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JS wrote about Film Screenings:
So RickyO, who are you , the line Nazi??? You are way out of line on this one. Adam does NOT let 15 or more people get in line with him, nor does he make fake tickets for all of O.C. as you suggest. Perhaps you are seeing the group of people that the O.C. Register has set aside for entrance, before anyone else goes in, which many feel is totally wrong. Have you NEVER saved a place in line while your friend goes outside to get something to eat? If it is so upsetting to you, why not go to the screening person and log a complaint with other witnesses who feel the way you do, instead of playing this little game on the CC website. Get a life!
Posted: 4:48pm | 4/26/2010

JS wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus Circle, we really enjoyed "When in Rome" last night.It was a fun film with lots of laughs.
Posted: 3:27pm | 1/28/2010

JS wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, thanks for the tickets for Invictus. I wrote a comment and something went. I will write on the next screening.
Posted: 12:55pm | 12/10/2009

JS wrote:
Saw Ninja Assassin Monday at the Block in Orange and enjoyed every minute of it. Suprised at the number of small children that were present. Thanks again, Sean, for the pass.
Posted: 12:36pm | 11/25/2009

JS wrote:
Really enjoyed "The Blind Side" and highly recommend it to everyone,all ages. There is a lot to be learned about opening up your heart and home to those less fortunate. Thanks for the ticket, Sean -- keep them coming to the O.C.
Posted: 1:18pm | 11/19/2009

JS wrote:
JS Wrote: Hi Sean,thanks for the screening in the OC of "The Informant." The movie had it's moments, but I expected more.
Posted: 10:30pm | 9/15/2009

JS wrote:
Sean, Thanks for all the screenings in the OC. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of them down here for us...most are in L.A. Come on Sean, give us our fair share! We need more movies from Campus Circle, please, please, please.
Posted: 1:41pm | 8/18/2009

JS wrote about Film Screenings:
I thought Meryl Strep was outstanding and Amy Adams was a delight in "Julie & Julia" tonight at the Block. It was a great, enjoyable movie!
Posted: 12:09am | 7/24/2009

JS wrote about the Julie & Julia Film Screening:
JS wrote: I thought Meryl Streep was outstanding and Amy Adams was a delight in J& was a great, enjoyable movie!
Posted: 12:06am | 7/24/2009