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caregiver 1
caregiver 1
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caregiver 1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hanna was a really fast paced, action film. The girl playing Hanna is a little miscast as she is somewhat frail looking for the action scenes, she still pulls it off. This is a "go see it" film.
Posted: 9:32am | 4/8/2011

caregiver 1 wrote:
I saw Funny People and suggest that you don't let the title fool you (in case you haven't read anything about it) because it is not all belly busting laughs. It is however a very engaging film with several twists and emotional turns throughout. You should see it for yourself.
Posted: 3:56pm | 7/31/2009

caregiver 1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello Everyone, Saw Year One, and just about lost it. It has lots of gags, both sight and voice, to keep you laughing. The best stylised element was to use current language and lexicon in a setting when those things didn't exist(telling a lady to call me;song references etc). It was a good time, it will do well at the box office.
Posted: 2:04pm | 6/18/2009

caregiver 1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello Sean, I saw the Dance Flick screening last night and thought it was very funny. I was pleasantly surprized. Ms. Cameltoe was hilarious. SHPIII
Posted: 8:20am | 5/21/2009

caregiver 1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello, I had the good fortune to see the screening of Fighting last night. The setting was perfect and good seats were plentiful. The film was well done and much better than the trailers would have you expect. The grandmother stole every scene she was in and the fighting scenes were believable. It was very enjoyable and I expect it to compete for the top spot this weekend. Thanks.
Posted: 8:46am | 4/22/2009