Hollywood is a town that wasn't so much built as born. Fueled by dreams and studio cash, some orchards along a dusty grid of roads in 1900 were magically transformed into a packed urban entertainment district by 1930, a metropolitan center apart from downtown, where the emerging film industry elite toasted their triumphs and mourned their failures.

In a city without history, the builders of Hollywood borrowed from the past and reveled in their present, creating their dreamland with whatever classic adornment and art deco fixture they could come up with to construct grand buildings for a grand era. But even though that glittered past has been buried by over a half century of studio moves, chain stores infiltration and urban population shifts, a glimmer of that old Hollywood is still there for those who were willing to work for it, and willing to walk through it.

So let’s take a step back in time and a step forward through today’s Hollywood, where the memories of the past are still etched into every plaster detail.

This isHollywood, so it is only appropriate that this walking tour start at a movie theater.

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