Sleeper: Season Two collects the final two volumes of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s superpowered espionage tale. The series is a kind of practice run for the creators’ more successful Incognito.

It centers on a double agent who is undercover in a supervillain organization when the only man who knows his true identity enters a coma. This volume opens with Carver now officially switching sides to the bad guys after he is betrayed by this same superior.

Brubaker and Phillips are among the best working in comics today. The main problem with this series arises from the fact that there are no consequences to anything.

The antihero protagonist is a fine example. Carver feels no pain, instead absorbing it and using it on his enemies. It is unclear, however, if this power translates to invulnerability or if he just doesn’t feel the damage he takes.

Allegiances change at the drop of a hat and change back again. And through it all Carver is cynical and apathetic about everything. Ultimately, despite some entertaining sequences, it leaves you wondering why you should care about any of it.

Grade: B-

Sleeper: Season Two is currently available.