Whether you love or hate the constant barrage of Christmas carols blasting out of your radio, there is no question that music makes the holiday. The gift of music manages at once to be both universal and incredibly personal. If you have someone important who loves music, don’t just give him or her another iTunes gift card this year. While these gifts might be a bit pricey, they will be sure to give some holiday cheer to any musician or music lover on your holiday list.

Eos Wireless: While Eos Wireless (eoswireless.com) products are admittedly expensive – with the iPod Docking Station Transmitter starting around $200 and additional speakers coming in around $100 each – they offer an acoustic punch that is worth the price to an audiophile. The iPod Docking Station Transmitter and each of the wireless speakers is packed with two tweeters, a subwoofer and other sound-enhancing technology. The Docking Station is an amazing audio device on its own, but when you add the one speaker that is included and up to three more, it becomes a full audio experience.

By plugging an iPod into the Docking Station, you can listen to amazing quality audio from up to five speakers, including the base itself. The Docking Station itself can be muted if it is in the main room, allowing one person to listen wirelessly to the speaker in one room without annoying their roommates in the main room. The whole unit can also be controlled wirelessly with a simple remote control and it can even play from an auxiliary audio source, turning this iPod speaker system and a television into a four-speaker home audio system.

The sound quality is equally amazing from any room, allowing a music fan to listen to their iPod in any room in their house while it charges. Of course, for those who live in dorms or apartments where they would have more speakers than rooms, the speakers can also be set up to work together at key points throughout the room to offer better sound coverage. There are admittedly some items that can hurt the signal strength – like running microwaves – but this is a small flaw in a great audio device (assuming that you do not constantly run the microwave).

iSkin: Cerulean RX: With the development of newer MP3 players and music-ready mobile phones, it seems as if Bluetooth has become a natural addition to the modern musical experience. Unfortunately, many people still have no clue about Bluetooth other than the earpieces that make people look like they are talking to themselves. If someone close to you has not been taking advantage of their iPod’s Bluetooth feature, the Cerulean RX (iskin.com/ceruleantx) may be perfect for them.

By plugging this tiny Bluetooth receiver into any iPod-ready speaker, the Cerulean RX turns it into a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, this means that your gift-getter will need to already have a speaker that can deliver a charge to an iPod, but there is no shortage of affordable speakers out there.

The real draw of this is that music lovers who already have an awesome iPod-ready sound system can now access their tunes from the moment they get back home. Admittedly, the price is a bit steep, but if you know someone who loves their music, it is worth the price to unlock their wireless musical experience.

Samson Go Mic: From the moment you first see the Samson Go Mic, it may be a bit confusing. It is designed to look like a professional studio microphone, and yet it is so small, you might think it is a toy.

Whatever it looks like, this tiny microphone carries some amazing audio power. Coupled with the professional (if fairly complicated) recording software, this would be a great gift for an aspiring musician who can’t afford studio space to get started on their demo.

Of course, not everyone is an aspiring musician, and the Go Mic is made – as the name implies – to go with its owner. The microphone is barely larger than a Zippo lighter and is made to be taken around. Even after it has been banging around in a backpack, the Go Mic should be ready to record a lecture or set up a podcast with its simple USB plug-and-play design.