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moviekatt wrote about the Land of the Lost OC Film Screening:
the screening last night held MORE than a full house... the movie was entertaining with ferrell having his usual quips/way of talking/goofiness in acting. I do have to wonder, why there were SOOOO many kids at this movie; as another comment said, this movie is NOT for your kids to watch. There are many sexual innuendos, which many kids will not pick up right away, but I highly doubt a pair of boobs for cup is something you'd want to them to see. Entertaining, definitely has it's funny moments, just leave it to the 18 and over...
Posted: 1:06am | 6/5/2009

moviekatt wrote about the Dance Flick Film Screening:
if you're looking for CA screenings for this.. There is one tonight from - still open
Posted: 11:06am | 5/19/2009

moviekatt wrote about Film Screenings:
I was never much of a fan of Terminator movies, or war/battle movies in general. But I wanted to see the theatre (and the person I came with was dying to see the movie). I have to say, it was a brilliant story line with great/powerful actors. The machines made me jump out of my seat, and though I'm not one to like the $10 movie tickets nowadays, this movie (sound/visual) is definnatteeellly worth seeing on the big screen!
Posted: 11:01am | 5/19/2009

moviekatt wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm just glad many of the people who were originally near us at 3 pm were able to get in.. Thanks for the 400+ seats of the theatre. It's amazing how childish 20 adults can get over a free moving. And this is coming from a 22 year old. If you ever arrive early, my advice is to befriend the 10-20 people you are standing around. When it's past the time for the random 50 people to have cut in front of you, stay to your position and those who were with you will vouche that you were there early. Not guaranteed, but we were lucky to have someone do this for us multiple times today. Good luck next time...
Posted: 2:06am | 5/19/2009

moviekatt wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm not gonna lie, I got there at 2:30 pm. Not because I don't have a life but because I had a typical class day of 7 am to 3 pm cancelled and I had an ipod and fiance to keep me company. In regarded to people saying they were "10th in line" and ended up being number 40 by the time you get it.. Unfortunately, that's true for many. There were only 5 or so people in front of us and by the time 630 came around we were "number 34 or so."
Posted: 2:04am | 5/19/2009