Eric Foreman is nowhere to be seen in this comedy, which finds Topher Grace as a business whiz kid who takes over an office full of underlings (Dennis Quaid among them) who could pass as his dad. Throw in a daughter-slash-cute single girl (Scarlett Johansson), and we have ourselves a story. In Good Company is American Beauty’s wholesome little brother: It’s far too subtle to appear so on the surface, but the message is just as effective.

Kudos are in order to Quaid and Grace – not only for acting like they’ve known each other their whole lives, but for delivering two completely different but equally engrossing performances. Johansson’s mostly there as a plot device, but she holds her own when needed.

Extras: Commentary with Grace and Director Paul Weitz, deleted scenes, seven behind-the-scenes features (including a look at some real-life businesses hotshots).

DVD Grade: A

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