Orba Squara is the stage name of multi-instrumentalist Mitch Davis, and you may not realize it but you’ve probably heard his work on television; music from his debut album, sunshyness, has been used in commercials for Apple, Frito Lay, Expedia, Saturn, Goodyear and Sun Chips.

The Orba Squara hallmark is that of childlike innocence as Davis delivers his vocals so gently that most of The Trouble with Flying comes across as very lullaby-ish, especially when his folksy sounds are embellished with tinkling bells and toy pianos. Many will find this set of songs overly twee, and there’s little room to argue with that opinion when it comes to songs like “Millionaires,” where Davis sings to a loved one about the joys of imagining great wealth or on “Treasure Map,” where the lyrics reference leprechauns, gypsies and Minotaurs.

In an odd but nice pairing and a total deviation from the rest of the album’s sound, classic rock guitar hero Billy Squier joins Davis for the gruff and psychedelic title cut showing that Orba Squara can rock if he chooses to.