Vertigo issues two releases from Bill Willingham’s Fables universe, including its first prose novel.

For the first time, the graphic novel that started it all is available in hardcover in a beautiful deluxe edition. The series centers on Fabletown, a secret community within Manhattan that houses refugees of fables, from Pinocchio to Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf. The long-running series has spawned 11 volumes plus a graphic novel (1001 Nights of Snowfall), a spin-off series (Jack of Fables) and now a prose novel.

In Peter & Max, Willingham tells the story of two brothers, Peter (of Pickled Pepper fame) and Max “The Pied” Piper in a tale of sibling rivalry and good and evil.

Grade: A-

Fables: Deluxe Edition and Peter & Max: A Fables Novel are both currently available.