Hi, my name is Melissa, and I pretty much hate Twitter. I mean at best, it’s an outlet for attention whores, and the only way for me to tell where my favorite roach coach is at any given time. And thank goodness for Janelle Randazza because now I know I’m not alone.

In her book, Go Tweet Yourself, Randazza provides a 365-step program (OK, fine, just pithy blurbs) to discovering what monsters the Internet’s most popular social networking sites have made us. It’s poignant without being preachy and funny in all the right places, but the problem with the book is actually one of the problems Randazza has with Facebook: These Web sites change so rapidly that parts of Go Tweet Yourself are now one or two upgrades behind where any one of them is today.

Luckily, you probably remember what each old upgrade looked like, since the new one probably only came out this morning.

Grade: B+

Go Tweet Yourself is currently available.