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MF90405 wrote about Film Screenings:
PLEASE DON'T CUT IN LINE. IT'S RUDE. THE REST OF US START AT THE END OF THE LINE. The rudeness continues at the Arclight screening. I arrive & go to the end of the line like everyone else. The line gets longer. This guy & his girlfriend, Jamie & Natalie arrive. They see their friends in front of me, and just STEP INTO THE LINE with them. That means 2 people at the end of the line will miss the movie when it fills up. But the 2 snobs get to see it because they cut in the middle of the line. I wish people would take notice & say something to these selfish people who cut in line.
Posted: 11:14am | 10/22/2013

MF90405 wrote about Film Screenings:
RickyO, Downtown, Barry, Jimfoley (quoting RJF!) My name is Michael, I started this thread about people cutting in line. Please spread the word as I have. The only way to help is- BE BOLD and SAY SOMETHING. I have tried. It’s hard to reason with rude people. Just be polite. “Excuse me, did you just arrive, because I’ve been waiting here and the end of the line is that way...” Maybe someone else in line will join you?? I went to a screening at Laemmle’s, people were putting jackets & bags on empty seats to “save” them. Next time I swear, I will just sit in one of the seats. ‘Downtown’ & ‘Barry’ mentioned giving a number or a card to each person in line (like boarding a plane- group A, group B) It doesn’t stop people cutting in before they give the cards, but it helps. The theater can’t control the problem. They don’t have enough staff & are not responsible.
Posted: 1:35am | 12/8/2011

MF90405 wrote about Film Screenings:
PLEASE DON'T CUT IN LINE, GO TO THE END OF THE LINE LIKE THE REST OF US DID. Here I am asking people in Loa Angeles to be considerate (lol) !!! Bunch of inconsiderate, self-centered L.A. people. You arrive at the screening, see your friends in line, stop and talk to them, and basically CUT IN LINE while the rest of us started at the end, like decent human beings. You think we don't notice how you weasel your way in line? If one person is meeting friend, ok. But if you're with others, PLEASE, PLEASE stop being inconsiderate selfish jerks and GO TO THE END OF THE LINE like the rest of us. I know you think the world revolves only around you, but open your eyes and notice - there's a hundred other people waiting in line before you.
Posted: 5:21pm | 11/4/2011

MF90405 wrote about Film Screenings:
PLEASE DON'T CUT IN LINE, BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS. Here I am in Los Angeles, asking people to be considerate (LOL!) It's one thing if you are meeting a friend in line, ok. It's another thing if you and two other people "pretend" to meet someone and weasel your way in line. We've been standing in line for an hour. People show up walking down the line and see someone they know. They deviously stop to talk to them and then stand with them. It's the biggest scheme in town. Everyone notices it, but there's nothing anyone can do. The rest of us all got in line, so if you are with a group of people, stop being a selfish jerk and go to the end of the line like the rest of us did.
Posted: 8:55pm | 9/14/2011