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Eating the right kind of food is important for this will help us to stay fit. You don't need to spend too much money because healthy food are just affordable. It is better to spend your money on affordable things so that as much as possible you will avoid of getting loans. The reason Federal Housing Administration mortgage loans took place was because of the housing crisis in 2007. The FHA made it easier to get loans so mortgage lending so the marketplace didn’t come to a complete stop. FHA mortgages became so popular that today they make up nearly a 3rd of the mortgage marketplace. But risks and delinquencies from those loans are increasing.
Posted: 11:47pm | 8/11/2010

Kiera S wrote about News: Campus Gardens:
It is still better if we are going to be concerned to our environment. The oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico 2010 wasn't a downfall for every person. Really, wind power supporters are ultimately getting the awareness they deserve due to this misfortune. America has some wind farms through the entire country; however they are small in numbers. It appears as though the harder someone works for a wind farm; the harder a lot more people push back from a wind farm. With the BP oil spill increasing gas prices, it is also raising wind power stock prices. The two seem to go hand in hand. I think that we will finally start to make a dent on our environment.
Posted: 1:48am | 5/11/2010

Kiera S wrote about Film: Blood Done Sign My Name:
It's a good thing that there are people that are willing to fight for our rights. The person who murdered Malcolm X at point blank range has become paroled. He admitted to the killing of the Civil Rights Movement leader, but maintains to this day the other two men arrested with him are not his accomplices. Thomas Hagan was expected to be released on Wednesday, but due to the fact his agreements was completed early he was paroled Tuesday. He has served 45 years in prison and has tried for parole 16 times before they approved this one. Really though how much is going to change. I would bet not much. He obtained his masters degree in sociology, which is a great accomplishment for a prison inmate; and he has been on a work release program for years. He has had 2 days a week for a really long time to go out and perform a normal job.
Posted: 1:37am | 4/30/2010