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Big Poppa LA
Big Poppa LA
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Big Poppa LA wrote about the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Film Screening:
I want to be at this movie badly......its going to be great. should break some records. can we say summer time is here, yeah baby thats right its summer time and that means its time to party at the movies Tranformes II, Sean, you need me call
Posted: 11:54am | 6/12/2009

Big Poppa LA wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, thanks for the shout out, the pleasure was meeting you as well. I enjoyed the screening of dance flick it was handled great with no up-sets good job campus circle. See what a great time all can have a fun night. the dance crews were fun to watch too. Good job to power 106.....great and fun crew with lots of energy. Peace and Love to all
Posted: 9:58am | 5/22/2009

Big Poppa LA wrote about Film Screenings:
hey everybody, lets all just get to the sites early and be respectful to each other. Sean has a tough job trying to keep all the people happy. We can make it easier for him by doing what he asks. This is so much fun, lets enjoy all we can and be adults about our manners to one another. Hey Sean, if you need my help just ask me and i'll let you know who comes late and try to jump the lines. I'm here for all.
Posted: 12:05pm | 5/20/2009

Big Poppa LA wrote about the Dance Flick Film Screening:
This movie should be very funny, the bros. are very good at making us laugh at the silliest things. Looking forward to all the laughs if i'm there on time. Lets all get there on time and have a great evening. Remeber to respect each other and treat all with love and cool
Posted: 11:41am | 5/20/2009

Big Poppa LA wrote about the Terminator Salvation LA Film Screening:
This will be the best movie of the year....better than star trek!! It took a long time to get, but the best always take time. Enjoy everyone that attends.. hope to see you there. Peace
Posted: 9:41am | 5/13/2009