Several artists have attempted to create and release a solid Christmas album, but few have succeeded. Kenny Brand, however, delivers joy in his latest, A Kenny Brand Christmas.

The album is a collection of tunes written by Brand, arranged by Edward H. Roth and produced by Martin Mayo. Singers such as Ellis Hall, Marco Mendoza, Jubel Obien and Shea Chambers are featured as collaborators.

There a 10 songs in A Kenny Brand Christmas, including “At Christmas Time,” which has two different versions. What makes this album spectacular is that it makes the listener feel right at home no matter where he/she is. After all, the December holidays are all about family.

Perhaps the most musically prominent song is “Star of Bethlehem.” Obien sings the piece, and it is absolutely beautiful, to say the least. A Kenny Brand Christmas is a true success.

Grade: A

A Kenny Brand Christmas is currently available.