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jerseygirldawn wrote about Film Screenings:
Tony, do you have an extra pass for Termintro this Thursday? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
Posted: 7:01pm | 5/11/2009

jerseygirldawn wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to Fighting tonight. My ticket said Archelight. However the event had been moved to The Grove. I didnt know. We ended up not having enough advanced time to then drive to The Grove. We arrived (and parked) at The Archelight at 6:30. :( Hopefully next time.
Posted: 10:39pm | 4/21/2009

jerseygirldawn wrote about Film Screenings:
Any extra tix or rsvp codes would be appreciated. I'm in Los Angeles. I was waiting for the State of Play tix and the 17 Again in Hollywood for the 14th. I missed both! I also heard there were Star Trek screenings?!!! Please let me know
Posted: 8:48pm | 4/8/2009

jerseygirldawn wrote about the State of Play LA Film Screening:
it says that this will open for rsvp on the 8th. Does anyone know what time? Is it at like midnight or what? Please let me know. thanks,
Posted: 1:08am | 4/7/2009

jerseygirldawn wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, OK I am new to this. Aside from the special red carpet world premiere tickets, are the other screening different from the ones you get invited to outside the movie theaters? I ask because I have been a few days now trying to get tickets for Adventureland or Observe & Report. I think I have signed up for maybe an Adventureland raffle rather than tickets. I also was given a code for Observe & Report only to have forgotten my password when prompted to do so. Literally within the 5 minutes it took me to reset the password did the tickets become sold-out. lol. Basically I suck as this. I live by the Burbank theaters and there are usually people outside of them handing out free movie passes. So am I wasting my time here? Is what I am frantically trying to get (and failing at) the same exact screenings I could walk down the street and get from ouside the movies? I'm not being a smart a$$. I am sincerely asking.
Posted: 1:08am | 3/27/2009