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M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for the Super 8 screening at Arclight. It was great. Too bad it was in a just over 200 seat theater. I liked how CC was checking passes and id's, but I didn't like that once checked we weren't given some type of ticket (like a ticket with a campus circle logo or numbered paper showing the order in line). Each ticket could be good for entrance of 2 people. If not given a piece of paper showing that we were already checked in, could lead to line cutting by others.
Posted: 9:55pm | 6/7/2011

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
THANK YOU CS for the SUPER Premiere tickets. My wife and I were able to get in, see the stars, and enjoy the movie. We arrived around 5:15 and were around 60th in line in front of the 4 t-shirts for $10 store. They seemed to be taking CS passes and giving out playing cards. I don't know how many after us made it in, but they sent us to the balcony section. There were still several seats available, as well as the main floor, but I think only invited guests got in there. I don't think they used the Spielberg screening room (kind of like the children's table at a family gathering; a separate room away from the stars) that seats around 70. We were in there for the Cadillac Records Premiere. The scene in Super about line cutting is a can't miss.
Posted: 10:33pm | 3/23/2011

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean thanks for the Stinking Rose gift certificate! My wife and I will enjoy it. As far as things to do that are free, hike from Griffith Observatory to Mount Hollywood (closes at dusk), watch the sunset, go in, out, and around the observatory, and then see the city lights. Check out Rebel Without a Cause to see where key scenes were shot. Another thing to do is walking/biking the Venice Boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier which is nice for people watching and entertainment.
Posted: 12:43pm | 7/21/2010

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
This will be a good weekend to do several things to stay cool. I'm going to take my wife to Gold Class Cinemas to have dinner and dessert while watching a movie. We will spend some time at the beach and get a slurpee for a brain freeze. For lunch one day, we will go to Sam's Club to sample the buffett and go back for seconds (at least I will). If I'm home during the day I'll turn on the air conditioner, sit back in a reclining chair w/ one of my dogs on my lap. I'll have a portable fan facing me, spray my body w/ water to stay cool as I watch a movie w/ my wife shaking her head at me and saying, "What are you doing?"
Posted: 5:31pm | 7/16/2010

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, great screening for Up in the Air at L.A. Live. Clooney should get an Oscar nomination for his role. I'm glad to see you use the checklist, check id's, and give out tickets to those in line on a 1st come, 1st served basis. It makes it fair for those who did actually get RSVP'd and show up early. Keep up the great work and if you could possibly schedule more movies at L.A. Live and in the O.C.
Posted: 11:31pm | 12/3/2009

M1 wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Sean, please offer more screenings in OC. We love the movies and would appreciate your assistance in making it happen. Some of the independent movies I've seen include The Hurt Locker, Away We Go, (500) Days of Summer, Irene in Time, The Stoning of Soraya M., Rudo y Cursi, U.N. Me, and Mysteries of Pittsburgh.
Posted: 10:32am | 8/19/2009

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
The screenings should be 1st come, 1st served and not 1st come and those with line crashing friends 10 minutes before going in, get served while those who have been waiting 2 hours get turned away. Can you generate a list of names of who won tickets? When Campus Circle shows up check the list off to prevent the reuse of copied tickets, stamp the ticket print out and number it. Only one ticket could be stamped per person, not one person with 10 tickets. If the theatre holds 400 people, then you could stamp 200 tickets only and tell the rest in line there may or may not be any seats left. Then when it is time to go in those w/ stamped and numbered passes in #1,2,3,...
Posted: 9:10pm | 8/16/2009