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mike huang wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
When you sign in for comments, it doesn't even redirect a person back to the original page. You should have that worked on. As for the new design, all I really notice is the increase in advertisements. I am assuming the CPC on this site is quite high, so that's going to give you a huge gain in earnings. Hopefully this could help settle problems I encountered in 2 of my last screenings, which makes me just don't want to attend. I'm sure a lot of members here agree with me, but you do not seem to address the problem. We were hoping to see you at one screening, so we could talk 1on1.
Posted: 10:26am | 10/12/2009

mike huang wrote about the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Film Screening:
Got there at 6:15PM and there was a line outside of probably 100 persons. Within 10minutes, a lady (working for the event) told us that the movie room is full to capacity. She said we could still wait, but she was VERY VERY rude and didn't bother to say sorry for the inconvenience. I also didn't know there will be validation for parking, so I paid $8 at a different lot. It should be mentioned on here that validation is given, but I won't put that to blame. The problem now is why there were still about 100 persons outside with passes (printout or real movie passes) were not able to go in. It seems like double the amount of passes were given, causing a lot of us to leave. It really does suck that this happened as a "RSVP" usually means you are guaranteed a seat. The e-mail states it's first come first serve for seating, but doesn't state there would not be enough seats...
Posted: 10:43pm | 6/23/2009