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mamacarb wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Tower Heist yesterday and it was a classic Eddie Murphy comedy. It was nice seeing him on the big screen again. Ben Stiller was expectedly funny and together with Eddie Murphy and the entire cast the movie was hilariously funny!!!! Thank you!!!
Posted: 10:32am | 11/2/2011

mamacarb wrote about Film Screenings:
Just saw Nanny McPhee last night with the kiddos and I think I enjoyed more than they did! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Campus Circle for offering family entertainment to your list of amazing movies.
Posted: 2:28pm | 8/20/2010

mamacarb wrote about Film Screenings:
Just saw The Bounty Hunter in Burbank - Thank You Campus Circle for the tix. The movie is hilarious. Butler and Aniston are great on screen together. You are all doing an amazing job at Campus Circle and have given my friends and I some really good movies to see. Keep it going :)
Posted: 10:41pm | 3/18/2010

mamacarb wrote about the Couples Retreat LA Film Screening:
An absolutely hilarious and feel good movie. It was all that the trailers portrayed and more!!! Thanks for the passes and all the great movies you have been offering Campus Circle:)
Posted: 10:56pm | 10/8/2009

mamacarb wrote:
Just saw "Love Happens" in Burbank and it was a great movie. Definitely one I will recommend and see again. Thank you Campus Circle :)
Posted: 9:54pm | 9/17/2009

mamacarb wrote about Film Screenings:
We are Heigl and Butler fans so seeing them on the big screen together was awesome! I was thrilled when I received my tickets because I really wanted to see this movie. I am sorry for those that didn't make the screening because it was really funny and fun - I will definitely recommend it and see it again myself! The crowd was great and everything went smoothly :)!!!
Posted: 10:18pm | 7/21/2009