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therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Has the "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" been sent out yet? It'd be really nice to win some tickets. I haven't been to a screening in ages.
Posted: 4:45pm | 8/10/2010

therandster wrote about the The Thorn in the Heart Film Screening:
Hope I can win some tickets! I haven't been to a campus circle event in months...I'd love to see this brilliant filmmaker in person!
Posted: 9:53pm | 5/10/2010

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Has anyone received tickets for Up in the Air, yet?
Posted: 1:45pm | 11/30/2009

therandster wrote about the Couples Retreat LA Film Screening:
Looking forward to this one....been a while since I seen Vince Vaughn in a film.
Posted: 1:20pm | 8/19/2009

therandster wrote about the District 9 Film Screening:
I hope I finally win some tickets!
Posted: 9:41pm | 8/9/2009

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, have the winners for Year One been notified, yet?
Posted: 11:53am | 6/15/2009

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow.....I sure am glad that I didn't win tickets. As far as screenings goes, Indie films > Box Office Blockbusters. Lesser known movies are less likely to be crowded by the teeny bopper crowd. The "word" about free screenings have now reached the masses, making it harder than ever to attend them because of issues like line cutting and saving spots. One thing that I absolutely love about free screenings is the experience. People that are willing to wait hours for a film are more than likely film fanatics. You know that the audience isn't going to be comprised of immature teenager antics, babies crying, and loud beverage and food consumption. Unfortunately, it may seem that all that is about to change.
Posted: 9:38am | 5/19/2009

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, What method do you use to pick the winners? I've entered the past 5 contests and have never won tickets.
Posted: 6:16pm | 5/12/2009