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RK wrote about Film Screenings:
Movie screening tips: 1.)The bigger the venue, the more tickets are being circulated. Not only CC but Gofobo, La Weekly, La Times, etc. 2.)The bigger the movie the more people are gonna show up. Which brings me to #3... 3.)You must arrive 2 hours prior to screen time. Anything less and I wouldnt bother going at all. 4.)In case you don't get in have a back up plan. I got denied at a screening but luckily the theater had a different movie I was planning to watch anyways so my plan wasn't a complete bust. 5.)After you get denied studio reps will say "we'll take your info down and schedule you for another screening.." THIS IS BS. They want you to go away and never see your face again. They will not contact you or "hook you up" for anything. 6.)Parking is not free (only select theaters.) If you get screwed out of a screening too bad.
Posted: 11:12am | 6/28/2011

RK wrote about Film Screenings:
Got to Super premiere last night. See 2 lines wrapped around block. Ask security, he says one is for general admission (?) the other for contest winners (like me.) Wait in line, told the movie is full and sent home. Don't know if I saw any "contest winners" get inside, the event was totally overbooked.
Posted: 11:47am | 3/22/2011

RK wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus Circle for tickets to Jane Eyre but why did I receive a RSVP confirmation 30 minutes before the actual showtime??? I hope this does not count as credit for me receiving tickets in your future drawings, as I was clearly unable to attend with such short notice.
Posted: 10:13am | 3/11/2011