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MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
I was in the first 20 people in line last night for the OC screening of the Hangover, I wasn't lucky enough to win from CC but I did get tickets through the OC Register, we weren't pulled out of line. By the time all of the other sponsors had pulled their people in they just started at the front of the line. I barely got in and was in an awkward seat in the front corner. My complaint is that the other sponsors had 4 rows reserved for their people but when we finally went in the theater was almost filled and all the radio station and studio people that got priority seating weren't even in the section that was reserved for them, leaving almost no available spots that weren't in the very front. Then they wouldn't let anyone sit in those seats because they were reserved. If I had to guess based off the size of the theater and how long the line was I would say less than a third of the people there actually got in to see the movie.
Posted: 9:11am | 5/25/2011

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
I know Adam and I can say your all wrong. And its pretty obvious that your all the same person, I mean come on, this many negative comments within mins of each other all attacking 1 person. Please! Your just 1 sad little man who is angry for some reason and its pretty plain to see you are jealous!
Posted: 2:18pm | 4/26/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Well I was super excited to see this movie and it was decent with some great special effects (I especially love how they did Hades and how he moves, evaporates and is made of smoke) and the casting i think was great. It ventures off the original movie but has the same basic skeletion. The 3D was cool but added little to the overall movies awesomeness, I was hoping for big epicness and although some of the fighting scenes were pretty awesome , others just were lacking (the finale of the battle with Hades jjust comes to an abrupt end and if you blinked then you missed it). I was happy and lucky that I got to see this in advance and for free!
Posted: 1:33pm | 4/1/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
Oh and by the way Campus Circle, u obviously didnt give away enough free tixs cause no1 that i know won and even though we were in the smallest theater at the Block and it was co-sponsored by OC Register the theater didnt even fill up, in fact they pulled a couple of random people in from the hallway. Its just sad when i knew a ton of people wanted to come and didnt win!
Posted: 1:32pm | 4/1/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
I just got my winning ticket to see CLASH OF THE TITANS tomm in the OC!!! Thanks Campus Circle and Sean!!!
Posted: 4:31pm | 3/30/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
@Maceo De Kat It just seems like everyone just comes on here and complains about one person or another, or that they didnt get in. Just thank Sean and Campus Circle for all of their amazing work.And @ I wanna be in The Front of the Line, if ur soo upset over a person being first in line then why donty u get there many hours in advance and wait all day?
Posted: 3:16pm | 3/25/2010

MARGOR wrote about Film Screenings:
@ Font of The Line & Maceo D Kat, why are u guys obsessing over this 1 person, just go to the screenings and dont worry about every person that is in front of you and just enjoy the movie, gosh!
Posted: 2:19pm | 3/24/2010