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tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Mr. Bello is there anyway i can get 2 tixs for tonights LA screening of Dont be afraid of the dark PLZ PLZ PLZ LOL Pretty Plz. Much love Campus Circle.
Posted: 1:50pm | 8/25/2011

tankjamm wrote about the Salt Film Screening:
Mr rawvibes thanks but im not slandering the movie im actually saying it was great. Also a lil FYI i never signed anything cause when i went to put my phone away i came back and my freinds put my signature on it for me. There's always away around things : )
Posted: 1:42pm | 7/13/2010

tankjamm wrote about the Salt Film Screening:
Seen this movie at sony pictures about 5 months ago and it is very very good with a strong story line and great action. This is a must see. Never was a big fan of Jolie until i watched this flick. Worth 12.50 to see again.
Posted: 1:04am | 7/7/2010

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Splice was crappy and Alan unfortunalty Adrain Brody will work again he is starring in the upcoming remake of predators.
Posted: 9:25pm | 6/3/2010

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Mrsbubu10 you should take me with you to go see Valentine's day ;)
Posted: 2:22pm | 2/5/2010

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Sean ugly truth was funny and everything went smooth tonight. Thanks again Sean and Campus Circle great job !!!
Posted: 10:24pm | 7/21/2009

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean thanks your doing a great job why people complain is beyond me they sound like spoiled brats. People you need to realize that we get to go see these movies for free sometimes months before they even come out so be grateful to campus circle and Sean for the opportunity instead of whining and complaining. Thanks John
Posted: 6:53pm | 7/14/2009

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Bruno had some funny parts but overall was a stupid movie last time i waste time watching one of his movies.
Posted: 11:09am | 7/11/2009

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Public Enemies was so not worth the wait it was boring slow and even the actions scenes were kinda drab not much drama or suspense. This one can definitly wait for dvd.
Posted: 1:25pm | 7/1/2009

tankjamm wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
Hey Sean thanks again for a great movie really funny & Special treat seeing Mr.Sid Kroft there that was awesome i grew up watching all his stuff loved it. Good Job
Posted: 1:29am | 6/5/2009

tankjamm wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
This movie will make a really good date movie scary and fun ....... Thanks Sean
Posted: 11:32am | 5/29/2009