People are strange. Human beings often have a tendency to push one another or test each other. This can be particularly annoying for folks like me who avoid confrontation like the plague.

During a recent visit to my boyfriend’s hometown, he and I got into a wicked fight involving his ex-girlfriend. My current beau is not the first to have a lingering ex who can’t seem to let go – much to my chagrin. But he’s certainly the oldest guy I’ve ever argued with over cheesy females. After a cuddle-less night and contemplating jumping on the first bus back to Los Angeles, I decided to sleep on my anger and frustration and figure things out in the morning.

Ahh ... a new day and a fresh perspective. While it’s not always easy to just forgive and forget the fact that your lady or guy is super childish, fights are also not always worth walking away and quitting the relationship cold turkey.

So now comes the moment of truth – the apology. How does one say “I’m sorry” on a budget? It used to be as simple as speaking those two little words. But for situations that require a bit more finesse (or for gigantic boo-boos like the one Tiger Woods allegedly pulled against his wife), sometimes a little something extra is needed.

An old tried and true apology is sending flowers. Companies like 1-800-FlOWERS and ProFlowers sell specific “I’m Sorry” bouquets. Peace offerings such as daisies and sunflowers are often specifically paired with one another to maximize the sad look in your eyes when requesting a vacation from the doghouse. What’s more, you can often find gifts to fit any budget. Many of these companies’ arrangements start at just $19.95.

If $20 is a little bit out of your price range, or if you’re really hell-bent on getting your feelings about the argument across to your significant other, make a song mix. Emusic and iTunes are excellent companies to purchase that perfect collection of tunes.

Or if you already have a great selection of downloads, EVEN BETTER. All you have to do is load each onto a blank CD, find a snazzy title to display your pathos and then make sure the collection makes it into the hands of Mr. or Ms. Right.

For the masochists and show ponies of the world, you can take your sadness and regret to the Internet. Whip out the old Web cam and make an apology clip for the ages. Depending on how big your slip-up is will determine whether or not your message is funny, sad or truly earnest. If you’re a poet at heart, you can create verse that will inspire your loved one to give you a second chance. Or if you’re a musician or comedian, you can give Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island a run for their money with a quirky little jam that will make you a superstar and a super human for sucking it up and being the bigger person.

On the offhand chance that your battle was a tiny one, but you don’t wish to let it go unacknowledged, try a greeting card. There are always many to suit any budget. Cards are bright and colorful and range from sentimental to laugh-out-loud funny. While I don’t recommend a simple greeting card for sleeping with somebody’s sister or running over a friend’s dog, they’re perfect to punctuate your regret over a foul mood or an emotional outburst.

Finally, one of the funniest ways I’ve ever apologized was by wearing my feelings across my chest. Personalizing a T-shirt can be a creative way to articulate the sentiments most near and dear to you. The T-shirt Deli ( offers a slew of cool canvases on which to place your feelings. Whether your personal style is a ringer tee or a crew neck, you can literally spell out your most sincere feelings.

For added Brownie points, take a cue from fictional character, Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything…) by standing outside your significant other’s home with a ghetto blaster held overhead. Between the shirt and the sappy overture, you’re almost guaranteed to walk away with forgiveness.