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1stRickyBobby wrote about the No Strings Attached Film Screening:
I enjoyed it .. Especially Ms. Portman, she's amazing.
Posted: 11:58am | 1/20/2011

1stRickyBobby wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, don't know if you're into Westerns or cowboy stuff but this weekend is 6th Annual Day of the American Cowboy. It's being celebrated all over the country and here in LA at Cerritos' B&B Therapeutic Riding Stables. This Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. There will be pony rides, arts and crafts, black smithing and wood branding, bbq lunch and riding demonstrations and more. It's a little bit of country in the city!
Posted: 2:20pm | 7/22/2010

1stRickyBobby wrote about Film Screenings:
Quit your griping ... you're getting something for nothing you BUM (Cali_Official). You probably were one of the dumb ass Laker fans throwing bricks at a bus! Come on FOOL, Sean and Campus Circle work their asses off bringing it to the people. SO SHUT UP and get in line!
Posted: 4:28pm | 6/16/2009

1stRickyBobby wrote about Film Screenings:
Just by reading the comments I wasn't there (Terminator premiere) .... Want to say I'm ready to DRAG nanie nanie na na LOL lol SandraW TO HELL!!! Along with her legion of DUMB. If ever there was someone that needed to visit SKYNET ... it's the faceless nanie na na. I won't need to know what you look like if you're ever in line next to me ... I'll be able to know it's you based on your incessant talking or I should say drivel nanie na na lol lol lol (You probably speak as such "saying L O L and nanie na na". BTW, what campus has admitted you to their esteemed school of learning? And in response to your forthcoming response .... Kiss my (')
Posted: 9:57am | 5/20/2009