“Baby It’s You!” is the highly entertaining musical story of Florence Greenberg (Meeghan Holaway), who, in the early 1960s, discovered the Shirelles and built one of the most successful independent record companies with African-American partner and songwriter, Luther Dixon (Allan Louis). This heavily threaded story takes place in a forgotten pocket of time between “the day the music died” and the Supremes’ era.

Every song in the musical fills you with the fleeting sense of an epiphany; listening to these artists that you normally only hear on late-night infomercials. Discovering their history is like stumbling on treasures.

The musical, written by Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux, is as much the story of the Shirelles as it is their discography; the harmonious quartet is performed by Erica Ash, Berlando Drake, Paulette Ivory and Crystal Starr Knighton. These four African-American women, a New Jersey housewife and her forbidden African-American lover/partner take on the male-dominated music industry via their independent label, Scepter Records.

“Baby It’s You!” showcases a decade’s worth of memorable tunes. Some featured artists include Ronald Isley, Chuck Jackson and Gene Chandler, played by the very versatile Geno Henderson (whose voice was as incredibly loud as his clothes!).

“Baby It’s You!” gives the Shirelles as well as other music from the early ’60s a much-needed resurrection. This intriguing tale studded with crowd-pleasing numbers, like “Mama Said,” “Tonight’s the Night” and “He’s So Fine,” beautifully represents the fragile innocence of early ’60s music in the same decade of Beatlemania.

Director Floyd Mutrux could not be more right when he says, “We had no idea who made the music, and no idea what went on behind the scenes. Turns out, the back story was the story.”

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