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Jdellutri wrote about the The Rite OC Film Screening:
I liked the movie, some parts dragged out a little, but good suspense.
Posted: 11:12am | 1/26/2011

Jdellutri wrote about the 2012 Film Screening:
has anyone got their tix for 2012 yet?
Posted: 7:03am | 11/10/2009

Jdellutri wrote about the 2012 Film Screening:
I entered a couple of times because I am not sure how it works.
Posted: 10:09am | 11/9/2009

Jdellutri wrote about Film Screenings:
have they sent out the invites for 2012 yet?
Posted: 8:42am | 11/9/2009

Jdellutri wrote about the Julie & Julia Film Screening:
Very nice movie, made ya laugh, i feel it drag a little near the end but over all I give it 7
Posted: 9:10am | 7/26/2009