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david92705 wrote about Film Screenings:
Don't you just love it! Don't complain - that's just the way it is! If you don't like standing in line for hours and watch people cut in front of you to the point where you don't get to to see the movie - hey that's your problem and stop complaining! Let's not have rules or common decency - let's just cheat others so WE can see the movie! If you want something just grab it. That's great advice and the makings of a great society/culture. Would those that feel that way please wear an orange scarf or hat at the next screening. That way we will know who to cut in front of -- since they apparently won't mind. Works for me....
Posted: 5:54am | 4/27/2012

david92705 wrote about Film Screenings:
After reading all the complaints about Campus Circle's lack of control at the screenings, I decided to try seeing The Avengers last night in Irvine. Try is the operative word. I arrived around 5PM and was about 40th in line. That was as good as it got. I never made it into the theater. I saw groups (not singles or couples) cut into line. It got particularly bad as the line started to move. I also saw people take "tickets" from folks in line and go off to make photocopies - then they cut in line. Talk about about adding insult to injury. Campus Circle I have always thought of you as a stand-up organization. Not feeling all that positive about you today. Don't you care about us? Seems like us regular people are abandoned by you to those who feel entitled to break all the rules of decency to get what they want...
Posted: 7:26am | 4/26/2012