Experience an Ila Spa Exclusive

Shopping for the special people in your life can be difficult, unless they’ve told you in advance what they want. Clothes are always appreciated, as are electronics, but the Granddaddy Gift of Them All is bodywork.

Whether it’s a student, parent, lover or close pal, everybody carries stress in his or her back, necks, shoulders, arms and legs. Cell phones, computers, work, study, responsibility, bills … the list of life factors that cause tension is endless.

That’s why a trip to a spa is not only a generous gesture on your part, but a life-affirming present that can boost someone’s overall health. Start your gift certificate shopping at the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Not only is it ideally located, but it’s the only place in the states that you can experience an Ila Spa treatment.

Founder Denise Leicester has spent years studying both Eastern and South American healing traditions. Her skincare line is built on three key ingredients: Himalayan Salt Crystals (mined from the mountains and formed 250 million years ago), Argan Oil (cold pressed from the fruits of ancient indigenous Argan trees) and Rose Otto Oil (harvested from a single source of Rosa Damascena in the foothills of the Himalayas).

The entire treatment process is well thought out, from the cleansing and preparing of the rooms before you enter to the hand-blending of the plants, herbs and essences to the music that accompanies the treatments that’s created by Leicester herself.

The Ila Spa treatments that are offered are: Body Wrap for Bio-Energising, Manipura Full Body Massage, Ku Nye (a Tibetan massage), the Manipura Experience and Ananda Facial.

A definite highlight, the Manipura Experience starts with a scrub using Himalayan Salt Crystals, follows with a rinse and reflexology and marma massage, lymphatic drainage and applying Himalayan herb poultices to the 10 petals of the solar plexus. The one and a half hour experience is magical.

Give the gift of a stress-free holiday season!

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is located at 300 S. Doheny Drive, Los Angeles. For more information, visit fourseasons.com/losangeles/spa.