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rizeandshine wrote about the Unknown OC Film Screening:
Unknown was an enjoyable action film. Nothing exceptional, but it was a fun night out at the movies.
Posted: 2:15pm | 2/17/2011

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
Went to the screening of Hereafter last night. I enjoyed reminded me a bit of many foreign films, which I love. However it's probably too long and slow for many American filmgoers. Great directing by Clint Eastwood. Thanks Campus Circle!
Posted: 9:00am | 10/21/2010

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
It's not really worth it to "win" passes to movies in the summer unless you're willing to wait in line 5 or more hours before the movie begins. I'd rather just wait a couple of days and pay $10. The line for The Last Airbender was extremely long and hundreds of people were turned away. Are people just printing out multiple copies of the e-mail for friends? I can't believe they would release THAT many extra passes. The marketer and theater had to know a few hours earlier that they could only seat 10% of the line and should have let at least the last 80% of the line know that they had absolutely no chance of getting in. I think it would also have been beneficial to AMC if their management had offered a half-price or two-for-one deal on a movie to all those turned away. They would have made a killing on snacks alone.
Posted: 10:00am | 6/30/2010

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Valentine's Day last night. I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was. Thanks for the screening opportunity!
Posted: 12:00pm | 2/10/2010

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
I did win tickets but still didn't get to see the show. :( Waited in line in the cold for an hour and a half and when my daughter and I finally made it to the front of the line they told us there was only one seat left. I've never had a problem getting into a show before. I'm wondering if they had a very small theater or if the line continued on into the building.
Posted: 11:56am | 12/23/2009

rizeandshine wrote about the Invictus OC Film Screening:
I really enjoyed the movie. It was well-acted, humorous, uplifting and had a good message. Plus, I am a Rugby fan so it was nice for once to see a movie about my favorite sport!
Posted: 12:38pm | 12/9/2009