Two kings come together – the lion, king of the jungle in ROAR: Lions of the Kalahari, and the king of the wildlife camera, filmmaker Tim Liversedge – at the IMAX Theater in the California Science Center. Here, you will encounter 40 minutes of some of the most gripping, forceful and revealing film ever witnessed.

Director, Cinematographer and Producer Tim Liversedge, along with National Geographic, has created a massive, seven-story IMAX film about the lions of Africa’s Kalahari Desert. These beasts are bigger than life and showing them on large format 70mm film takes your breath away – literally.

You need only to hear the lions roar when they are dueling for females and territory to inhale the chill of the wild. The sounds produced are so guttural, so deep, so booming, that even sitting in the safety of the theater, the hairs on the back of your neck will rise.

ROAR: Lions of the Kalahari takes you into the daily routine of the lion king, 10 feet long, holding sway over his lioness and cubs and puffing out his chest when a rival lion makes headway into his terrain.

Liversedge’s incredible attention to detail while filming points to his 40 years of experience shooting in this particular desert. Life in the Kalahari revolves around the coveted waterhole with lions, zebra, giraffe, elephants and springbok. Every sigh, every nuance of these great lion giants – the way they stalk their prey, their authority – is visible, showing a revolving cycle of life, death and survival.

Liversedge, long a citizen of Botswana, has created a film where the audience feels as if they are right there in the Kalahari, eliciting jumps from viewers when the lions jump. The dominant lion fights for his position every day, while another male is lurking nearby to gain the upper hand by acquiring females and territory.

IMAX is only as good as the subjects it captures, so open your eyes to this riveting experience.

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