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tootall4ulol wrote about the Takers Film Screening:
hey cc, i was fortunate enough to see this film in january as a workprint. it was a really fun thrill ride and i honestly was blown away by the end of the movie. the actors and editors were all there taking notes on notepads and it was really interesting how much they put into a movie. i hope u all who see this enjoy it and i personally cant wait to see the final cut. thanks for all the screenings sean and lynda. u guys rock!!!
Posted: 12:22pm | 8/13/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
sean i was down for the free weekend idea, but they just announced everclear on sunday at the viper room and im sure u being u can get free tix, but im totally willing to pay 15 bucks to see them on sunday
Posted: 2:35pm | 7/21/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
i think the best way to stay cool is to have a cooler by the couch filled with water, mountain dew, and some stone ipa, my big bag of munchies, boxers, wifebeater, and netflix on demand. this is it right b4 i go to hermosa beach when the sun goes down and no longer 90+ degrees, lol
Posted: 10:54am | 7/16/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
hey thanks so much for the sorcerers appentice tonight. i got a tshirt and poster and the movie was pretty cool. there are no secrets to winning, just enter, i enter throughout the day more then once for u who asked, and i didnt get my pass til i tried again this morning. so thanks you very much cc and sean and lynda. the people at kiss fm were cool too. but most of all my grams has been wanting to see this and she loved it. so try as often as possible like i do and maybe see u at the next screening
Posted: 10:50pm | 7/13/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
hey thanks kristen for your imput. and yes, i recieved my pass for the last airbender, but im sure if more become available they will let u enter. CC is really good with this site! you just have to make it habit to randomly check back because you never know what you will find. thanks lynda for your awesome work!
Posted: 9:44am | 6/28/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
hey campus circle, thanks for the last airbender. i have been waiting soooo long for this one. i have never been to a 3d screening before and i was wondering if anybody could fill me in if we will get to see it in 3d or regular 2d? any info would be appreciated. thanks
Posted: 6:27pm | 6/25/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
thanks sean for the iron man 2 passes. i was just saying last night that monday is over and a day closer to friday and here, bam, this morning!! the movie i have waited so long is now tomorrow. i love all you here at campus circle!! you just made my year sean thanks so much and see u there. win or lose i will be the tall white guy with the angels jersey!!!! see you all there!!!
Posted: 9:05am | 5/4/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
my budd and i were on our way to the show when i got a call gramps was flying in a day early and my movie night was shot. im going at midnight with gramps now so thats chill. thanks totally for the invite and im so glad to hear that everybody had a great time! happy holidays to all! ps: does anybody have an extra sherlock holmes la ticket cause i dont think i won this time around :( thanks for all the great films sean. i loved the goods screening for 09. i love the arclight! maybe in '10 we can get the dome for a screening. just an idea ;)
Posted: 4:27pm | 12/17/2009

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
i got my 2012 invite on friday. idk if its cuz i sent an email everyday and sean got sick of me or what but im so stoked for the movie. thanks sean and see you there!!!
Posted: 2:14pm | 11/9/2009

tootall4ulol wrote about Sweepstakes:
they are open. u have to check back about two times a day. i have passes to paperheart and the goods, u just have to get it when they are open. btw, thnks sean for all the screening passes!!! funny people was a great movie!!!! hook it up with spread passes, or a job, lol!!! thanks bro
Posted: 12:09pm | 8/5/2009