I think it was Kermit the Frog who said, “It isn’t easy being green.” Well you know what? It isn’t much easier being a college student in this economy either. Not only do we have our parents on our back about applying for financial aid and limiting our spending, but they also expect us to get good grades, find an internship and, at the same time, enjoy the best few years of our lives.

Talk about pressure.

And to complicate things, we still have to figure out what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Some of us will prolong the inevitable by going on to grad school, law school, med school … basically any other type of school that will give us a reason not to enter the real world just yet.

For now, while you are trying to figure things out, here are some handy-dandy sites that will make your life just a little easier so that you can have your social life, pay the bills and pass your classes, too.

TextbookRenter.com: It feels like thousands of our hard-earned dollars go toward books every year. What the bookstore charges is almost highway robbery, especially when you consider the fact that they buy back your pristine textbook for a quarter of the price!

So don’t donate to the bookstore’s bank account this time. Go green and rent the books you won’t end up keeping anyways. Because you have to send it back at the end of the quarter or semester, you only pay a small price to use the book. You save all at once upfront, often 80% or more off the new book price.

TextbookRenter.com makes the process even easier by comparing the rental prices from several sites like Chegg.com, CampusBookRentals.com and eCampus.com, to name a few. Books are shipped to your doorstep, and prices are sure to be the lowest in town.

eNotes.com: I think it’s fair to assume that nearly everyone, at one point in his or her career as a student, has relied on SparkNotes to get through a nasty English paper or critical reading exam. I definitely did not completely understand James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man all by myself.

Now, there is a site that combines elements of traditional SparkNotes with interactive media. eNotes.com provides detailed explanations and document exchanges for literature and other texts. It also has expanded its Q & A section that allows visitors to ask and answer questions posted by fellow students. If you’re stuck on that indecipherable Homer passage, finding help is just a click away.

Easybib.com: It is presumably the easiest part of any paper. Creating the bibliography or works cited page is just a matter of collecting data and organizing it alphabetically in a separate document. But who actually remembers the correct MLA format for a book as opposed to a journal entry as opposed to a newspaper article, et cetera, et cetera.

Don’t bother memorizing anything. Easybib.com allows you to plug in all the information you have about the work you are citing, and it is all done for you.

Zoho.com: Not all of us are as media savvy as we would like to be. Though programs are becoming more and more self-explanatory, sometimes they still don’t come to us as easily as they should. The worst is when your professor requires a media element to your paper or presentation, and you can’t seem to weed through the software.

A new site called Zoho.com can help you create powerful presentations by using pre-built themes coupled with features like drag-and-drop, making it an easy-to-use application. The site offers help in making PowerPoints, shared documents, graphs, spreadsheets, online invoicing and project collaboration presentations.

Dormbuys.com: For those of us who don’t like sifting through sheets at Linens ’n Things or perusing shower caddies at Bed Bath & Beyond, Dormbuys.com has done all that for us. Anything and everything you ever thought you might need while away from home is available via the site’s search engine.

Bedding, shower equipment, electronics, laundry supplies, space savers and furniture are reasonably priced and can be found from the comfort of your generic, dorm desk.

Dormbikes.com: Elementary school was all about learning how to ride a bike. Middle school required your mom driving you places to hang out with friends. High school saw the advent of the car (and being able to drive said car). Now that we’re back in college, we’ve regressed back to our younger years because the bicycle is the easiest form of transportation at a school that gives out overpriced on-campus parking tickets. However, bikes are not as cheap as the little pink one you used to ride around the neighborhood. A beach cruiser can cost upwards of $400!

That’s why a college student at USC has developed a new way for his peers to get cheap, reliable bikes. Dormbikes.com allows users to view pictures of bikes in stock, which are customized by color and type. They are even shipped to your dorm, apartment, fraternity or sorority house.

Dormbikes.com is limited to the USC community. However, the more business the company gets, the more likely it will be able to serve Los Angeles County at large.

Momondo.com: Many lucky college kids these days are taking one of their eight semesters and studying away from the four-year institution that has served their educational needs thus far. But you don’t study abroad for the general psych class in London or art history class in Florence. You go because you want to spend St. Patty’s Day in a Dublin bar or Bastille Day in Paris.

Apart from learning the native language and eating as much delicious food as you can, travel is a priority. Momondo.com is a Web site that lists every flight you could possibly take on any given day throughout Europe. It helps you find the cheapest flights wherever you want to go so that you can avoid such tedious web surfing and enjoy your semester across the pond.