When you think of games based on movies, they’re usually aimed at the fanboy audience like The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Spider-Man. Well, the underserved fangirl audience (or anyone who likes high school comedies) finally has their day in the sun, er, cyberspace.

Three downloadable computer games based on three generation-defining teen comedies have been around for almost a year now, but if you are looking for a stocking stuffer for the fangirl in your life, the “Clueless,” “Mean Girls” and “Pretty in Pink” games might be totally fetch.

“Clueless” is for every girl (or aspiring designer) who might be too old to play with dolls, but still has that itch to play dress-up by coordinating outfits for Cher’s friends to get the boy they want. “Mean Girls” is more of a game of strategy where you decide if you want to try to rule or unite the school. “Pretty in Pink” allows you to rewrite the movie’s ending by making choices for Molly Ringwald’s character.

If you want an alternative to violence and bloodshed associated with many games nowadays, you might want to check these out.