serious in Saint Ralph 2005
Jenny McCarthy: Dirty Love Jenny McCarthy: Seriously Funny in Dirty Love 2005
Jensen Ackles MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D: Crowd Involvement Takes the Cake 2009
Jeremy Piven: Smokin' Aces Jeremy Piven: Aces His First Dramatic Starring Role 2007
Jessica Alba: Fantastic Four The Fantastic Jessica Alba:: Far From Invisible 2005
Jessica Alba: Good Luck Chuck Jessica Alba & Dane Cook: Get Lucky in Good Luck Chuck 2007
Jessica Alba: The Eye The Eye: Jessica Alba Sets Her Sights on Scaring You 2008
Jessica Alba: The Eye (On Set) On Set With Jessica Alba: The Eyes Have it 2007
Jessica Biel/Ryan Reynolds: Blade Trinity Blade Runners: Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds Take on the Infamous Vampire Hunter in Trinity 2004
Jet Li: Fearless Jet Li: Jet Li Closes a Chapter of his Life with Fearless 2006
Jet Li: Unleashed Jet Li: Actor and Martial Arts Star Unleashes His Softer Side with Unleashed 2005
Jim Carrey: The Number 23 Jim Carrey: Trades Cheap Jokes for Gritty Drama in The Number 23 2007
Jim Caviezel: Madison Sink or Swim: Jim Caviezel and Director William Bindley Manage to Keep Madison Afloat 2005
Jim Caviezel: The Final Cut The Final Cut: Jim Caviezel and Director Omar Naim Examine Dark, Moral Themes in their Latest Creation 2005
Jimmy Fallon: Taxi Mr. Fallon's Wild Ride: Jimmy Fallon Takes His Comedy Skills to the Big Screen with Taxi 2004
Joaquin Phoenix: Walk the Line Country Star: Joaquin Phoenix Puts on Johnny Cash’s Shoes in Walk the Line 2005
Joe Carnahan: Smokin' Aces Joe Carnahan: Narc Writer/Director Takes on Vegas in Smokin' Aces 2006
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten: Julien Temple pays homage to a good friend. 2007
Joel Silver: Speed Racer Speed Racer: Emile Hirsch & Co. Feel the Need for... 2008
John C. Reilly: Criminal John C. Reilly: Targets Diego Luna
on the Set of Criminal
John C. Reilly: Prairie Home Companion John C. Reilly: Plays One-Half of Singing Cowboy Duo in Prairie Home Companion 2006
John Cena: The Marine John Cena: WWE Star Kicks his way onto the Big Screen in The Marine 2006
John Corbett: Bigger Than the Sky John Corbett: Relinquishes Rumors of Quitting Acting with Bigger Than the Sky 2005
John Cusack: 1408 1408: One Room that Might Scare You to Death 2007
John Cusack: Ice Harvest Joh Cusack: No More Mr. Nice Guy in Ice Harvest 2005
John Hensley: Nip/Tuck John Hensley: A hesitant “Nip/Tuck” star is born. 2008
John Krasinski: License to Wed License to Wed: Mandy Moore and John Krasinski's Bumpy Ride to the Altar 2007
John Leguizamo: Crónicas Crossover Sensation John Leguizamo: Dives Headfirst into Spanish-Speaking Role with Crónicas 2005
John Sayles: Honeydripper Honeydripper: John Sayles’ Latest Flick Drips With Retro Detail 2008
John Travolta: Bobby Long Drama In Motion: John Travolta and Company Sing A Love Song For Bobby Long 2005
John Travolta: Ladder 49 Still Climbing: John Travolta Keeps His Head to the Sky in Ladder 49 2005
John Waters: A Dirty Shame John Waters: Dirty Shame Director talks about His Films, Career and Achieving the American Dream 2005
Johnny Depp: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory A Sweet Cinematic Confection: Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Continue Making Magic with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005
Johnny Knoxville: A Dirty Shame Johnny Knoxville: Former “Jackass” Star Goes on Sex Hunt in A Dirty Shame 2004
Johnny Knoxville: Jackass Number Two Jackass Number Two: Here They Come Again 2006
Jolene Blalock: Slow Burn Jolene Blalock: Stays Sexy in Slow Burn 2007
Jon Heder: School For Scoundrels Jon Heder: Gets Back to Comedy Basics in School For Scoundrels 2006
Jonathan Demme: Heart of Gold Jonathan Demme: Making a Concert Film Come Alive in Heart of Gold 2006
Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Mission Impossible III Jonathan Rhys Meyers: On a Mission for Film Success 2006
Jonathan Tucker: The Ruins Jonathan Tucker: Fond of the People Attached to The Ruins 2008
Jordana Brewster: D.E.B.S. Jordana Brewster: Young Actress Tackles Onscreen Inhibitions in Teen Comedy D.E.B.S. 2005
Jornada Al Norte: Silver Lake Film Festival Jornada Al Norte: At the Silver Lake Film Festival 2007
Joseph Fiennes: The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare Favorite Joseph Fiennes in Another Well-Crafted Role 2004
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Brick Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Shoots far Past the “3rd Rock from the Sun” in Brick 2006
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Mysterious Skin From '3rd Rock' to Mysterious Skin: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explores His Sexuality in Unrated New Drama 2005
Josh Duhamel: Turistas Josh Duhamel: The 'Las Vegas' Star Goes From Hunk to Horrific in Turistas 2006
Josh Hartnett: Resurrecting the Champ Josh Hartnett: Fights for Truth and Integrity in Resurrecting the Champ 2007
Josh Hartnett: The Black Dahlia Josh Hartnett: Murder and Mayhem 2006
Josh Hartnett: Wicker Park Josh Hartnett: Proves He’s Got Acting Game in Wicker Park 2004
Joshua Marston: Maria Full of Grace Director Joshua Marston: Makes a Successful Leap with Maria Full of Grace 2004
Joss Whedon: Serenity Serenity: ‘Buffy’ Creator Joss Whedon Makes His Feature Film Directorial Debut 2005
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: 28 Weeks Later Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: Director Takes Horror to Next Level With 28 Weeks Later 2007
Judd Apatow: Walk Hard Walk Hard: Judd Apatow Shows His Cox 2007
Julia Stiles: The Omen Julia Stiles: Raises Satan in The Omen 2006
Justin Long: Accepted Justin Long: Makes the Grade in Accepted 2006
Justin Wilcynski: Kaya Justin Wilcynski: Rising Star of MTV's 2007
Kal Penn: Epic Movie Kumar Goes to the A-List: Kal Penn Finally Gets His Epic Movie 2007
Kate Beckinsale: Snow Angels Snow Angels: Art Imitates Life: Kate Beckinsale's A Working Mother 2008
Kate Bosworth: Beyond the Sea Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee: Kate Bosworth Turns Heads as the Legendary Actress in Beyond the Sea 2004
Kate Winslet: Little Children Kate Winslet: Raises Every Role She Takes to an Art Form 2006
Katherine Heigl: 27 Dresses 27 Dresses: Katherine Heigl on Weddings, Relationships and a New Year 2008
Katie Holmes: First Daughter First Daughter: Catapults Her 2004
Katie Holmes: Mad Money Mad Money: Katie Holmes Graduates from Starlet to Star 2008
Keanu Reeves: Constantine Keanu Reeves: Battles between Heaven and Hell in Constantine 2005
Keanu Reeves: Street Kings The Elusive Mr. Reeves: Gets Challenged and Stretched in Street Kings 2008
Keira Knightley: Atonement Atonement: One Girl Pays the Price For Everything She's Done Wrong 2007
Keira Knightley: Domino Keira Knightley: Domino Actress Learns to Balance Bounty Hunting, English High Tea 2005
Keira Knightley: The Jacket Beckham Breakout: Keira Knightley Gets Self-destructive in The Jacket 2005
Keri Russell: The Upside of Anger Family Ties: Keri Russell, Erika Christensen and Evan Rachel Wood Bond in The Upside of Anger 2005
Kevin Costner Swing Vote: Every Single Voice Counts 2008
Kevin James PAUL BLART: MALL COP: Kevin James to the rescue! 2009
Kevin Kline: De-Lovely De-Lovely: Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd Make Beautiful Music Together in De-Lovely 2004
Kevin Smith: Clerks II Thirties Gone Wild: Kevin Smith Introduces Clerks II to the Public, 12 Years After the Original 2006
Kirsten Dunst: The Virgin Suicides Kirsten Dunst: An Old Soul in a Young Body 2004
Kristen Bell: Pulse Kristen Bell: Pulse Star Sees Ghosts on the Screen 2006
Laura Linney: P.S. Looking Beyond A Painful Past: Laura Linney on Love and Loss in P.S. 2005
Leelee Sobieski: In the Name of the King Leelee Sobieski: From Nerd to Lover to Warrior – Growing Up in Hollywood 2008
Leonardo DiCaprio: The 11th Hour Leonardo DiCaprio: Pushes Living Green in The 11th Hour 2007
Leonardo DiCaprio: The Departed Dearly Departed: Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio Lead the Charge in Martin Scorsese’s New Film 2006
Let The Right One In Let The Right One In: Horror as a Strange Kind of Poetry… 2008
Lili Taylor: Factotum Lili Taylor: Lili Taylor Tackles Another Tough Role in Factotum 2006
Lindsay Lohan: Georgia Rule Lindsay Lohan: The Georgia Rule Star Grows Up, Gets Serious 2007
Lindsay Lohan: Herbie Fully Loaded Lindsay Lohan: Herbie Actress Comes Fully Loaded with Work Ethic and Security Guards 2005
Lindsay Lohan: Just My Luck Lindsey Lohan: Some Girls Have all the Luck 2006
Lior Ashkenazi: Walk on Water Coming to America: Israeli Actor Lior Ashkenazi Brings Walk on Water Stateside 2005
Lori Petty: The Poker House The Poker House: Lori Petty's Shocking Directorial Debut 2008
Lucy Liu: The Cleaner Lucy Liu & Nicollette Sheridan: Kick Ass in Code Name: The Cleaner 2007
Lucy Walker: Blindsight Blindsight: Blind Tibetan Teenagers Touch the Top of the World 2008
Luke Wilson: The Wendell Baker Story Andrew & Luke Wilson: The Wendell Baker Story is a Family Affair 2007
Luke Wilson: Vacancy Luke Wilson: Trades Giggles for Ghosts in Vacancy 2007
M. Night Shyamalan: The Happening The Happening: Qué Paso In M. Night Shyamalan’s New Movie? 2008
Madison Hildebrand: The Malibu Life Madison Hildebrand: Welcome to The Malibu Life 2008
Mandy Moore: American Dreamz Right Now, Life's a Dreamz Come True for: Mandy Moore 2006
Margaret Cho: Revolution Margaret Cho: This All-American Girl Is Ready to Sink Down to Your Level 2004
Mario Van Peebles: Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song Mario Van Peebles: 2004
Mark Pellington: Henry Poole Is Here Henry Poole Is Here: Finding a Miracle in Your Own Backyard 2008
Mark Ruffalo: Zodiac Mark Ruffalo: Case Inspires Zodiac Actor 2007
Mark Wahlberg Mark Wahlberg: It's not minimum or medium's Max Payne. 2008
Mark Wahlberg: Invincible Mark Wahlberg: Channels Football Phenom Vince Papale in Invincible 2006
Mark Wahlberg: Shooter Mark Wahlberg: Hits the Mark in Shooter 2007
Martin Lawrence: Rebound Martin Lawrence: On the Rebound 2005
Martin Lawrence: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: A Family of Comedians Reunites with a Load of Laughs. 2008
Matt Damon: The Bourne Supremacy Matt Damon: Says It’s Just Luck That He’s Hot and Ben Affleck’s Not 2004
Matt Damon: The Bourne Ultimatum Matt Damon: Still Searching for Self in The Bourne Ultimatum 2007
Matt Damon: The Brothers Grimm Dark Fairy Tales: Phenomenal Matt Damon Takes a Trip to Story Land in The Brothers Grimm 2005
Matt Dillon: City of Ghosts Matt Dillon: City of Ghosts 2004
Matt Groening: The Simpsons Movie The Simpsons Movie: The 18-Year Wait Is Finally Over 2007
Matthew McConaughey: Failure to Launch Failure to Launch: Despite the Title of his new Flick, Matthew McConaughey has No Trouble Leaving the Safe Zone 2006
Matthew McConaughey: Fool's Gold Fool's Gold: Hudson and McConaughey Pair Up for Ocean Adventure 2008
Melissa Bacelar: Hollywood Residential Playing Evil: Scream Queen Melissa Bacelar Embraces the Horror Genre 2008
Melissa George: Music Within Melissa George: The Gentel Soul Who Tackles Diffcult Projects 2007
Mena Suvari: Stuck Stuck: Mena Suvari's Road to Horror 2008
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster Some Kind of Monster: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of St. Anger 2004
Michael Bay: Transformers Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye 2007
Michael Showalter: The Baxter Nice Guys Finish First: Michael Showalter Gives Hope to Hopeless Romantics as The Baxter 2005
Michel Gondry: Be Kind Rewind Be Kind Rewind: Michel Gondry takes viewers on another wild trip. 2008
Michel Gondry: The Science of Sleep Beautiful Dreamer: Michel Gondry Takes Gael García Bernal on a Nocturnal Trip in The Science of Sleep 2006
Michelle Trachtenberg: Ice Princess Michelle Trachtenberg: Trades Stakes for Skates in Ice Princess 2005
Mick Garris: Riding the Bullet Mick Garris: Riding the Bullet to Success 2005
Mike Myers: The Love Guru The Love Guru: Mike Myers Digs (A Little) Deep For Pitka 2008
Milk Milk: Before Proposition 8, there was Harvey. 2008
Milla Jovovich: Ultraviolet Milla Jovoich: Is No Shrinking Violet 2006
Milo Ventimiglia: Rocky Balboa Milo Ventimiglia: Takes Flight as Baby Rocky in Rocky Balboa 2006
Mira Nair: The Namesake Mira Nair: Births The Namesake 2007
Miranda July: Me and You and Everyone We Know Me and You and Everyone We Know: First-time Filmmaker Miranda July Brings a Powerful Feature to Audiences After a Year of Hard Knocks 2005
Molly Shannon: The Year of the Dog Molly Shannon & Mike White: Explores Relationships in The Year of the Dog 2007
Monica Bellucci: Malena Malena: Is Monica Bellucci America’s Next Drama Queen? 2004
Monica Bellucci: Shoot 'Em Up Shoot 'Em Up: Guns, Ammo and Monica Bellucci 2007
Mo'Nique: Phat Girls Large and In-Charge: Phat Girls Star Mo'Nique Says Beauty and Size Don't Mix 2006
Morgan Spurlock: Super Size Me Super Size Me Feels No Heat from Fahrenheit: 2005
Morgan Spurlock: Where in the World is Osama bin Laden? Morgan Spurlock: Looking For A Man, Finding A People 2008
My Best Friend's Girl My Best Friend's Girl: Love Gets Funny with Three Hollywood Heavyweights. 2008
Naomi Watts: We Don't Live Here Anymore Naomi Watts: Secures Her Future in Hollywood with We Don’t Live Here Anymore 2005
Natalie Portman: Closer Natalie Portman: Strips for Closer, Yet Maintains Mystery 2004
Natalie Portman: Garden State Natalie Portman: Dives Headfirst into Comedy
with Garden State
Nathan Fillion: Slither Slug Alert: Nathan Fillion Takes on a Whole New World in Horror-Comedy in Slither 2006
Nathan Fillion: Waitress Waitress: Serves Up Laughter and a Lot of Heart 2007
Neil Burger: The Illusionist The Illusionist: Magic and Edward Norton 2006
Neil Gaiman: Mirror Mask Mirror Mask: Writer Neil Gainman Finds the Light in Darkness 2005
Neve Campbell: When Will I Be Loved Neve Campbell: Sheds Her Inhibitions and More in When Will I Be Loved 2004
Nic Nac: Beta House Nic Nac: Incites Chuckles in American Pie Presents: Beta House 2007
Nicholas Brendon: Kitchen Confidential Out of the Graveyard and into the Fire: One on One with Nicholas Brendon 2005
Nicolas Cage: National Treasure Nicolas Cage: Eccentric Actor of National Treasure Frowns on Hollywood's Typecasting Tradition 2004
Nicolas Cage: The Weather Man Nicolas Cage: The Weather Man Star looks Ahead To Sunny Skies 2005
Nicole Kidman: Bewitched Nicole Kidman: Oscar-Winning Actress Follows Her Nose to Bewitched 2005
Nicole Kidman: Margot at the Wedding Nicole Kidman: Plays Wedding Crasher in Margot at the Wedding 2007
Nothing Like The Holidays Nothing Like The Holidays: An unexpected crisis unites a family 2008
Oliver Stone Oliver Stone's Fair, Balanced View of "Dubya": 2008
Orlando Bloom: Dead Man's Chest Playful Pirates: Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp Set Sail Once Again in Dead Man’s Chest 2006
Orlando Bloom: Haven Orlando Bloom: Explores Corruption in the Caribbean in Haven 2006
Orlando Bloom: Kingdom of Heaven Surprisingly Humble: Kingdom of Heaven Star Orlando Bloom Hasn't Let Fame Go to His Head 2005
Paris Hilton: House of Wax The House That Horror Built: Elisha Cuthbert, Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray Get Gory in Wax 2005
Paris Hilton: My New BFF 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF': Golden Girl Launches New Reality Show 2008
Paris Hilton: The Hottie and the Nottie The Hottie and The Nottie: Guess Which One Paris Hilton Is? 2008
Park Chan-wook: Oldboy Park Chan-wook: Director Pushed South Korean Oldboy to Festival Prize 2005
Parker Posey: Fay Grim Parker Posey: Plays the Spy Who Doesn't Love Him in Fay Grim 2007
Parker Posey: For Your Consideration Parker Posey: The Indie Queen Goes Home for Purim in Christopher Guest's For Your Consideration 2006
Paul Giamatti: Sideways The Grapes of Wrath: Paul Giamatti Goes to the Wine Country and through a Midlife Crisis in Sideways 2005
Paul Sapiano: The Boy's & Girl's Guide to Getting Down Paul Sapiano: Offers The Boy's & Girl's Guide to Getting Down 2007
Paul Verhoeven: Black Book Paul Verhoeven: Black Book Takes a Page From History 2007
Paul Walker: Into the Blue Into the Blue: Jessica Alba and Paul Walker Hunt for Booty in New Underwater Adventure Flick Into the Blue 2005
Paul Walker: Running Scared Paul Walker: Talks Suspense and Making Love atop a Washing Machine for Running Scared 2006
Penelope Cruz: Sahara Sahara Sweetie: Spanish Actress Penelope Cruz Proves that Beauty is Only Skin Deep 2005
Penelope Cruz: Volver Two's Company: Pedro Almodóvar and his Muse, Penélope Cruz, Explore the Women of Spain in Volver 2006
Penn Jillette: The Aristocrats Dirty But Daring: According to Comics Penn Jillette & Paul Provenza,The Aristocrats is More Than Just a Big Long Joke 2005
Pete Docter: Howl's Moving Castle Howl's Moving Castle: Japanese Animated Hit finds its Voice in America 2005
Peter Krause: Civic Duty Peter Krause: Blurs the Lines of Civic Duty 2007
Pierce Brosnan: The Matador Mexico City Steals the Spotlight in: The Matador 2006
Ping Pong Playa Ping Pong Playa: Oscar Award-winning Filmmaker Jessica Yu Takes a Crack At Comedy 2008
Quantum of Solace Quantum of Solace: Blonde Bond finishes what he started. 2008
Queen Latifah: Beauty Shop Independent Woman: Queen Latifah Goes Back to Work in Beauty Shop 2005
Quentin Tarantino: Grindhouse Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez: Grindhouse's Double Whammy of Sex and Violence 2007
Rachael Taylor: Shutter Rachael Taylor: Faces Culture Shock In Shutter 2008
Rachael Weisz: The Constant Gardener The Constant Gardener: Rachel Weisz and Director Fernando Meirelles Get Down to Business in Politically Charged Film 2005
Rachel Getting Married Rachel Getting Married: Anne Hathaway’s Bold Departure From the Good Girl 2008
Rachel McAdams: Red Eye In Flight-Fright: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy and Wes Craven Take Terror to New Heights in Red Eye 2005
Rainn Wilson: The Last Mimzy First Look at: The Last Mimzy 2007
Ralph Fiennes: The White Countess Ralph Fiennes: The White Countess Star Journeys Back in Time 2005
Reese Witherspoon: Just Like Heaven Reese Witherspoon: Couples With Mark Ruffalo for Just Like Heaven 2005
Reese Witherspoon: Penelope Reese Witherspoon: Talks about Producing Penelope and Type A Personalities 2008
Regina Hall: The Honeymooners Regina Hall: Tames Trixie Norton in Honeymooners Remake 2005
Reno 911!: Miami Bad Boys, Bad Boys: The Reno 911! Squad Comes to Miami 2007
Repo! The Genetic Opera Repo! The Genetic Opera: Not Your Parents' Opera 2008
Reverend Billy: What Would Jesus Buy? What Would Jesus Buy?: Following Reverend Billy Down the Road to Consumer Redemption 2007
Richard Gere: The Hoax Richard Gere: Sets Us Up in The Hoax 2007
Richard Kelly: Donnie Darko Richard Kelly: Resurrects Donnie Darko with his Director’s Cut 2004
Richard Kelly: Southland Tales Richard Kelly: USC alum tells Southland Tales 2007
Ricki Lake: The Business of Being Born The Business of Being Born: Ricki Lake Shows Her Baby Off to the World 2008
Rob Schneider: Deuce Bigalow 2 European Gigolo: Rob Schneider Cuts Loose in Sequel to Deuce 2005
Rob Zombie: Halloween Rob Zombie: Brings Halloween Back from the Dead 2007
Rob Zombie: TCM Underground Rob Zombie: Not the Typical Triple Threat 2006
Rob Zombie: The Devil's Rejects The Devil's Rejects: Rob Zombie Says His Latest Kill Fest is Anything But a Sequel 2005
Robert Rodriguez: Sin City Rogue Trip: Frank Miller’s Sin City Succeeds in Bringing the Graphic Comic to the Big Screen 2005
Robin Williams: Man of the Year Robin Williams: Comedian Plays a Jon Stewart-Type Role in Man of the Year 2006
Robin Williams: The Night Listener Robin Williams: One of the Kings of American Comedy Takes Another Dramatic Turn in The Night Listener 2006
Russell Crowe: 3:10 to Yuma 3:10 to Yuma: Christian Bale and Russell Crowe Remake a Great Western 2007
Ryan Gosling: Fracture Ryan Gosling: Can't Lose in Fracture 2007
Ryan Gosling: Lars and the Real Girl Lars and the Real Girl: A Love Story Like No Other 2007
Ryan Phillippe: Stop-Loss Ryan Phillippe: Tells A Soldier's Story in Stop-Loss 2008
Ryan Reynolds: Just Friends Welcome to the Friend Zone: Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart Remember What It’s Like to be Just Friends 2005
Ryan Reynolds: The Amityville Horror The Amityville Horror: Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George Get Spooked in Film Remake 2005
Ryan Reynolds: The Nines The Nines: Ryan Reynolds Takes on a Very Different Surreal Life 2007
RZA: Derailed Derailed: Wu-Tang’s RZA Makes his Move to the Silver Screen in Derailed 2005
Sacha Baron Cohen: Borat Sacha Baron Cohen: In Borat, the Actor Takes on Everything but the Kitchen Sink 2006
Salma Hayek: Ask the Dust Salma Hayek: A Woman of Many Talents 2006
Salma Hayek: Frida Salma Hayek: Coloring Outside the Lines 2004
Sam Elliott: The Golden Compass The Golden Compass: Trusting a Child’s Inner Sense of Goodness and Justice 2007
Samuel L. Jackson: Snakes on a Plane Slithering Onto the Big Screen: Badass Samuel L. Jackson Tackles Snakes on a Plane 2006
Sanaa Lathan: Something New Sanaa Lathan: Falling in Love in Something New 2006
Sandra Bullock: Miss Congeniality 2 Armed And Fabulous: Loveable Sandra Bullock Gets Back to Business in Miss Congeniality 2 2005
Sandra Bullock: The Lake House Speed Stars Slow Down: Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in The Lake House 2006
Sarah Jessica Parker: The Family Stone Carrie Bradshaw No More: Gives Up 'Sex' For Family in Stone 2005
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Air I Breathe The Air I Breathe: How to Avoid a Mob Boss Named Fingers 2008
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Grudge Buffy's New Role: Sarah Michelle Gellar Visits the Horror Genre in The Grudge 2005
Sarah Michelle Gellar: The Return Sarah Michelle Gellar: Continues to Battle Supernatural Forces in The Return 2006
Saving Marriage Saving Marriage: Proposition 8 Pops Up 2008
Scott Michael Foster: Greek 'Greek' Star: Scott Michael Foster Charms Pants Off 2008
Sean Bean: The Hitcher Sophia Bush and Sean Bean Thrill in: The Hitcher 2007
Sean Faris: Never Back Down Sean Faris: Even A Broken Back Can't Stop the Actor 2008
Sean Penn: The Assassination of Richard Nixon Pointed Penn: Just Don't Ask Him to be Happy about his Success 2005
Seann Michael Scott: Mr. Woodcock Mr. Woodcock: His Reign of Terror Is Long and Hard 2007
Seann William Scott: The Promotion The Promotion: Introducing Seann William Scott: The Vulnerable 2008
Selma Blair: The Deal Selma Blair: Star of The Deal on Her Film, Her Fig Tree and My First Grade Yearbook 2005
Seth Green: Without A Paddle Seth Green: Leads a Cash-Hunting Comedy Ensemble in Without a Paddle 2005
Seth MacFarlane: Family Guy Seth MacFarlane: He's the Man Behind "Family Guy" 2007
Sex Drive Sex Drive: Clark Duke road trips his way into audiences’ hearts. 2008
Shane Carruth: Primer Weird Science: Actor-Director Shane Carruth Experiments with Time Travel in Primer 2005
Shia LaBeouf: Disturbia Shia LaBeouf: Takes us on a Trip to Disturbia 2007
Sienna Miller: Factory Girl Sienna Miller: Flexes Her Thespian Muscles in Factory Girl 2007
Simon Pegg: Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz: Cuddly British Cop Flick 2007
Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire: Danny Boyle tries love for a change. 2008
Soul Men Soul Men: Bernie Mac's Swan Song 2008
Special Special: The film’s writers/directors Hal Haberman and Jeremy Passmore share their fondest USC memories. 2008
Splinter Splinter: Toby Wilkins breaks the mold in horror. 2008
Stephen Chow: CJ7 CJ7: Stephen Chow Enters the Fantastical World of Children 2008
Stephen Chow: Kung Fu Hustle Comedy of a Different Color: Stephen Chow Explains Why Kung Fu Hustle is a Martial Arts Film to Sing About 2005
Stephen King: The Mist The Mist: Team Up Once Again for a Serious Torture Porn Tale 2007
Steve Austin: The Condemned Stone Cold vs. Bullet Tooth Tony: Face off in The Condemned 2007
Steve Austin: The Longest Yard Steve Austin: Wrestler-Turned-Actor goes The Longest Yard 2005
Steve Buscemi: Interview Interview: Hollywood goes Dutch with Steve Buscemi 2007
Steve Buscemi: Lonesome Jim Mid-Western Angst: Steve Buscemi Gets Behind the Lens for his Latest Feature 2006
Steve Carell: Get Smart Get Smart: I Spy A Summer Blockbuster 2008
Steve Carell: The 40 Year-Old Virgin Steve Carell: Comedy Powerhouse is Touched for the Very First Time as The 40 Year-Old Virgin 2005
Steve Coogan: Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story: Who in the Hell is Steve Coogan and Why is he Funny? 2006
Stuart Lafferty: Death Sentence Stuart Lafferty: Gets his Death Sentence 2007
Sylvester Stallone: Rambo Rambo: There Are No Winners in War 2008
Synecdoche, New York Synecdoche, New York: Being Charlie Kaufman 2008
Téa Leoni: You Kill Me Téa Leoni: Delightfully Charms in You Kill Me 2007
Terrence Howard: Pride Terrence Howard: Swims to the Top With Pride 2007
The Day The Earth Stood Still The Day The Earth Stood Still: Are you eco-friendly enough to save the planet? 2008
The Duchess The Duchess: Dominic Cooper Causes a Real Scandal 2008
The Family That Preys The Family That Preys: Tyler Perry's Latest Signals a Change in Direction 2008
The Oly Girls The Oly Girls: Double the Trouble 2008
The Reader The Reader: Love in the Time of Post-WWII Germany 2008
The Rocker The Rocker: Emma Stone proves she’s more than Superbad. 2008
The Women The Women: Love and Friendship Shared Between Female Pals 2008
Tim Roth: Youth Without Youth Youth Without Youth: Experiment Beautifully with Youth Without Youth 2007
Timecrimes Timecrimes: The Sinister and the Silly 2008
Tobin Bell: Saw III Blood Sport: Jigsaw and his Torture Games Return in Saw III 2006
Tom Cruise: War of the Worlds Spielberg And Cruise: Directing and Acting Duo Wage a ‘Realistic’ War of the Worlds 2005
Tom Lenk: Internet Semi-Superstar Tom Lenk: "Internet Semi-Superstar" 2008
Tommy the Clown: Rize Krump Makes History: David LaChapelle Captures an Innovative Style of Dance with Rize 2005
Tony Jaa: Ong Bak New Action Hero: Stuntman Tony Jaa Makes a Move for Stardom in Ong Bak 2005
Tony Leung: 2046 2046: Tony Leung Explores the Future of love in Another Wong Kar Wa Film 2005
Top 10 Worse Come On Lines Heard Across College Campuses Top 10 Worse Come On Lines Heard Across College Campuses: The House Bunny's Writing team, Karen Lutz and Kirsten Smith, Count'em Down 2008
Tori Spelling: Kiss the Bride Kiss the Bride's Tori Spelling: My Best Friend's Wedding - with a Gay Twist 2008
Towelhead Towelhead: Alan Ball Tackles Blooming Sexuality In Suburbia 2008
Transporter 3 Trasporter 3: Jason Statham: 2008
Troy Duffy: The Boondock Saints Troy Duffy: Speaks Out About the Reawakening of The Boondock Saints 2006
Twilight Twilight: A Love Story with Bite 2008
Tyler Perry: Meet the Browns Positively Perry: Tyler Perry Stays In His Comfort Zone For Meet the Browns 2008
Tyrese Gibson: Waist Deep Tyrese Gibson: Sinks Waist Deep into Movies, Singing and Modeling 2006
Uma Thurman: Be Cool Uma Thurman: Uma Thurman Trades in Sword-Wielding for Samba in Be Cool 2005
Uma Thurman: My Super Ex-Girlfriend Beautiful Girl: Uma Thurman Really is the Super Ex-Girlfriend 2006
Usher: In the Mix Usher: In the Mix Star Shines 2005
Vera Farmiga: Down to the Bone Vera Farmiga: Faces Addiction Down to the Bone 2005
Vera Farmiga: The Departed Vera Farmiga: Good Things Are Coming in Twos 2007
Vin Diesel: The Pacifier Vin Diesel: Action Star takes a Comedic Gamble with The Pacifier 2005
Vince Vaughn: Fred Claus Vince Vaughn: Plays Big Brother to a Saint in Fred Claus 2007
Vince Vaughn: Wedding Crashers Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn: Comedic Duo Prove Life’s a Party in Wedding Crashers 2005
Vince Vaughn: Wild West Comed Show Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show: A Big Star Shines a Light on Up ’N’ Coming Comedians 2008
Vincent Gallo: The Brown Bunny Vincent Gallo: Filmmaker and Actor Rants About His Controversial The Brown Bunny 2004
W. W.: Oliver Stone’s Fair, Balanced View of “Dubya” 2008
Wanda Sykes: Monster-in-Law Wanda Sykes: Comedienne & 'Monster-in-Law' Star Dishes on Laughs, Life & Working with the Ultra-Famous Jane Fonda 2005
Ward Serrill: Heart of the Game Ward Serrill: Director gets to the Heart of the Game 2006
Wendy and Lucy Wendy and Lucy: A Girl, Her Dog and Our Economy 2008
Wes Craven: The Hills Have Eyes 2 The Hills Have Eyes 2: The Cravens Have Eyes For Storytelling 2007
What Doesn't Kill You What Doesn't Kill You: “Crime doesn’t pay, rehabilitation is the way.” 2008
Will Estes: Reunion 'Reunion': Will Estes Returns to the Small Screen With a New Fox Drama 2005
Will Ferrell: Anchorman Will Ferrell: Fine-tunes the News in Anchorman 2004
Will Ferrell: Old School Old School: Two Parts Jim Beam, One Part Improv 2004
Will Ferrell: Semi-Pro Semi-Pro: Goin’ Wild in the ABA 2008
Will Ferrell: Talladega Nights Funny Onscreen: The Real Will Ferrell Is No Wild and Crazy Guy 2006
Will Smith: I Am Legend Will Smith: The World’s Last, Great Hope in I Am Legend 2007
Will Smith: I, Robot Will Smith: Busting Robots and Rumors 2004
Will Smith: Pursuit of Happyness Will Smith and His Son: Believed in the Pursuit of Happyness 2006
Willem Dafoe: Auto Focus Willem Dafoe: Man Behind the Mask 2004
Willem Dafoe: The Clearing The Clearing: Held Captive by the American Dream
in The Clearing
Wilmer Valderrama: Fast Food Nation Thank You, Please Drive Around: Fast Food Nation's Catalina Moreno Sandino and Wilmer Valderrama 2006
Winona Ryder: A Scanner Darkly A Scanner Darkly: Truth, Fiction and Substance D 2006
Wolfgang Peterson: The Poseidon Adventure All Aboard: Wolfgang Peterson Tackles the Open Sea Once More in Poseidon 2006
Woody Allen Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Woody Allen 2008
Woody Harrelson: After the Sunset Actor, Activist, All-Around Guy: Woody Harrelson Returns to the Big Screen in After the Sunset 2005
Woody Harrelson: The Walker The Walker: Steps Out of the Shadows and Into Film History 2007
Zach And Miri Make A Porno Zach And Miri Make A Porno: Smith, Rogen and Banks are a ballsy threesome. 2008
Zach Braff: Garden State TV Star Zach Braff: Dons Director’s Jersey for Garden State 2005
Zach Braff: The Last Kiss Zach Braff: 'Scrubs' Star Contemplates Life in The Last Kiss 2006
Zack Snyder: 300 300: Zack Snyder Brings Frank Miller's Novel to the Big Screen 2006
Ziyi Zhang: House of Flying Daggers A Stab At Stardom: House of Flying Daggers Actress Ziyi Zhang is Living Her Hollywood Dream 2004