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capnkirk wrote about Film Screenings:
To all of you complaining about not getting in to a free screening due to line-cutters and people "saving spots". It is truly frustrating and could be viewed as a waste of time, but realize it is not Campus Circle to blame for these other people's rude and selfish actions. Next time speak to a security guard or usher at the cinema to alert them to the situation. We here in LA are very fortunate to have so many opportunities to see films before they are released to the rest of the country and many times for free! So don't look the gift horse in the mouth, and be happy for the movies you HAVE gotten to see for free and hope for better luck next time.
Posted: 8:11pm | 5/25/2011

capnkirk wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the ticket to dee forks over knives, it was a good intelligent film.
Posted: 3:09am | 5/6/2011

capnkirk wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Qweretyq, I am down to check out the screening in West LA/Culver. Just let me know the details
Posted: 11:33pm | 2/14/2011

capnkirk wrote about the No Strings Attached Film Screening:
Ivan Reitman made a good go of it,the film was pretty funny, I think Kevin Kline could have had more screen time,he is one funny actor. The period mix CD was a humorous take on a touchy subject.
Posted: 11:47pm | 1/20/2011

capnkirk wrote about Film Screenings:
True Grit was very entertaining for sure. The Coen Brothers once again mixed their comedy with action perfectly,the dialogue was very humorous. Thanks for the screening ticket!
Posted: 1:19pm | 12/16/2010